HALTI Optifit Head Collar for Dogs - Stops Pulling on the Leash!

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The HALTI head halter (or head harness) will gently stop your dog from pulling. The HALTI Optifit has lots of great features and adjustability to fit all dog breeds, including short nosed breeds.

  • Deters pulling gently & securely!: Invented by Dr. Roger Mugford, The Halti Optifit steers your dog's head so that his body has to follow. It offers extra control for very strong dogs or smaller handlers, disabled handlers or those with multiple dogs. Also helpful for jumping, and lunging.
  • Fits all breeds!: the HALTI Optifit has been designed to give you dog an optimum fit. The adjustable chin strap with a sliding camlock maintains a comfortable and secure fit for all breeds of dogs whether they have a short nose like a boxer or a long nose like a greyhound. It will not rise up into your dogs eyes or restrict panting, eating and drinking. The side straps follow the natural contours of a dogs face preventing interference with his or her mouth.
  • Comfy & well-made: Features cushioned padding around the nose band. Made from lightweight, yet strong nylon webbing with a dual interlocking plastic buckle on the neck collar.
  • Great safety features: Reflective strips on both sides for nighttime safety. The HALTI Safety Link, which connects to the dog’s regular collar for added security is included.
  • Not a muzzle!: Your dog can eat, pant, pick up a ball (or even bite).
  • Fitting & use tips: Training Guide DVD included! You will need to take your time with teaching your dog to wear the HALTI Optifit so that your dog has a positive association with the collar. Most dogs will accept wearing a head collar, but it may take a bit of patience. Remember when you first put a collar on a puppy and they try and scratch it off? This is exactly the same and if you persevere your dog will soon get used to it. Never leave the HALTI on an unsupervised dog or he may chew it. Not for use with a leash longer than 6 feet, and works great with our Bungee Leashes.
  • Pet Expertise trainer's note: We generally recommend for dogs that pull to first try using a no-pull harness since dogs tend to accept them easier. If your dog is still very strong using a no-pull harness along with training, then a head collar such as the HALTI Optifit is a great choice, but it does take some time to teach the dog to accept wearing any head halter. The HALTI Optifit is our current favorite head collar because of all the great features and low price. More help can be found here: Teach Your Dog to Wear a Head Halter and a great video.

Small: Westie, Jack Russell, Yorkie, Border Terrier, Beagle, Small Spaniels
Medium: Cattledog, Springer Spaniel, Border Collie, Labrador, German Shepherd, Boxer, Doberman, Retrievers
Large: Rottweiler, Great Dane, Newfoundland, Large German Shepherd

View the HALTI Harness in action:

Loved it for about a month,then the plastic clip that keeps it tight broke,it rode up on my dogs eye. The clip should be made out of metal. On to the next one.
Put this collar on my 50lb pit mix and began walking with dog at my side and very little pulling. Went from being tugged along to pleasnt walk.He does not seem botherd bythe Halti at all.
The Halti arrived very quickly and we're thrilled with it. We have a 95 lb Malamute or Husky X and is very powerful when he see something he wants to chase ( cars, other dogs, horses). We've used head collars in the past, but either they weren't solid enough for us to feel secure about them, or they seemed uncomfortable for him. This is neither. Walking has become a pleasant experience again. Thanks!
This is my new favorite head collar! I love that it has the collar back up attachment, reflective detail, padding and a sliding cam lock for a secure fit. Great job Halti!
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