PupSaver Crash-Tested Car Safety Seat for Dogs LEOPARD WITH BLACK TRIM PRINT Original PupSaver

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The PupSaver is the only crash tested safety car seat for dogs up to 45 lbs!

  • Crash-tested transport for your dogs up to 45 lbs!: The PupSaver Original and the new AirPupSaver 25 and AirPupSaver 45 act like a giant catcher’s mitt, using your dog’s weight and forward momentum to “catch” and hold your pup safely at that brutal moment of impact or a hard stop. Your car’s seatbelt system will hold the PupSaver securely against the seat back, while the soft, yet sturdy, material will cradle and protect your dog. The PupSaver has been indepedently tested by MGA Research and successfully contained a 25lb-45lb occupant in a 30 mph frontal crash test similar to those done for child car seats.
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Comfortable and easy to use: Once the PupSaver is installed in your car, you just simply clip the clasp to your dog's harness or collar and go! Or clip your dog i using the optional new PupSaver Harness.
  • PupSaver compatible harness available: Get the walking harness approved for use with your PupSaver! Used in AirPupSaver 45 crash testing with our 45 lb. test dog. The dual attachment points offer the option to attach your dog with an innovative chest side D-ring which provides more comfort for your dog than back side D-ring attachment when in the PupSaver. The black mesh design with red piping is fashionable and breathable, yet durable. Both D-rings are constructed of die-cast metal, making them secure for both walking and PupSaver attachment. Adjustible for a custom fit for your dog's body. Available in XS, S and M. Sizing info: XS: chest girth: 18-22"; S: chest girth: 19-26"; M: chest girth: 24 - 28". Please measure as PupSaver-Compatible Harnesses RUN BIG!
  • Fits all vehicles!: Original PupSaver and AirPupSaver 25 can be attached to the front seat or backseat of your car using a 5 Point Attachment System and all metal hardware. The AirPupSaver 45 secures to the back seat only. Think of it like a rear-facing infant carseat, because that is the style of protection that was the inspriation for the design of the PupSaver. For more information on front seat safety regarding airbags, click here.
  • Distraction prevention: Your dog has its own seat, so you can focus on the road.
  • Endorsed by veterinarians.
  • PupSaver can double as a pet bed when traveling.
  • Stylish fabric!: The PupSaver is available in durable LEOPARD WITH BLACK TRIM fabric. Made of polyurethane and cotton blend. Spot clean only.
  • Pet Expertise review: We love the PupSaver! While crash-tested car harnesses are a good travel solution, they can be a bit of a hassle to put, bulky for small dogs and some dogs don't like them. Crates are also a good travel solution, but they are difficult to properly secure in the car and most of them are not crash-tested. The PupSaver is very easy to use and safe and comfortable for your small dog. It has the added benefit of being safe for front seat use for those of us who like to have our canine co-pilots close! We are delighted to work with this new small business to offer this gorgeous and helpful product. I think you will love it! ~ Jess

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Learn more about the PupSaver by clicking the play button on the video below:

The item was much better quality than I expected. My dog loves his car seat and is now much safer in the seat than running loose throughout the ride jumping from lap to lap and trying to serve the car from my lap.
My little dog seems very happy with this bed. Easy to install and take out. Hopefully I never have to put it to the test but just having this safety seat makes me feel so much better.
The pupsaver was all that it was said to be. I'm very pleased with my purchase, keep up the good service.
Love this car seat. I wanted to make sure my new puppy would be safe in my SUV. It also gives him room to grow. Very well made and beautiful fabric
Innovative and necessary product. My chihuahua does not fit into the safety harness for cars and always gets out of it so this safety seat is perfect for he plus it cushions her and protects her from harm better than the harness.
I love the PupSaver car seat! We will be moving from Florida to Connecticut and I wanted something safe for my two Italian Greyhounds. Each seat keeps them secure,safe and allows me to leash them safely before getting out of the car.
I just got my pupsaver about two weeks ago- and murphy
I got the PupSaver for my new family member. As a veterinarian technician for 19 years I have used different ways to transport pets in the car. My adopted, blind Shih Tzu loves to travel in the car, but does not crate well. For some reason (probably from her past) she goes into a panic when shut in a kennel. I was using one of the "booster" dog seats that hook over the seat and is a fleece box. It worked well, but offered no protection. "Misses Magoo" loves her new ride. She gets right in and knew from day one this was her ride. I even used it for my rat terrier who is a nervous wreck in a car and I always can't wait to get to work to get her out of the car and in this seat she was so quiet you didn't know she was in the car. Awesome car seat. I love that it is light weight! The years in this job have not been kind to my back and this is so much easier than loading crates!
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