Belly Band for Dogs - Male Wrap for Dogs & Puppy House Training Aid

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Male wraps for dogs, or dog belly wraps for dogs, can help house train (housebreak) your dog or puppy as well as make house training a little more pleasant for everyone involved. Male wraps are great for incontinent dogs or dogs that urinate when excited or a little nervous. Colors are in light blue and navy blue and may come assorted.

  • Speed house training! Having your male dog wear a belly band while you are house training him will prevent urine stains and odors on carpet and furniture, which helps in housebreaking because your dog will not be tempted to remark areas where he smells his scent. Read more about housetraining using a Male Wrap.
  • Perfect for dogs who "mark". Once your dog discovers that he just pees into their belly bands (and get themselves a little wet) instead of hitting their desired targets, they are generally discouraged from marking. Clean up is also much easier!
  • Comfortable and absorbent for incontinent dogs.
  • Great for travel and visiting! A comfortable Male Wrap makes your dog or puppy a more welcome visitor and easier to clean up after in case of accidents.
  • Pet Expertise Exclusive! Our belly wraps are designed by our owner & dog trainer just for Pet Expertise and are the best dog belly bands you will find anywhere!
    • Our belly bands for dogs are made of a cotton-blend material that has just the right amount of absorbency, softness and stretch to stay in the right position without binding or irritating your dog.
    • No plastic liner means that the skin can breathe properly, and there is no elastic to dig into your dog's skin.
    • Adjustable hook and loop closures provide a sure fit.
    • A removable, washable microfiber insert is included and you can add an incontinence or sanitary pad to further increase the band’s capacity.
    • Our belly band wraps and inserts are washable and durable.
  • Use the Pet Expertise Male Wrap with or without the removable microfiber insert.
    • Each Male Wrap comes with one removable, washable, absorbent insert. Removing the insert pad makes it a lightweight belly band that is perfect for dogs that have small accidents due to marking or excitement urination.
    • The removable micro-fiber terry insert if left in the band creates triple the absorbency which is great for dogs that are incontinent or are having larger accidents. The micro-fiber pad is attached securely to the Male Wrap via hook and loop closure so that you can replace it with a fresh insert. You can increase the capacity of the Male Wrap band still further by inserting a sanitary pad under the the removable microfiber pad.
  • Instructions and care: Machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water with a mild detergent (do not bleach). Tumble dry on low heat or line dry. If your dog does urinate in the band please make sure his fur and skin are cleaned and dried as urine can cause skin irritation. Dogs tend to tolerate wearing the belly band very well. (They don’t seem to notice it much.) If your dog is able to scrunch it down or get it off, try putting it on with the overlap on the underside of the dog or contact us for more hints.
  • In light blue soft fabric, 4-6" wide (we use a range of widths from 4" for the smallest bands to 6" for the largest).
  • Additional insert pads are available.

You may want to consider purchasing extra male wraps so that when one is being cleaned you have another available. Plus we have a discount for purchasing more than one!

Please note: Measure your dog loosely around his waist where the male wrap would lie. PLEASE MEASURE CAREFULLY as we cannot take returns on this item due to sanitary reasons.

Click the play button below to view a demo of the Male Dog Wraps (FYI, the video shows a slightly different version of our Male Wrap. All wraps now come with the extra pad making them work both as "Tinkler" and a "Soaker" version.:

I have purchased about 7 of these belly bands for my rescue Maltipoo. They have been excellent and will be ordering more. The secret to these bands is that we don’t use the absorbent pad that comes with it because the urine eventually soaks through. We apply a cheap maxi pad from the dollar store and it keeps him dry as well as the wrap the whole time we’re away or while he’s not being supervised and attempts to mark his territory. Awesome product!
I had previously purchased a wrap from a pet store, but it was not stretchy like yours. Apparently, my dog did not like the pet store one either as he actually bit his side trying to remove it!
Received quickly!! Soft, fits well, glad I ordered it. Only in picture it looks blue but it's more white....but definitely a better fit than all others.
hands down the best belly band i have been able to find! it is super soft, does not irritate his skin, and the urine stays contained on the separate absorbent pad attached to the band.
I purchased the belly wraps for my daughters fur baby. He is a diabetic, and has lost control of his bladder. We were very pleased with the wraps. Just wish we could purchase extra inserts.
We received the product and love it. It's easy to use, the dogs don't even care they have it on (which is amazing) and it has absorbed several incidents that would have been on the furniture or carpet. We bought a second set now that we know they work so we can rotate them through the washer.
This wrap works the best of all I've tried for my 2 male Bichons who mark. Its soft and easy to wrap.
Very nice. They are softer and wider than the other brands. Also easier to use. My son is not always so careful about putting these bands on and there has been no problem with this brand.
These do the job perfectly - they seem comfortable for my dog, and easy to put in the right amount of absorption. They are easy to clean (as long as you make sure the velcros ar covered so they don't pick up all your socks in the laundry. My old-man puppy leaks a little in his sleep and this is keeping him - and our floors - nice and dry all night, without generating wasteful trash.
Love the belly band and my dog,Max, does too. The quality of the material is excellent. It is very soft and fits well. I intend to purchase another so we have an extra when washing. I have tried other bands and they do not compare to this one, Max comes right to me when it is time to put it on. We are very pleased with the purchase.
These are very nice belly bands! I love that they are so soft and also include the removable pads - very nice and not expensive!
The wrap fits and does its job. Very pleased with them and your company.
Our belly band works great with human sanitary napkins (for men). Doggie is happier
Our fresh little male bichon likes to let people know he's arrived when we go visiting by peeing in doorways...everyone laughed when we tried this, but it worked & didn't seem to bother him one bit. He would try to lift his leg, look puzzled, and then not pee! Comes on & off so quickly, too.
My order was received and is just what I was after! While my dog doesn't exactly enjoy it, he is tolerating it and getting used to it with time. Will definitely recommend to anyone that is interested. I appreciate your email - great customer service :)
Got the belly band, looks great and a lot more comfortable!
I love the belly bands that I purchased. My dog has accepted wearing the band with no issues. I looked at a lot of bands but feel that yours are the best. Fabric is soft and comfy and they are easy to put on and remove and easy to wash. Could not ask for more!
I was very pleased with my male wraps, exactly what I was looking for
Love the belly wrap. I have a female lab with a tumor on her belly that constantly discharges pus and blood. I place a sanitary pad into the wrap and problem solved. Love, love, love and it doesn't seem to bother my lab at all. Thanks for such a remarkable yet simple and helpful item.
Great product!! Very pleased
I received the male wrap - it is perfect for my dog's needs!
Rocko and I have been using your products for over two years now. They are the best! Thank you so much for the belly bands. My house and my sanity are saved!
I have tried other belly bands, but this one is so simple, and so comfortable for my mom's Bichon. He's not incontinent, but has a habit of marking in places where other dogs have been. At 13 years old, a retraining program wasn't in the cards, so I got this item for my mom as a gift. She is thrilled with it and now has the confidence to bring her dog with her to friends' houses, hotels, seniors' homes, etc :)
This is my second review. I purchased a couple of these and shrunk them in the dryer (on accident). I bought a few more and didn't put them in the dryer, but overtime they shrunk. I recently purchased 5 more, but in the size one larger than normal. So far after 3 washes they still fit. Our dog is elderly and has a leaky problem, not full blown incontinence, he just drips - these bands help keep the floor clean.
I am so greatful for these dog wraps! I wish I could afford to by more! I have 2 dashsunds both are 6 yrs oldand one of them
had to have back surgery. Hhe can walk again but he can't control incontinence.So as you see I love baby boys and I love you for having these. I buy bladder control pads and use inside of them. So thank you thank you thank you again! YOU ROCK
I am so greatful for these dog wraps! I wish I could affored to by more.I have 2 dashsunds both are 6yrs old one of them
(charlie) had to have back surgery he can walk again but he can't control incontinence.So as you see I love baby boys and I love you for have these.I buy bladder control pads and use inside. So thank you thank you thank you again! YOU ROCK
The "Pee Pee Pants" work much better than others I've tried.
I have purchased three of these, one lightweight and two heavy duty. I am using them for my 10 yr old chow mix who is having a drippy problem. I had him checked out with the vet and his urine is healthy normal, all good. Our vet recommended these. The wrap appears to be comfortable for our dog as he doesn't fuss or try to take it off. He wears it at night only. It has really helped with not having to wipe up drips every morning. We do wash these daily. I think I may have over-dried the heavy weight ones as they seem to have shrunk a little. I would recommend this product.
"I think your belly bands are great. I had tried previous products for my other dog and these are much better!"
I received the two belly bands a couple of weeks ago. I love the belly bands and so does Bruiser. Because they are thinner than the ones he was used to wearing, they are more anatomical and he can't get out of them as easily. Bruiser is an Italian Greyhound puppy, so the bands also help us train him to go do his duties outside.
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