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Thundershirt for dogs (or Thunder Shirt) is a soft and flexible pressure wrap to help calm your anxious dog.

  • Thundershirt is easy to use and is a drug-free, safe way to help calm an anxious, fearful or hyperactive dog. It's low price makes it a great item to try for a dog with anxiety issues of any kind!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed! If the Thundershirt Thunder Jacket for dogs does not help your dog we will take it back and refund your money (minus shipping).
  • A proven solution! A survey of Thundershirt users show that over 85% of dogs show significant improvement of at least one anxiety symptom while wearing the Thundershirt.
  • Thundershirt is recommended by thousands of trainers and veterinarians. Helps with:
    • Thunderstorm, fireworks or noise fear or phobia.
    • Fear of strangers or new places.
    • Fear of being crated.
    • Anxiety due to traveling or moving.
    • Hyperactivity, over activity or excitability.
    • Nervousness or anxiousness.
    • Reactivity on the leash (barking at other dogs while on the leash).
  • Thundershirt is comfortable for your dog. Washable, soft and stretchy heather gray material with Velcro adjustment.
  • Why does Thundershirt work? It is not completely understood, but according to some experts such as Temple Grandin pressure has a calming affect on the nervous system. In most cases you will see improvement when you first put the ThunderShirt on, but in some dogs it takes two or three uses. Click for an instruction sheet.

"We’ve been using Thundershirt at my clinic now, and the feedback from our clients is very positive. Thundershirt is a good alternative solution to try versus medications. And it will definitely 'Do no harm'." ~ Dr. Donald Heagren, DVM.


SizeChest Size
(measure around the barrel of your dog's chest,
behind his front legs at its largest point)
XXS9" - 13"< 7 lbs
XS13" - 17"8-14 lbs
S17" - 21"15-25 lbs
M21" - 25"26-40 lbs
L25" - 30"41-64 lbs
XL30" - 37"65-110 lbs

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We bought a Thundershirt for our Catahoula, hoping it would calm her on walks, car rides, trips to the vet and when people come to the front door. It doesn't seem to have any effect at all. She is just as reactive and keyed up as ever.
My sister's dog LOVES her Thundershirt
I ordered the "Thundershirt" for Freddie, my 11 yr. old Shih Tzu. The first time I put it on him, he stopped shaking right away. The second time, he (and I) slept for two hours through a thunder storm with hail. Two days ago, we had thunder and it didn't bother him at all without the shirt!
I bought this for my leash reactive Sheltie and am amazed at how soon I saw improvement. It has also helped him when company comes over. I have a couple of client dogs to whom I will be recommending this product.
Our 9-month old puppy is a crazy bundle of energy. Thundershirt helps to calm her down.
Has really helped our Hoover deal with storms and car rides. He no longer vomits during car rides. And wearing his Thundershirt allows him to be more relaxed during storms and construction noises. And at the first sign of a storm, our kids argue over who gets to put it on!
I purchased a Thundershirt last month. I have a Pomeranian that has Cushing's, fluid around his heart, and is 13 years old. With all his medicine, I really can't give him anything else for the fear that he has with thunderstorms. I am so happy with this product. I used it the first night, and it seemed to do a little bit to calm him down. But by the 3rd time I put it on him, I could see a very big difference in how he was acting with the thunder. He seemed to be more at ease. Not completely, but a pretty big difference. One morning we had a storm and he didn't even move off the coach or get upset! I want to thank you for your product. I don't know how it works, but it does do something. Do you have any brochures that I could put in my Vet's office??? I'm sure there are a lot of people who would love to know about this!!! Thank you.
We've actually had thunder every day since receiving our Thundershirt, and I definitely see a difference with my dog, Buzz. Even without any preconditioning, he was noticeably calmer wearing his Thundershirt than he usually is in a storm. And he was very comfortable wearing it. He HATED wearing the other wraps that I have tried, but when it wasn't storming this past weekend and I left his Thundershirt on him, I found him sleeping. ~ Mychelle Blake, MSW CDBC, Editor-in-Chief, The ADPT Chronicle of the Dog
As a Physical Therapist and Tellington TTouch Instructor, I frequently teach about the effectiveness of pressure wraps to reduce anxiety and fear responses in dogs. The Thundershirt is the perfect tool for calming dogs who suffer from noise phobia, anxiety, and other fear related issues. My personal experience using the Thundershirt with my own dogs has been very positive, and I happen to live in Oklahoma where storms are both frequent and dramatic! Thank you for providing this valuable product to help dogs cope with these environmental stressors. ~ Kathy Cascade, PT, International TTouch Instructor,
In my experience as a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and dog owner, the Thundershirt can dramatically relieve a dog
On Saturday I was able to contact three of the recipients of the Thundershirts. Overwhelmingly, they were a success! For thunderstorms, they have worked out nicely. One long-term client (25+ years) said, "I wish we would have had this for Katie." For the 4th of July fireworks everyone said their dogs were better. ~ Dr. Mark Guise, DVM, Lockwillow Avenue Animal Hospital, Harrisburg, PA.
It works great for my little girl. She is named after the Iraqi town in which she was rescued. The loud noises from the gunfire and bombings scared her there. When she arrived at my home in the USA, her fear of loud noises came with her. Thunderstorms, fireworks, and my vacuum cleaner now frighten her. She was receptive to the Thundershirt when I fitted her with it, and within minutes, she was calm. Last night there was a severe thunderstorm in my area. When I put on her Thundershirt, she didn't try to hide behind my legs or curl up on my lap. She just laid on her part of the sofa and remained relaxed and calm. This is great idea you came up with. Thank you again!
Thundershirt is truly amazing! Our own 3-year-old Shih Tzu begins to shake uncontrollably when he feels a storm coming. When we used the Thundershirt for the first time when a storm was coming, we were amazed that in less than a minute, he stopped shaking, laid down quietly in the room where we were and stayed there calmly through the storm. By the third time we needed to use it, I said, "Let's put your Thundershirt on", and he came right over and lifted his head so I could put it on him. He likes it! We're telling everyone about it. What a simple solution to a major problem.
I have used Thundershirt with my own dog and have seen a real improvement with her fear of thunderstorms and other loud noises. I am now recommending Thundershirt to my clients with good results. ~ Dr. Joanne Baldwin, DVM, Cardinal Animal Hospital, Richmond, VA
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