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If you’re a dog owner, you will likely one day experience the awful moment of realizing that your dog has gone missing. Luckily, Marco Polo can monitor, track and locate your dog to help bring him or her home safely.

  • No cellular service or fees!: Marco Polo will work anywhere, anytime, using radio waves that do not require cell service to work. No monthly service fee! Saves hundreds of dollars over product lifetime when compared to subscription-based solutions!
  • Faster, and more reliable than GPS: Marco Polo updates the distance and direction to your pet every few seconds. Your pet’s location is always shown relative to you, not to a mark on a map. GPS-based systems only give you a general location, updated every few minutes. Your pet may in fact be hundreds of feet from the location shown. MarcoPolo will locate your pet within inches and even works through walls!
  • Long battery life: Marco Polo’s battery charge life is the longest of any system available. The collar tag's lithium batteries will operate with typical use for up to 3 months before needing recharging. When tracking a lost pet, the handheld locator’s charge will last up to 3 days. (Pet Expertise note: It works best in our experience to simply keep the locator unit plugged in when not in use.)
  • Simple setup: Marco Polo is ready right to go out of the box. No internet accounts or web-based setups are needed.
  • Get alerted if your dog leaves the "Safety Zone": Marco Polo’s smallest zone is much smaller than any GPS system allows, and is ideal for small yards, or when hiking, or camping with your pet. The largest zone will work in rural areas. Should your pet wander outside your selected zone, you will be notified via the handheld locator in 80 seconds or less. (Pet Expertise note: The add on phone dialer makes this feature even more useful.)
  • Single button tracking: If your pet goes missing, push one button to start tracking and follow the onscreen arrow. The range is up to 2 miles if the pet is in direct line of sight, less around hills, buildings, etc. just like a walkie-talkie. (Pet Expertise note: It does take a bit of practice to get the hang of using the tracking feature, so have fun playing hide and seek with your dog or family member! Hint - find high ground!).
  • Expandable to three pets: Each Marco Polo system is capable of monitoring up to three pets and this starter system comes with one tag. Up to two (optional) additional tags can be purchased per system. A wandering pet will trigger an alarm specific to their tag. Push the tracking button for that tag and you will immediately begin tracking that pet.
  • Tags have unique IDs: Each collar tag comes from the factory with a preset ID number and no two are ever alike.
  • Small, rugged collar tags: Collar tags measure approx. 2½” x 1¼” x 1″ and weigh only 1¾ oz, suitable for almost any size pet over 12 lbs or so. They are designed to take the abuse almost any pet can dish out and to stay attached, even on active pets running through rough terrain. Tags are fully weatherproof, will withstand shallow submersion and will operate reliably in temperatures from -13°F up to 125°F. (Please note that in order for the tag to be waterproof, the charging jack must be closed after charging.)

The Marco Polo system includes: One hand-held locator, one pet collar tag, a plug-in charger, user reference manual & quick start guide. Take a look: Quick start guide, user manual.

Shipping: This special order item ships free from our supplier to US addresses only. Please allow seven days for delivery.

Click the play button below to view a video about the Marco Polo Pet Tracker:

I have a 15 week to old German shepherd that went missing with two other grown dogs, after calling him for a while he never came back home. I grabbed my marco polo and it tracked him a half a mile away from my home across woods into another field at someone else's home. When I saw him I called his name and he acted like he could not beleive I found him, he bolted and headed straight back home. When I got back he was already at home. What a great device and tool just what I need to keep up and protect my beloved German shepherd "Rocky" thank you marco polo! Sincerely Josh Phillips
After loosing my (PUG) in the woods (she was chasing deer) and fearing she would get lost, and panic phone calls to my husband (who at the time was traveling for work in HI), explaining that I couldn't find her, I finally decided to get her a GPS. I absolutely LOVE the Marco Polo!! It does (not) rely in cell service, nor, do you have to pay a monthly fee. Your purchase it, that's it!! Also, it gives more than just "what street" your dog is on. It leads you right to him/her!! We tested this before we used it, and you do have to watch the arrows, as well as the "distance," however, every time she has it on, it has lead me right to her!! It updates every few seconds, so when her direction changes, I know where to go. It is soo easy to use, right out of the box! Noo complicated instructions, just basically, click, and find. There have been a few times where I have had to change location (trees), but again... it updates within seconds, and I am always able to find her, or, to know if she has gone into the front yard, or, in the back in the woods. This is awesome as she runs after everything, and if she is in the front yard, I need to know, so I will know if she has headed towards the road. Before this, I would waste precious minutes going in the wrong direction. The only "con" is that the handle could be better. Maybe a place to attach a lanyard or something. Otherwise, it has worked great for the "months" we have owned it thus far. I would highly recommend this to anyone, and heck.... going out to a large area w/your kids, I would even recommend it for something like that!! It is very small, and no large antenna, easy to attach to any collar, and once your purchase it, you can simply purchase other tags and you can track multiple dogs. Thank you, Marco Polo!!
Buck is an 11 month old hound mix and escape artist. He can go over, under or through all of the fences around our property including an electric fence. Recently, the MarcoPolo alarm went off warning me that Buck was out of the
It was Easter Sunday and I had my dog Katella inside the house while the family was in the back yard having lunch. A relative left the back door open and she bolted. I just saw her take off but didn
Bella is a two year old Black Labrador, and like all Labs she loves the water. Unfortunately, she
With so many Boston Terrier rescues in our care, we usually have at least one we are concerned about bolting. Marco Polo gives us peace of mind knowing the animals in our care won
I just wanted to tell you about a rescue of my dog, Pretty. We live in hilly terrain surrounding a lake. Recently, the lake was partially drained, which created large mud flats. Pretty had chased a deer and become lost. Because of a hill and heavy brush, my searches on three previous days going down a road about a half mile from her position had given me no signal.

On the fourth day of searching I took the Marco Polo unit with me on my motorcycle and went riding along the perimeter of the lake. However, the terrain eventually became too rough for the motorcycle so I continued on foot. Because I was now on the other side of the hill, I eventually picked up a faint signal and followed it. The direction arrow got me closer and closer. I started calling for her and I could hear her whining but still couldn
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