Ruffwear Load Up Car Harness, Crash-Tested

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RUFFWEAR Load Up Harness, an automotive canine travel harness designed to safely transport dogs to and from adventures and make extended wear comfortable. This harness has been dynamically tested at MGA Research Corp (a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration contracted test facility) under the conditions outlined in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard in 213.


  • Comfortable for extended wear
  • Secures dogs during sudden vehicle movements
  • Universal seat belt attachment
  • All-metal, strength-rated hardware
  • Strength-tested and crash tested: The Load Up harness consists of all-metal, strength-rated hardware and was dynamically crash tested at MGA Research Corp (a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration contracted test facility) under the conditions outlined in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213. These same standards are used for child safety seats. Ruffwear designed the seatbelt attachment point low and at the base of the dog’s back to make the harness more comfortable for the dog over long road trips and keep the dog in an upright position in the event of a crash.
  • Quick and easy: The Load Up Harness is as simple to put on your dog as a regular harness by using the metal buckles. To safely secure him or her in the car, run the seatbelt through the universal seatbelt loop on the harness.
  • Keep your beloved dog (and passengers) safe: The Load Up Harness from Ruffwear will help to secure your dog in the event of a collision or sudden stop. Of course, properly securing your dog with a dog seatbelt also protects your passengers (and yourself) in the event of an accident.
  • Road trip approved!: Comfortable for extended wear.
  • Ruffwear durability and quality! In black/gray with reflective details.
  • Can be used for walks: Simply attach your leash around the seatbelt loop or use a carabineer to attach your leash.There is no leash attachment ring.
  • Safety and use notes: Please supervise your dog so that he or she does not chew on the harness. You may also want to add a taste deterrent like Bitter Apple. This harness is not guaranteed if chewed and a dog can make really short work of even the strongest nylon when frustrated! Washing instructions: Secure fasteners, hand wash and air dry.

Shipping: This special order item ships directly from our supplier to US addresses only.

Sizing: Use a soft tape measure or if you don't have one, you can use a piece of string or ribbon. Mark the measurement around the chest and then measure the string. Measure the circumference of your dog's chest by placing the tape measure all the way around the the chest (rib cage), behind the front legs. The tape measure should be flat to the dog, not pulled tight, but not loose.

Size Girth (G) Approx.
Dog Weight
XXS 13" - 17" (33-43 cm) Below 5 lbs
XS 17" - 22" (43-56 cm) 5-10 lbs
S 22" - 27" (56-69 cm) 10-25 lbs
M 27" - 32" (69-81 cm) 25-50 lbs
L/XL 32" - 42" (81-107 cm) 50-110 lbs

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I am totally impressed. I bought the XX small as I have a small dog. I had originally bought the sleepypod because per the sizing instructions the smallest setting should have fit perfectly. It did not. I decided to do a little research and went with the ruffwear load up harness. Charlie is a little barrel chested for being a chihuahua so I went with the xx small. The ruffwear harness is true to size. I had also previous had a kurgo harness that worked well but just did not feel as safe to me as a seatbelt though it did work for a couple of years with no problems. I really love this load up harness. I like that it feels like it is sturdy and tough. Charlie feels fine with it on though it is stiff compared to the other harnesses. It does not rub him anywhere and he can walk and run with it. The loop in the back is a little strange. I wish it were higher up on the harness but since I use a thick short carabiner clip seat belt that I attached to the seat belt it is not long. Charlie also sits in his car seat and I feel he is completely safe. I would never suggest using a regular harness to buckle your dog into the car with as this is super dangerous. It is actually the reason why I switched to a car harness. I hit my breaks at some point because someone cut me off and charlie flipped and almost choked with his regular harness. I love the way this harness shortens. It takes a little work to get it just right but there are no loose ends and everything is wrapped and out of the way. I also love that the security clips slide into the holders, this gives it a little more security. I recommend this harness as it feels and looks very well made. So far I am impressed.
As I feel about all Ruffwear products, this harness is very well designed and wonderfully overbuilt. The workmanship, design, materials and hardware all work very well together to create a harness that keeps Maxwell calm and safe in my car. Maxwell was in my last car during an accident. Fortunaltely, he wasn't injured. However, it did scare the crap out of him. This harness seems to be exactly what I've been looking for to encourage my nervous, young dog to be calm, sit down and (hopefully one day) enjoy going for the rides I so frequently take in my MINI.
I bought this harness simply as a precaution to prevent Koda from jumping out of a convertible car. The first day he wore it, he was in an accident and would have been thrown into or over the windshield had he not been wearing it. Unfortunately, Koda was on a semis accident recently (neither one being the fault of the car Koda was in) and again the harness did its job. Thank you for protecting my little guy!
I'm in love with this harness. I think it's very well made and worth the higher price tag. It provides good body coverage and I feel like it holds him in securely. I had a different version where the body straps were very different and to me that one was very comfortable for him and I felt like he hated wearing it. But this time from the moment I first put him in it, seconds before a 4 hour road trip, he didn't make any fuss and wore it Ion the car the entire time and didn't try to bite the strap off like he did on the last one! I'm very happy with this product!
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