JAFCO Comfortable Dog Muzzles, Hard Plastic & Soft Flexible Versions

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Important: PLEASE READ this safety information before purchasing a muzzle.

The JAFCO Muzzle is lightweight, comfortable and secure, a perfect muzzle. Invented and developed by a professional police dog trainer!

  • The JAFCO Muzzle is a secure muzzle designed for your dog's comfort and safety. The muzzle will allow your dog to bark, pant, eat treats, and drink (make sure the dog has a deep enough water bowl / bucket).
  • The JAFCO Basket Muzzle is perfect for:
    • Preventing being bitten while training an aggressive dog.
    • Preventing wound licking.
    • Preventing eating items such as rocks and sticks.
  • JAFCO Muzzles are easy to clean and cushioned for comfort. Ventilation holes are 5/8" in diameter except for the Treat Hole (optional) which is 7/8". The 5/8" openings easily fit the nozzle of an Easy Cheese canister or pretzel sticks for positive reinforcement training. Choose the Treat Hole option for feeding larger sized treats.
  • Available in two different materials. High-density plastic muzzles are available in white or black. These fairly rigid muzzles are best for light-weight security. Clear, flexible vinyl muzzles are best for comfort and for being able to view your dog's facial expression during training. The clear version is also less visible to the public.
  • More options! Now available with 3 Straps for additional security and/or Treat Hole for easy treat feeding. The 3 Straps version includes an extra strap for additional security that goes between the dog's eyes. This is very useful for dogs that have shorter snouts and as an extra security measure. Muzzles with a Treat Hole option include a 7/8" large hole for convenient treating!
  • Instructions on fitting and teaching your dog to happily wear a muzzle.
  • See the video below for a video demonstration of the clear version of the JAFCO Muzzle.

Shipping: This item ships directly from our supplier worldwide via US Mail. The shipping fee is $6.75 for US delivery and will arrive in 7-14 business days.

We now offer two brands of muzzles, if you would like to compare the two, you can check out our Muzzle Comparison Chart.


We recommend ordering based on the breed and weight of your dog as long as your dog is a standard size/weight. If you wish to measure, use a soft measuring tape and measure the length of your dog’s snout from the very end of his nose to the point at which the flat plane of his snout starts to slope upwards to the eyes as shown left. Then, measure around the widest part of your dog's snout while his mouth is closed. If your measurements indicate a size different from your dog's breed in the chart below, please measure again to be on the safe side. Unsure of size? Ask the manufacturer at JAFCOMUZZLES@AOL.COM or 800-742-0389. When contacting, please let the JAFCO know that you will be ordering from Pet Expertise and be ready with your dog’s breed, weight, and snout measurements.

Not recommended for small dogs with short noses such as Pugs and Boston Terriers.

Approx. Weight of Dog
Example Dog Breeds (Standard sized)
Snout Length
Snout Circumference


9- 12 lbs

Large Chihuahua, Miniature Pinscher, Papillion

2.25" to 3"

4.5" to 6.5"


12 - 21 lbs

Jack Russell Terrier, Manchester Terrier

2.75" to 3.5"

7" to 9"


15 - 45 lbs

Beagle, Brittany Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, Sheltie, Corgi, Cairn Terrier, Mini Schnauzer, Mini Poodle

3.25" to 4.25"

8" to 10"


40 - 55 lbs

Small Lab, Small Golden, Small German Shepherd, Husky, Belgian Shepherd, Dalmatian, Small Doberman, Small Standard Poodle, Cattle Dog, Border Collie

3.5" to 4.5’’

9.5" to 11.5"

#3X 50 - 70 lbs Small German Shepherd, Malinois, Dutch Shepherd 4" to 5" 10.5" to 12.5"
#3 with 3 Straps 40 - 70 lbs Pitbull, Boxer, Chow Chow (short nosed dogs) 3.25" to 4.25’’ 9.5" to 11.5"


50 to 85 lbs

Lab, Golden, German Shepherd, Doberman, Giant Schnauzer, Large Standard Poodle, Weimaraner,

4.5" to 5.5"

11.5" to 14.5"


80 - 200 lbs

Mastiff, Great Dane, St. Bernard, Wolfhound, Newfoundland

4" to 5.5"

14" to 16.5"

#3R with 3 Straps

85 - 115 lbs

Small Rottweiler, Large Pit Bull

3" to 4"

9.5" to 12.5"

#4R with 3 Straps

95 - 130 lbs

Large Rottweiler

3" to 4.5"

12" to 15"

Click the play button below for a video demonstration of the JAFCO Muzzle:

Although I have no received my muzzle yet to make a review on it.. I wanted to highlight the support I received through customer service rep, Julie. Julie was quick to respond to my questions in regards to potentially putting in my order twice, changing the size that I originally ordered, and helping me figure out what size would best fit my boy.. I can not express my sincere appreciation for Julie's support..

Thank you Julie!

Jafco is lucky to have you!!!
Great advice when I asked for help and super good muzzle. I returned my other from big box store. I will shop this site again; thank you. Ryan in Florida
I recently ordered a Jafco size 5 in the clear, flexible vinyl. My order arrived quickly and the muzzle is perfect! Excellent quality, definitely reccomend! Thank you!
Great muzzle for dogs who are a (possible) bite risk or scavenger! I just wish they offered more sizes.

Facebook groups to learn more about proper muzzle training (desensitizing/conditioning, getting measurements, finding a size, and more):
• Muzzle Training & Tips
• Muzzle Up, Pup! - The Pro-Muzzle Community
I give 5 stars. Was very fast shipping, nothing was wrong with the muzzle when I got it. The straps are well made, as with the muzzle. The reason why I muzzle cause my dog is dog selective, and it's been life saving (literally) id rate 10 stars if I could.
We had just purchased the Clear Flexible Vinyl muzzle in size #4 for my angel Kona, she's a GS & Ridgeback mix, she has a little issue with biting too hard and she just loves licking feline feces which is disgusting! I also when I'm walking her, very sketchy people approach me and how I could tell is that Kona (since she's part ridgeback) her fur spikes up into a Mohawk and she would lower her head glaring and growling lowly and yet the guy still came up to as if he could pet her! Of course I said no, but with this to help with her bad habits it will also give her +10 intimidation points! - I didn't realize how kind of large the size 4 would be, but she's still a big pup so she has plenty of room to grow into, she has just enough room to pant and since we got the treat hole as well, she will (well will try to be) fed treats! It doesn't go into her eyes, as much. She can still see and everything! Of course, she didn't like it at first, but for some reason she wants to sniff it and put her muzzle in it but once i put it on she bounces around! But the more I train her and the more she wears it she's definitely gonna enjoy it. I'm totally gonna purchase more items from Jafco!
I have been ordering from pet expertise for years and still rely upon their team to provide excellent advice. I was concerned about sizing but she personally contacted me to say that I had selected the correct size. What a great product! My golden is a rock and poop eater and this prevents both when she is in my yard( fenced of course) off leash. So she is able to play and be safe.
Jafco hard plastic muzzle size 4
I have received the muzzle.It is very nice and very confortable for my dog,and it fit perfectly.
These are high quality muzzles that are very effective. My dogs haven't been able to get them off and didn't throw much of a fit over wearing them. They are easy to clean and being able to put a treat in them helps the dog to accept the muzzle much faster.
The Jafco muzzle is great. I really like the clear plastic to see more of the dog's facial expressions
We ordered the size 4 (clear vinyl) for our 95lb German Shepherd, and it fits perfectly! We even cut out a hole so we could still feed him treats while he is wearing it, and the integrity of the plastic held up!

The great thing about this muzzle, is that he can still pant and bark if need be!

Great product!!!
I appreciated the care you took to make sure I ordered the correct size muzzle. I also appreciate your carrying such good-quality merchandise
We ordered the basket muzzle after our dachshund, in two separate incidents, swallowed acorns, both of which required thousands of dollars of veterinary surgery to remove. I selected standard shipping and your package arrived in two business days. The measuring instructions on your web site were excellent. The muzzle fits our dog perfectly, and thus far, has not affected his sniffing! I am a very satisfied customer.
If your dog needs to wear a muzzle this is the best one I've found. I've checked at petstores and those are all tight fighting and low quality.
received the muzzle, in Indonesia. Great service with least expensive international shipping cost.


The muzzle fit perfectly and is helping the dog to feel calmer. The directions that came with it were very helpful because we were worried he wouldn't take to it since he won't tolerate a GL nor could we put a Harness even over his neck. The owner was able to acclimate him to it over a week's time.
The muzzle is awesome. It is comfortable for him to wear for long periods of time
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