Hyperactive Dogs

Hyperactive dogs have lots of energy and not a lot of self-control. Good management using leashes and crates can help to prevent your hyper dog from misbehaving. It is also very important to teach your dog that everything he wants in life requires him to be *calm*. Plenty of calm exercise and training (even tricks) is key. Avoid corrections and punishment as they can damage your relationship or cause your dog to become anxious. If you suspect that part of your dogs hyperactivity is due to anxiety, click here

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Antler bones are long-lasting, low-odor, unique dog chew full of vitamins and minerals. Healthy and natural antler chews make a perfect dog gift.

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Made from chemical and hormone free USDA free-range beef.

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Not just a cute Kong! Durable, customizable and FUN treat dispensing toy.

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An extra-durable and easy to use treat dispensing toy. Awarded Whole Dog Journal's Gear of the Year!


Teach your dog to love to tug. Great for training or just for fun and exercise!

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GoughNuts durable dog chew toys contain an inner red layer. If your dog reaches the inner layer simply take it away and return for your free replacement toy!

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A wonderfully unique dog chew made of extra hard, all natural cheese.

Dog exerciser and dog-powered bicycle in one! This wonderful new dog bicycle attachment is extremely stable and easy to use, and it can even allow your dog...
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A unique and durable interactive toy that helps tire out energetic dogs!

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Antler Rope Chews are natural, healthy, odor-free and long-lasting chew toy that will help keep your dog busy keep his teeth clean.

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Squeaky, durable and FUN treat dispensing toy!

This customizable dog toy is four dog toys in one, which can be mixed and matched to build different interactive dog toys. Keeps your dog happily...
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