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PupLight 2 LED Dog Light, Keeps Your Dog & Your Path Visible!

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Let your dog light your path and also make him or herself visible for more than a mile with the PupLight2 lighted dog collar!

  • Your dog will be seen! The PupLight2 illuminates up to 200 feet in front of dog and 70 feet to the side. Your dog can be seen coming 3 blocks away and 1 1/2 blocks from behind. The elastic collar portion also has a reflective stripe for additional visibility.
  • Lights your path too: Why not let your dog carry the flashlight?!
  • Easy to use: The PupLight2 comes with an adjustable elastic band which can be worn below your dog's regular collar. It easily slips over your dog's head or you can use the quick-clip buckles. (Just be sure not to attach your dog's leash to the elastic collar).
  • Adjustable and versatile: The PupLight2 features an adjustable light angle and an adjustable two-piece elastic collar or you can use your dog's own collar or harness. (In a pinch I have even used this as a headlamp for myself!)
  • Durable and water resistant: PupLight2's very bright long-lasting light has 3 ultra-bright white LEDs.
  • More thoughtful features: The collar attachment is ingeniously designed to keep your dogs fur away from light and keep the light from shining in your dog's eyes. Works great for long-haired dogs.
  • The Winner!: The original PupLight was named the "Best Dog Light" by Whole Dog Journal! (and the PupLight 2 is even better!)
  • Small and lightweight: Only 1 1/2" high, 2" wide and 2.5 ounces.
  • Replaceable batteries: Uses 3 AAA Batteries which are inexpensive and readily available. The batteries typically last for over 24 hours of continuous use.
  • PupLight2 vs. the original PupLight: The PupLight 2 is twice as bright as the standard PupLight. The elastic collar comes with a reflective stripe rather than a black one for the standard Puplight.

Sizing: One size fits all, although it would probably be a little heavy on dogs less than 15 lbs.

Color: Black collar with silver stripe. Lamp housing is silver colored and the light is white.

Use notes: The attachment for the light has a 1 1/4" slot which will fit on most standard collars and harnesses. However, most people prefer to use the included elastic collar because it keeps the light in place rather than moving when the leash pulls on the dogs regular collar. It's also easy on and off and your can position the collar higher or lower on your dog's neck. For most dogs, the lighted dog collar should be below the collar which is attached to the leash and the light should be positioned low enough so that it's visible beneath the dog's head when he or she is standing. The collar should fit snuggly around the dog's neck so that the light doesn't bounce around and bother the dog. Since the collar is elastic it remains comfortable when relatively tight.

Video: Click the play button below to view a video of the original PupLight (the PupLight 2 is even brighter and has a reflective collar!):

We have had two of these for years. They are used every single evening when our dogs are outside for potty breaks. Our fenced in yard is very large so we can see them clearly. We just take off when they come inside.
The products are great. The Puplight 2 is perfect for my dog with progressive retinal atrophy.
I'm loving the Puplight! It's like my dog is holding a flashlight for us. Also, I think the light improves what she can see, which in turn makes her feel more confident. Yay!
I like it alot. I use it all the time because I know it's protecting me and my dog. People comment when I'm out with my dog that they think the PupLight is really a great idea. The thing I like best about the product is its construction - I've dropped it several times: I even dropped it in the dog's water bowl and it still works fine! It's really gotten a work-out.
Bought a PupLight about a year ago. My wife and I both love it. Last week I was out with my Jack Russel Terrier. We were about to walk into our darkened garage but the PupLight lighted up a six foot rattle snake. We both stopped immeditely and got out of there. I don't know what would have happened if we didn't have the PupLight on our dog. It may have saved my life.
When hurricane Wilma struck, I put the PupLight on my dog to keep it safe. I used a conventional flashlight. My flashlight went out after about 6 hours, but the PupLight kept working, so I took it away from the dog and used it myself. It shined through the whole storm while our power was out on the same set of batteries. This has got to be one of the best products I've seen. I love it!
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