Xtreme Two Dog Shock Absorbing Leash

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Walk two dogs in comfort - for you and them. The built-in swivel means no tangling of leashes!

  • The stretch action eliminates the sharp bone-jarring jerks associated with non-flexible leads. You will notice an improvement in control immediately with much less effort.
  • All materials used are Marine Quality and will look nice for many years. Drag ’em through the mud and then rinse ’em off. They stay looking great!
  • Lightweight handle with cushion grip. Quick-hook stainless steel snap
  • Customer feedback: "The Xtreme Leash is one fine leash. What anyone would experience is the comfort of the handle and the cushion that the bungee cords provide. My wife tried the leash too and she loved it. She has arthritis in her hands and she found it really comfortable, no pain. By the way, my old leash is up for sale if you want to buy it ." - Bob.

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Super Coupler Jr Bungee: 52" long. For dogs under 20 lbs.
Super Coupler Jr Short Bungee: 43" long. For dogs under 20 lbs.
Super Coupler Bungee
: 52" long. For dogs 20 to 50 lbs.
Super Coupler Short Bungee: 43" long. For dogs 20 to 50 lbs.
Super Coupler Short: 43" long. For dogs over 25 lbs.
Super Coupler: 52" long for dogs over 25 lbs.

Just used this for the first time for my bichons (jr version). No more tangles!!!
It made the walk so much more enjoyable. Received it within a few days. I would certainly recommend this leash to any dog owner. I ordered the short version so I could keep 'em moving & near me -- love it, love it, love it!
Our new double leash is wonderful! Our black labs love it and my husband thinks it is the perfect way to walk both dogs together. Thank you.
I have the Xtreme Two Dog Leash and also the small dog version - love them both! Lots of bungee type products out there but these are the Cadillac of the group.
The leash is absolutely wonderful! It really reduces the shock of an unexpected pull from the dogs. Well worth the money! Service was excellent too! I received the leash a day or two after I ordered it! Thank you!
I have been the Xtreme Leash for several weeks now. It thankfully enables my arms and hands much less shock when my dog spots a rabbit or chipmunk and his hunting instinct kicks in.
like the Xtreme shock leash for an aggressive puller. I'd like to say it's the perfect leash for any size dog. It has such a nice absorbing feature.
I bought the Xtreme leash, and it has changed my life. I made the mistake of allowing my Tibetan Terrier on one of those round roll-out leashes when he was a puppy, and it is little wonder that our walks were nothing but constant pulling. This leash makes a big difference, and I thank you.
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