Ruff Land Performance Kennel (Formerly Ruff Tough), Extra-Durable Dog Crate

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Want a dog crate that's really durable? That's safe & economical? We did too and we searched and found the Ruff Land Performance Dog Kennel! Just watch the video below to see how tough it is compared to other crates such as the Vari-Kennel. (The Ruff Land Crate is sometimes referred to as Ruff Tough, Ruff Tuff, Rough Tough, Rough Tuff, Ruff-Tuff, Rough-Tough, or Rough-Tuff.)

  • Perfect for safe car travel! The Ruff Land Double Door version (available in intermediate and large sizes) is very handy as you can let your dog out from either side of your car.
  • Great for crate training. The Ruff Land Performance Kennel will make a cozy, safe home for dogs that are not ready be left free in the house. For best results, be sure to teach your dog to be calm in the crate. If your dog panics the Ruff Land Kennel will keep your dog contained, but your dog may injure itself trying to escape so it is very important to train your dog to be calm in the crate by finding a great positive trainer if the tips in the previous link don't help. As a general rule, we recommend crating your dog for no more than four hours at a time.
  • One-Piece Construction: The Ruff Land Kennels Dog Crate is made from heavy-duty, PE plastic which is molded into a single piece for maximum strength. (Note: These crates do not break in half for storage like other plastic crates do).
  • Professional Grade! Perfect for dog professionals such as groomers, veterinarians and doggy day cares.
  • Easy to use: Easy to clean, stackable, and the doors open in both directions.
  • Long lasting: Ruff Land Kennels have a one year warranty.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Great price with FREE SHIPPING!
  • Comes in off -white, textured "pebble granite", with a black door.

Sizes: (Note: If you are using the kennel for car travel a smaller size is a bit safer. If your dog is spending time at home in the crate you can go a little larger).

Small: 16" wide (at widest point) x 16" high x 21" long; weighs 10 lbs. Best for dogs under 25 lbs.
Medium: 18" wide (at widest point) x 20" high x 28" long; weighs 15 lbs. Best for dogs under 45 lbs.
Intermediate: 20" wide (at widest point) x 23" high x 31" long; weighs 20 lbs. Best for dogs under 65 lbs.
Intermediate SUV: 20" wide (at widest point) x 23" high x 27-31" long (sloped at top to fit in an SUV hatchback); weighs 20 lbs. Best for dogs under 65 lbs.
Large: 22" wide (at widest point) x 26" high x 35" long; weighs 30 lbs. Best for dogs under 90 lbs.

Shipping: This item ships FREE within 2 weeks directly from our supplier to continental US addresses only (no PO boxes or APOs - sorry!).

Click the play button below a video of field-testing the Ruff Tough Kennel (Now called Ruff Land): (Note, we now offer an updated version with increased ventilation, pebble granite look and black doors).

Last year I purchased two Ruff tough kennels for our vacation. Lani was SO helpful in helping me get what I needed by my vacation. She was patient with me when I couldn't make up my mind. She even checked in to make sure my product arrived in time. I debated sending one kennel back to exchange for a different size. When Lani hadn't heard from me in awhile after asking for Exchange info she took the time to check in. I'm back this year to get a larger Ruff tough kennel for my doberman that got bigger than expected! I recommend your wrbsite/company for anyone looking to buy dog products from a quality company!
The Ruff Tough Kennel is the best kennel I have ever owned. I wish I would have had several years ago. It is solid well built and far superior to other plastic kennels. Only time will tell but I assures this is the last kennel I will ever buy except when I buy another Ruff Tough!
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