Ruffwear Dirtbag Car Seat Cover

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Keep your backseat clean despite taking lots of doggy-adventures. The durable Dirtbag is packed with great features. It's easy to fit and remove, cleans with a shake and you can use it in different configurations.

  • Durable protection for your car's seats: Protect your vehicle's backseat from your dog's adventures! The Ruffwear Dirtbag carseat cover is durable, waterproof and comfortable polyester fabric. The top of the Dirtbag has a durable water repellent so that water beads up and wipes off easily, while the back has a thick (1.5mm) TPU coating that makes it fully waterproof, without sacrificing flexibility.
  • Convertible design: The Dirtbag fits many vehicles in bench and hammock configurations.
  • Easy to fit and remove: Attaches via stuffer cleats that secure to theseat, and webbing loops that wrap around headrests.
  • Side flaps! keep grunge off seats during entry and exit.
  • Access to seatbelts:open when needed and are closed when not in use.
  • Stays in place: Non-slip fabric backing and stuffer cleats keep the seat cover in place while in use and help your dog stay stable during your ride.
  • Pocket for stowing or storage: Stows in its own pocket. And you can use the integrated, zippered pocket to store small items like leashes and treats.
  • Dimensions: Width: 55 in (140 cm). Length: 63 in (159 cm). Fits the backseats of most passenger vehicles. Click for complete size details.
  • Care: Clean with a shake! Or wash: Remove straps and wash in cold water using gentle cycle and mild detergent and then hang dry. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.

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Check out this video on how to install the Dirtbag Seat Cover:

I very nearly bought a cheap generic seat cover from Target, but I'm glad I decided to go with Ruffwear. I love all of their products, because they're simply made for dogs and dog-owners; they last a long time. I love that the zipper pocket (that the entire cover folds up inside) is accessible and large enough to fit a leash, travel bowls, treats, and a few other smaller items. The stuffer cleats work well to keep the cover in place, and there are spaces for seat belts buckles to be pulled through. I also love the mud flaps that hang down over the ends of the seat. The material is thick and washable. This cover is a perfect fit for the back seat of my 2010 Subaru Forester. I love it.
This fits perfect in my Outback and takes a beating. I went through another brand's in less than a year, but this one has held up for two and my 55 lb dog is a spaz in the car. Protects my leather seats and, other than dirt, shows very little wear and tear. Love that seat belts can be pulled through easily. I imagine this cover would be great with messy kids as well!
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