ThunderLeash, A Simple No-Pull Solution for Your Dog!

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ThunderLeash is a clever and simple no-pull solution for your dog. It converts quickly from a regular leash to a no-pull harness and has safety features to prevent over-tightening. For those times you just need a standard leash for a quick walk or for times when your dog is well behaved, simply connect the ThunderLeash to your dog’s collar just like any other leash. For times when pulling might be a problem, simply wrap ThunderLeash around your dog’s torso and slide it into the harness slot. Now, whenever your dog pulls a mild pressure is applied to his torso and the pulling will quickly diminish.

  • Simple and clever!: The specialty hardware designed for the Thunderleash instantly converts from a standard leash into a no-pull harness.
  • Uses gentle torso pressure to discourage pulling: ThunderLeash in the harness configuration puts a gentle pressure on the dog’s torso when they pull to deter the dog from continuing to pull. (Pet Expertise trainer's note, for best effect, make sure to stop walking as soon as you feel pressure on the leash. This will help to teach your dog that pulling into this new leash "doesn't work" and will speed up your training. We also recommend that you feed your dog treats for walking by your side.)
  • Safety first!: The ThunderLeash in no pull harness configuration has a safety buckle which does not allow it to over-tighten on your dog. In addition, it does not put any pressure on the joints or turn the dog to the side.
  • Strong and Durable: Made of very durable hardware and strong black nylon featuring a blue polka dog ribbon overlay and a padded handle.
  • Professional dog trainer recommended. 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Small: The manufacturer recommends it for dogs 12 to 25 lbs. It seems to us that it would work fine for dogs up to 35 lbs as the Large size is quite heavy. It is 3/4" wide and 6' long when not used as a harness.
Large & M/L: The manufacturer recommends this size for dogs 25 lbs and up, but due to the heaviness of the product we would recommend it for 35 lbs and up. It is 1" wide and 6.5' long when not in use as a harness.

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I bought this on the recommendation of the dog trainer at Petco for a 3 year old male Rottweiler that I adopted.There are so many styles and methods that I was confused.This worked amazingly well,I was astounded at how fast it worked,and very easy to adjust(only one adjustment to make).The trainer said it was essential to use as a training tool,not to let the dog feel the pressure constantly,to relax the leash as soon as the dog responded.Again,so happy with this,and bonus is that one can also use it as a regular leash.
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Thank u Thunder Leash !! I have a 10.5 mth old Plott Hound, he’s such a smart boy but LOVES to PULL. But NOT ANYMORE!!! He’s listening to his commands and can’t use his paws anymore to grab the leash and jump up!! It’s wonderful how much safer I feel on walks!! Thank you thank you thank you THUNDER LEASH!!
My dog has broken through two of these because he’s still too strong despite the no pull concept.
My dog is an extremely strong and high energy pitbull mix. I have tried several 'no-pull' harnesses, but the Thunderleash is the first product I've tried that really curbs (but doesn't quite eliminate) her pulling. It's also easy to put on, which is a big plus.
I have recieved my thunder leash and this was the best buy ever! I have a pitbull and he loves the thunderleash too...he picks it out over all his gear..yes i give him a before the thunderleash I thought he was going to drag me down two flights of stairs at my apartment it was a toss-up every time and I'll end up letting go of the leash... But since the thunder leash I don't have to worry about anything he's a good boy now and looks really good in it... he actually walks with pride now and so do I thank you so much
I just received my thunder leash 2 days ago and I absolutely love it and my dog absolutely loves it every time it's time to go out he will put his nose on the leash he thinks that he is a big-time boy with this awesome leash and thank you so much to the makers that made this I give it two paws up
made the dog pull more and harder.
My Trainer let me try the new Thunderleash, I was very surprised how easy it is to use and even more so how my dog responded to it. My dog loves to pull, she doesn't mind me well on walks, but as soon my trainer used the Thunderleash my dog did much better. We walked her for a while and she did great. Then my Trainer let me use the Thunderleash on my dog and I was amazed how well she did with me, she is a total different dog. She doesn't pull me now and walks just fine next to me. I love the color and the feeling of the Thunderleash in my hand and most of all I can use it as a regular Leash as well. Thanks to The Thundershirt Company and my Trainer Doris!
For me as a trainer, the ThunderLeash is an excellent tool. Used properly it reduces the amount of miscommunication that can happen between a person and their dog, especially with non dog trainers with their pet dogs that they simply want to take for a walk in less than ideal environments. I found that with some dogs it works right away, but with some of the more habitual offenders a good introduction lesson or two is necessary to achieve it's fullest potential.
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