Squirrel Dude Treat Dispensing Toy for Dogs

$6.75 - $13.25

Keep your dog busy and help redirect potentially destructive chewing behavior into positive playtime with the Squirrel Dude rubber toy!

  • Squirrel Dude from Premier is not just a cute purple Kong! It contains soft rubber prongs which make it take longer for your dog to remove small dry treats.
  • Squirrel Dude’s random bounce and treat dispensing makes this a fun toy your dog will play with over and over. As your dog plays, treats (or his kibble/ dry food) randomly fall out.
  • You can customize this for your own dog (and treat / kibble size). The soft prongs can be trimmed to allow the treats to come out easier.
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack only).
  • Very durable.

Small is 3" tall and best for dogs under 20 lbs.
Medium is 4" tall and best for dogs 20-50 lbs.
Large is 5" tall and best for dogs over 50 lbs.

Click the play button below to see the Squirrel Dude in action:

I did receive my order. The dogs are enjoying the treat dispensing squirrels. They aren't sure exactly what to do to get the food out, so it keeps them busy for a while!
Yes, my dog is thoroughly enjoying his Squirrel. It is so hard to find toys he cannot destroy in 5 minutes, but this one is a winner!! He already had one that is for outside that we purchased at a store, but the store doesn't have them anymore so i was so happy to find one on your web-site!!
Bodi LOVES his "purple guy". He carries it around and knows to drop it over and over getting the treats to fall out. It really helps keep him busy!
The squirrel dude is also great. As I type this he is pushing it round under my desk, pouncing on it, letting out little squeak-growls and wagging all the while. Before that toy, and especially after I started clicker training, he was bugging me constantly to interact with him. As he is rarely left alone, I by necessity and because I enjoy it, interact with him hundreds of times all day anyway, he gets plenty of interaction -- more than the average pet. But sometimes I want some peace and quiet. I used to have to put him behind a baby gate to keep him from pestering me. Now with this crazy rubber chipmunk, he has a toy that doesn't involve me. I fill it with kibble, pieces of dried bread and cereal, bits of cheese, carrots, broccoli and dog treats. Unlike hollow bones, It takes him days to extract everything. And, best of all, it doesn't hurt when he drops it on my bare foot. Thanks for this great toy.
Our rescue Akita LOVES the Squirrel Dude...in seven months, it's the first toy that he's played with!

Dakota is still enjoying the squirrel Dude. Plays with them for hours, or at least until he gets the treat out. It is the best toy I think I have ever seen. Still just like new even after all the chewing.
Out of the whole order all he liked (loved) was the Squirrel Dude for snack toy. He is even fussy w/his toys......has SEVERAL, and many kongs, never liking them for more than a day or half hour!!....This one, of course after I put in a few Cheerios........he ABSOLUTELY LOVES it; found out how to THROW it, to get some out, etc. He will play with it for sooo long, that he literally wears himself out; for a nap!! He's almost 9 yrs young.....he's mixed with Maltese & Terrier.........and besides his walks, etc.......never loved anything more than that toy.
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