Dog House Training Aids

Training your dog where to potty is one of the most important skills he will learn. Our house training aids and articles can help this process be as smooth as possible. The most important thing to remember when housebreaking your dog is that it is YOUR job to make sure he or she does not have accidents. If your dog has an accident it is often useful to reduce his freedom a bit by using a crate or tether (use a tether only when you are within sight of your dog). Click here for more house training help.

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Give your male dog more freedom while you are housetraining him. Great for incontinent dogs as well and dogs that mark in the house.

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The solution to your dog's dilemma when you're gone and your dog needs to go! The Pet Loo is a backyard in a box, for your dog!

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Dissolves tough stains and kills bacteria for instant stain and odor removal. Non toxic and concentrated!

Extra insert pad for the Pet Expertise Male Wrap Belly Band

It's fun and easy to teach your dog or puppy to ring a bell to go out to potty! Using a bell to house train your dog speeds up the process and makes it...
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