RuffGrip Leash with Leather

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Get a grip on your leash walking with the RuffGrip leash! We predict that you will enjoy this high-quality, practical and attractive leash for many years.

Made from rubber inter-woven nylon with leather bands sewn into the leash every 5" giving you a superior grip where ever you grasp the leash.

  • The RuffGrip leash is equine-quality!
  • Never tacky in the hottest climates and they still have a great grip in the coldest climates. Won’t get slippery when wet like regular leather leashes.
  • Soft leather handle. Nickel-plated brass leash clip.
  • Perfect for any size dog.
  • Because the RuffGrip leash contains a natural leather, the color may vary slightly between leashes.

Leash Options:
1/2" width is great for dogs 5 to 20 lbs.
5/8" width is great for dogs 20 to 50 lbs.
3/4" width is great for dogs 30 lbs and up.

Add an Optional Matching Grab Tab?: This 6-8" short leash is handy to help lead your dog out of trouble. Great for dogs that have not quite mastered their manners. Check the box above if you would like to add one to your RuffGrip leash order.

Shipping: Ships directly from our supplier to US continental addresses only. Sorry, no PO boxes. Only $6.75 shipping.

These RuffGrip leashes are absolutely THE BEST leashes, period! I've been using them for almost two years now (and finally remembered to to a review). I first learned about them when dog trainer Pat Miller called them her favorite leashes in an article. They are (obviously) more expensive than a nylon/polyester/polypropylene leash, and about the same or cheaper than a leather leash. But they suffer none of the shortcomings of those "conventional" leashes.

The RuffGrips leashes don't get wet and slippy (or cold and icy) like nylon leashes. And they don't get stiff and inflexible (in the cold) like a leather leash (or a wet nylon leash). The padded handles are very comfortable, even with long use. The periodic leather bands are great when you need to "choke up on" the leash to have better control of your dog or a short leash. I cannot overstate how useful that is. Unlike a nylon leash that you can't get a good grip on, or have to wrap around your hand to shorten, the RuffGrip allows you to easily and *quickly* just grab a tab. So useful as you approach traffic, or need to otherwise keep your dog close and on a short leash.

I just wish these came with Trigger Snaps rather than the conventional bolt snaps. Trigger snaps are easier to use (in my opinion and in the opinion of some articles I've read), especially with gloved hands in the winter. And trigger snaps are demonstratively more secure than bolt snaps. I've personally had a bolt snap come unhooked once. But given its almost impossible to find leashes with trigger snaps since the dog industry settled on the (slightly) less expensive bolt snaps long ago, I can't totally fault RuffGrip. But if they used Trigger Snaps, it would be the crowing glory for this leash and would be so worth the extra 60 cents in cost. I personally replaced the the bolt snap on my leases with trigger snaps. But it takes a bit of work to do this.

Get one (or more) of these leashes. It'll be the last leash you ever buy.
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