Kibble Crave Dog Food Enhancer: All Natural, Turns Dry Food Into Treats!

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Kibble Crave turns boring dog food into yummy treats! This dog food sprinkle is great for use in the Manners Minder machine, for training or for enticing a picky dog to eat.

  • 100% natural and healthy ingredients: Chicken Liver Powder (Natural Chicken Liver, Mixed Tocopherols Vitamin E), Non-Fat Yogurt Powder). That's it!
  • An economical alternative to pricey treats: Sprinkle your dry dog food with our Kibble Crave powder and you can now use the amped-up kibble as treats for training! A little goes a long way. Of course, variety is great so don't forget to use other treats once in awhile.
  • Keep your dog's diet balanced: Treats are wonderful, but they can unbalance a dog's diet if you feed more than a few of them. Kibble Crave makes it so you can feed your dog's regular diet without worry.
  • Great for puppies: Puppies can have finicky stomachs, so a small amount of Kibble Crave mixed into their regular food can make a perfect training treat.
  • Great for picky dogs (and cats too!): Does your dog turn his or her nose up at dry food? Try some Kibble Crave Dog Food Seasoning!
  • Fine powder Kibble Crave sticks well to dry dog food: We use a very finely milled chicken liver and yogurt powder that sticks to the nooks and crannies on kibble, coating it with yumminess.
  • Designed to work in the Manners Minder machine: Mix a bit of Kibble Crave into dry food before placing it in the Manners Minder. It will not clog the machine and it will make your dog happy!
  • Invented and sold only by Pet Expertise! Made (by us!) in the USA of USA ingredients.
  • To Use: Add 1/4 to 1/2 tsp per Cup of dry dog food in a container & shake to coat or mix in desired amount into your dog's wet food.
  • Bonus!: Kibble Crave can also be mixed with water to make a lickable dog treat! It's a great way to use up that last 1/2" or so of powder in the bottle. Add some water, shake and let your dog have a lick for good behavior!
  • Refills available.

Store in a cool, dry place.

In a convenient 2 oz. size (4" x 1.5") with dispenser cap. 2 oz bottle contains about 2/3 of a Cup of powder which is enough to coat 96 Cups of dry dog food!

We're sorry, but this item cannot ship outside of the USA due to the meat ingredients.

Sorry Pet Expertise! Normally I love your stuff, but not this product. My dog, who always goes gaga for freeze dried liver, wouldn't touch this with a ten-foot pole! On top of that, the bottle leaks when you shake it.
I ordered and received this product. It is a fabulous and a real salvation for us as my little guy needs lots of meds mixed in things and just a bit of Kibble Crave and he eats it. He loves it on his kibble. I will be ordering more soon. Many thanks for carrying such a natural and healthful product
I recommend you guys all the time. Love your inventory and customer service! Cheers!

My dog generally turns his nose up at dry dog food but when I sprinkled some of the Kibble Crave on he actually ate it! Yay!
I love that this can be used in the Manners Minder without clogging it as I have a picky Yorkie that uses the MM to help with his separation anxiety.
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