Puppy Proofing Your Home

by Jess Rollins

By Jess Rollins

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Help keep your dog safe and yourself sane while you teach him how to behave by picking up, putting away, blocking and "bittering". I've outlines some typical areas to puppy-proof below.

(Hint: Puppy-proofing is very similar to child-proofing)

  • Close the bathroom door and prevent access to rooms which are out of your sight.
  • Secure trash bins and cabinets. Keep food and cleaning items out of reach.
  • Move plants and knick knacks out of reach.
  • Apply a taste deterrent to electrical cords or move them out of reach.
  • Apply a taste deterrent to wood furniture and upholstery (if needed).
  • Consider taking up area rugs until your dog has learned to chew only what he is allowed to chew and is fully housetrained. The earliest I would trust a puppy as reliably chew and housetrained would be 10 months old.
  • Consider covering furniture with a blanket until he is chew trained and housetrained (see point above).
  • Check outdoor fencing for holes and gaps.


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