Mootsy Handmade Ombre Rope Dog Leash with Optional Collar

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Unique, beautiful and practical! Forever Mootsy's Ombre leash is heavy-duty and handmade using hand-dyed cotton rope.

  • Colorful and unique 100% cotton rope leashes: Soft, lightweight and sturdy with a comfortable feel for you and your dog. Lots of gorgeous hand-dyed colors!
  • Handmade rustic appeal and style: The beautiful hardware and hand-splices used in Forever Mootsy Ombre Leash gives it a unique rustic appeal.
  • Great for everyday or celebrations: Use this leash for regular daily use, parties or weddings!
  • Nautical quality: Leash ends are hand-spliced the traditional sailor way to withstand the strongest dogs, and whipped (nautical term) with earth-friendly biodegradable hemp twine, for extra durability. The splicing and whipping technique has been used by sailors to secure their ropes for hundreds of years.
  • Strong hardware: swivel trigger snap hook in brass or nickle. Welded O-ring.
  • Eco-friendly: 100% cotton, hemp twine and eco-friendly colorful dye.
  • Lovely extra details: Detachable genuine leather logo tag and an included dust cloth bag to put away when not in use.
  • Care: Hand wash & hang to dry.
  • Handmade in Long Beach, CA USA
  • Matching collar available! Custom made to your dog's size in the same width and color as the leash you choose. Swivel trigger snap closure.

Leash Sizes: Available in 4, 5 or 6 foot lengths and with nickle or brass hardware options.
1/4" width is best for dogs under 15 lbs.
3/8" width is best for dogs 15-50 lbs.
1/2" width is best for dogs over 50 lbs.

Optional Collar Sizing: The collar is non-adjustable; therefore, snugly measure your dog's neck where collar would sit, then add two inches and choose that size for the perfect fit.
For example, if your dog's neck measures 10" snugly, then enter 12 in the box for collar size above.
We recommend using a flexible sewing measuring tape or using a piece of string and then measuring that. It's best to take a couple of measurements to make sure you get the correct number.

Shipping: Ships free directly from our supplier vis USPS Priority Mail to US addresses only. Allow 2 weeks for delivery for this made-to-order item.

Returns: Please note that this is a made-to-order item and will incur a 15% restock fee for returns. Please ask any questions before ordering!

What can I say, this leash is the perfect length, thickness and it has a sturdy unique clasp. This one will last a LONG time so I better hope my wife likes the color I picked!
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