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A wonderful and detailed positive dog training guide to help you to live with and train your scared dog. Shy dogs can be very challenging to train and this e-book breaks the skills needed down into easy to understand steps in plain language.

Excerpt from Living with & Training a Fearful Dog by Debbie Jacobs:

While I have trained my own dogs, I am not a CPDT or "behaviorist". The concepts and techniques for dealing positively with a fearful dog are not difficult to understand, and are well documented. They are appropriate for dogs that are ‘a little shy’ to dogs that behave aggressively when scared. There are good resources for helping owners of fearful dogs learn how to work with their dogs, but most don’t take into account the time involved and the emotional and financial toll that living with these dogs takes. They often don’t address the needs of owners that find themselves with a dog that is unapproachable. Goals I have for this book include helping owners of fearful dogs find ways to cope with the day to day challenges of living with their dog and that encourage owners to challenge their understanding of how to train fearful dogs while providing a starting point for the process. It’s easy to be tempted by claims of "cures" for fearful dogs. If there was something magical that changed our scared dogs into confident ones someone would be making a fortune. In the words of Konrad Lorenz, “Art and science aren’t enough, patience is the basic stuff.” I kept this in mind as my shy dog Sunny and I journeyed out of the corner and into the world.

Featured Chapters in the Fearful Dog Guide:

  • Getting Started, Feeling Safe
  • The Vet Visit
  • My Dog Is Really Scared
  • Triggers & Thresholds: The Basics
  • Helping A Fearful Dog Interpret Humanity
  • Treats & Rewards
  • Training Jargon
  • Games & Exercises
  • Getting A Dog To Play
  • Equipment & Supplies
  • Hobbies & Incompatible Behaviors
  • Medications
  • Supplements & Other Calming Products
  • Points To Remember
  • Books

The E-book is helpful for shy dogs and scared dogs of all ages and breeds.

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