Walk Your Dog With Love, No-Pull Front-Attachment Harness

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Stop your dog from pulling and feel great about it! The Walk Your Dog with Love No-Pull Harness gives great results, keeps its size, is easy-to-adjust, doesn't chafe, and is lightweight, water-resistant, vet approved, rescue endorsed, and made in USA!

  • Front-attachment harnesses like the Walk Your Dog with Love are great. They use effective leveraging, are easy to use and are much more comfortable for your dog than head halters like the Gentle Leader or pinch collars.
  • Get control! The front-attachment ring on WYDWL chest strap allows for "steering" your dog to help prevent your dog from pulling. The Walk Your Dog with Love chest strap is placed up above the dogs shoulders which gives you more control, and is more ergonomic for your dog.
  • Comfortable and gentle. Harnesses cause chaffing in some dogs. The WYDWL is designed to minimize this by simplifying the design (less buckles, etc) and by paying careful attention to construction.
  • Easy to adjust and put on. The Walk Your Dog with Love has a single buckle, no rings, and one simple slider. Click Here to see how easy it is to adjust and put on. Just slip The Walk Your Dog With Love over your dog’s head, and the one strap under its front legs.
  • Doesn't Loosen! Some harnesses loosen after a period of walking. This won't happen with the WYDWL dog harness.
  • Prevents escape. Because the chest strap on the Walk Your Dog with Love No-Pull Harness is higher, dogs can't slip out of the harness like they can other harnesses.
  • No stink, 3X lighter. WYDWL uses a lightweight, yet strong (1200 lb test) and water-resistant Polypropylene webbing. Is can softens up like your favorite pair of blue jeans, and it doesn't absorb and retain water it doesn't get stinky-smelly and harbor bacteria.
  • Simple sizing is based on your dog's approximate weight. You will get the right size the first time. All sizes are 1" in width except for the 6-11 and 9-13 lbs which are 3/4" width.
  • Night time safety. Walk Your Dog with Love harnesses have 3M Scotchlite reflective material in all colors except the Classic Black. This is a great safety feature. Cars will be able to see the harness in their headlights from up to 1000 feet away.
  • Supports American workers. Made in the USA of USA materials.
  • 100% Manufacturer Satisfaction Guarantee! Pet Expertise offers a 30 day exchange/return policy on new product.

Compare the Walk Your Dog with Love Harness with our other no-pull devices for dogs.

Caution: In order to prevent chaffing (although some customers do use the harness in these ways with no problems) we don't recommend the Walk Your Dog with Love Harness to be used with a leash longer than 6 feet or to be used to run with your dog. We recommend that you put the harness on your dog only during walks and watch your dog carefully to prevent your dog from chewing the harness.

Note from Jess, Pet Expertise's owner and dog trainer: When we got this new front-attachment harness to test at Pet Expertise, I was at first suspicious of the lightweight simplicity of the harness. But after giving it a try I am convinced! I really like how effective it is, how easy it is to use an and how it fits really well on the dog's body. After speaking with manufacturer, Dan, I found that the lightweight material is actually a great plus and was really impressed by all the thought that has gone in to the design (and obviously lots of love too!). I am also happy to support Dan's small business that gives back by donating the WYDWL to rescues.

Sizing: (The Walk Your Dog with Love Harness generally fits dogs of the weight ranges listed, but if you want to double check, you can measure your dog around the widest part, "barrel" of the chest.)

6-11 lb and 11 - 15" girth
9-18 lbs and 13 - 20" girth
12-23 lbs and 15 - 21" girth
18-35 lbs and 16 - 24" girth
25-65 lbs and 21 - 32" girth
55-120 lbs and 26 - 39" girth
110-250 lbs and 34 - 52" girth

Click the play button below for a video demo of the Walk Your Dog With Love (more vids in the video tab above):

I purchased my harness 3 years ago when my dog was a year old and weighed around 85 lbs. He is now 130. Yes, he is a very large mix breed dog - german shepherd lab. I absolutely love the harness. Without it I would not be able to control him. It does not choke him but does keeps him from dragging me down the road. The best harness ever.
I bought this about a month ago and I am still fascinated by it. I love to walk my dog with this lead. My dog is a young half Lab and half Golden, so he can be a handful on a normal leash, but he is excellent on this lead. I was searching for training help on walking my dog and found this lead instead and decided to give it a try. It is the best thing I have bought in a long time. My dog went instantly from jerk to best friend with this. I highly recommend this product to all dog lovers that want to enjoy walking their dogs!
I never thought that i would be able to find an item that would stop my 75 lb. dog from pulling and yanking me down the street! This harness is amazing and I am thrilled that it actually works! I didn't even have to train him on it, I just put it on him and as soon as I took him outside I was in shock that he wasn't pulling me! I love this harness and will be going on many more enjoyable walks with him now!
We looove the new harnesses. We have 2 growing AMStaf puppies and the difference in our walks has really been night and day. We have complete control of them even when they become excited. Pulling is not a problem anymore. Thank you!
Just needed to tell you how much we LOVE our walk your dog with love harnesses! Used them for the first time last evening and it was the most enjoyable walk we have ever had. HAPPINESS! We will look forward to purchasing more products in the future
As a dog trainer I have tried using some of the
This harness is easy to put on and very easy to adjust to fit. However, my dog likes to lead and pull and is very, very strong. the slider side of the harness that allows for easy and great adjustment to fit, does not stay in position and the front hook also loosens and becomes sloppy and brings little response as it loosens up. Pet Expertise comment: This can really be improved with a bit of fitting help! Just contact us and we can help or we can take it back.
The Walk Your Dog With Love harness worked great for chafing with my dog.
Hi I purchased a walk your dog with love harness yesterday, and I want you to know why I did. My friend was in Vermont recently, and was speaking with the developer about this harness, and she purchased one. She let me borrow it last night for a lesson with my dog. I have a delightful, but exuberant Puli, named Lulah who is pretty unmanageable, though lovable! She was a different dog with the harness!
My dog is a puller of the first degree. She lowers her body in order to get the center of gravity just right and heaves forward with a sense of sublime concentration. 25 pounds of it. And the part you're waiting for is that the WYDWL harness is the ONLY, and I mean ONLY harness that has ever worked for Minnie. It's like power-steering. Sad to say, I have bought literally every harness every invented. Some worked for a bit (like Weiss Walkie, which is good, but doesn't work with a coupler). Some worked not for even a minute. But yours works. Period.
As an avid dog lover and volunteer with a pit bull rescue group, I must admit I have become somewhat of a product junkie when it comes to my dogs I recently purchased the Walk Your Dog with Love Harnesses for my four pit bulls and I love them! Instantly no pulling! I write a column for examiner.com about pit bulls and I will do a review of the product. My articles are published at http://www.examiner.com/x-39720-DC-Pit-Bull-Examiner.
I have been around dogs, working with and training them for over 35 years. What I really like is the ease of putting this harness on, and the results. I teach all shapes, sizes, ages. I am always trying to use what is best for the dogs and their owners to achieve the results they are looking for
I'm just writing to let you know how pleased I am with the WYDWL. I work with a lot of hard-to-fit dogs and they have all done well with the Walk Your Dog With Love harness. No resizing, no rubbing and easy to use. I love the harness and will use it to replace the Easy Walk harness. In addition, I applaud you for your willingness to help the rescues with their work. I am part of a program for shelter and rescue dogs with behavior problems called "Diamonds in the Rrruff." Our Diamonds love the comfort and we love the decreased pulling. Good work!!!!!!
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