Pooch Pants Washable Dog Diaper by Poochpad - Close Out Sale - L Only


PoochPants dog diapers, from the makers of Pooch Pads are reusable, washable and they are so absorbant that no insert pad is needed.

  • Pooch Pants are great for: young puppies, incontinent dogs, senior dogs or visiting. Check out our article onusing a dog diaper to house train your puppy.
  • Pooch Pants are super-absorbent: These dog diapers will keep your dog comfortable and dry.
  • Save money and reduce trash: PoochPants save money AND reduce environmental impact! One PoochPants Diaper will last as long as 365 disposables. The packaging is biodegradable and the pads contain recycled and biodegradable fibers. PoochPant fabric is made in the USA and sewn in Honduras.
  • Controls odors with patent-pending Microfine fibers.
  • Pet Expertise Tips: Make sure to avoid leaving your dog in a wet diaper as the urine can burn his or her skin. Many dogs new to wearing "clothing" may try to chew the diaper off, so you may want to use a taste deterrent like Bitter Apple, as well as supervise your dog and reward good behavior while he or she is wearing the diaper. It can help to purchase 2 or more diapers so you can have one in the wash while the other is being worn. For male dogs with urination issues, you may want to check out our Male Dog Wraps.

Please note that due to the nature of this product, we cannot take returns on used diapers so please choose your size carefully.

XX-Small: up to 4 lbs, waist 6-12"
X-Small: 4-8 lbs, waist 10-13"
Small: 8-15 lbs, waist 13-19"
Medium: 15-35 lbs, waist 18-25"
Large: 35-55 lbs, waist 20-27"
X-Large: 55-90 lbs, waist 25-34"

Best doggy panties ever! Don't need a pad with them, but can use one if you like. Toss in the washer over and over again. Suggestion: when washing with something else, turn them inside out and Velcro them closed so no other fabrics get stuck to the Velcro. Buy 2 and rotate them out.
I own a dachshund who started experiencing incontinence after recovering from a back injury, and I bought PoochPants as an alternative to A. ruining my carpets and/or B. losing one of my babies. The diaper fits very well with an elastic waist and velcro flaps. My dog, Schnitzel, was a little dejected when I first put the diaper on her, but she got over it within 10 minutes.

PoochPants have a great capacity for absorption, as Schnitzel would completely release her bladder into them and nothing would leak out. I do recommend getting at least 2 diapers, though, if your dog does more than little dribbles here and there. One bladder's worth will tend to make the diaper sag, and that's where the spillovers can occur. PoochPants also keeps their promise in regards to odor control and durability. Even fully loaded, the diaper would absorb the scent of urine, and they surived many washing-machine cycles.
These Pooch Pants really work. I bought 3 pair. My dog is getting older and I just purchased new carpet in my living room. The old carpet was in bad shape due to the dog. Once I bought Pooch Pants my dog was able to go anywhere in the house again. These pants do not leak at all. I highly recommend them to anyone with an older pet. My dog does not mind wearing them either.
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