Halti Harness No Pull Harness, Multi functional and with Padding!

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Designed by a veterinarian, the Halti Harness stops pulling and simplifies training. It steers the dog from the chest: an efficient point of control. Plus the multi-functional Halti harness can also be used as a regular harness and has tons of great features including padding and an escape prevention clip!

  • By attaching your leash to the front chest strap of the Halti Harness you will gain more control over your dog. When your dog pulls on the leash, he will be guided back towards you, naturally and gently discouraging him from pulling.
  • The leash attachment at the chest prevents pressure over your dog’s throat and neck, which is especially important for small breeds that can be susceptible to tracheal damage.
  • Features that are unique to the Halti front-attachment harness:
    • Padded girth strap helps keep the harness in place and prevent chaffing.
    • Harness sits farther back on the body and away from the sensitive ""armpit"" area.
    • Added security of a collar clip. (For use with your own collar).
    • Can also be used as a regular harness by attaching the leash to the ring on the back which is great for use with a longer leash.
    • Can be used with a double-ended leash, attaching the leash to both the front and the back rings.
  • Note from Pet Expertise: This harness was previously only available in the Europe and we are very excited to be able to offer it to our customers! It has some wonderful features that make it one of our favorites; however, there is one drawback that we found during our testing: the straps loosened over time in some of the harnesses we tested. To remedy this you can put a stitch through the straps once you have it adjusted to your liking.
  • Available in black with red (as shown) only.


Measure around the barrel of your dogs chest an inch or two back from the ">
Small: 14 - 21.5""
Medium: 22 - 30""
Large: 30.5 - 40""

Click the play button below to view the Halti Harness in action!:

This harness is amazing!!! My dog doesn't pull anymore and it's wonderful. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a dog with pulling issues.
three walks with no pulling after the first tug! Fantastic!
These are great for stopping the pulling. I can't walk the dogs without one.
I've been using this harness for a couple weeks now and it seems to fit and stay put pretty well. It also seems to keep my bulldog from pulling on the leash the way he likes to do. I chose this particular harness because it would be hard for him to slip out of and wouldn't hurt him. It doesn't keep him from lunging, unfortunately, but overall I'd say I'm satisfied with the product.
I have received my order, both of them, from you and I am very, very pleased. Not only do I love the Halti harness I love your service. I got my items quickly and you did not give me a problem because I live in Hawaii. I tried to order that same harness from a couple of different places and they would not ship to Hawaii. So you have won yourself a customer for life. Anytime I need anything I will be looking at your site first.

Thank you and Aloha,
This halter has been a lifesaver for me! My 110 lb Pyrenees doesn't pull nearly as much and now we can work on good leash manners without choking.
Great harness. The EasyWalk rubbed my amstaff mix raw by his armpit area. With the way the strap sits behind his armpit area, no rubbiing! LOVE that you can leash it to the chest or back. The pup loves it!
I've bought 2 of these. The first one did have the slipping prob. as noted, but it was easily fixed with some stitches. The second one doesn't slip and uses slightly thicker webbing, so they fixed the prob.

I'm really happy with this product. It is:
--easy to adjust to your dog's size
--easy to put on
--it stopped my dog from pulling
--no risk of damage to throat or neck
--the padding keeps it from rubbing her
--it doesn't damage her fur
--Love it!
I just received a halti collar plus regular harness yesterday and used it right away. I really figured I'd have problems in training her. However, I was amazed at how it controls her without changing her personality. I have tried the harnesses that have a band around the muzzle and that takes a LONG TIME to get them used to the muzzle part and it changes their personality. I can see the psychology of how it works, it's unnatural for a dog to walk backwards, so they just naturally stop. Today was the second day and another great walk. I expect a little stubbornness as she gets more comfortable with it, but I really think by that time it will just be natural for her. I have another slightly smaller dog I want one for, but I need to make it a little smaller. I thank you so much. I have three little dogs, all rat terriers and all three would be better with your harness. You can imagine the chaos if I can't control them. Just having one dog with this harness makes the walk so much more enjoyable, having them all wear one would be heaven. When I have the money I will be ordering two more.
I use the size large on my 130 lb. Newfoundland, and it fits him well with room to spare.

I've walked him with it for several weeks now, and it allows me to keep control of him. He's tried to pull me a few times, including trying to chase a skunk, but I've been able to keep control of him. If he had had a normal collar on, or even a pinch collar, I think I would have been pulled down the street, possibly on my face.

I have tried a gentle leader harness as well, and although that one did work, for some reason it knocked the dog over on his side when he jerked hard. He has always been very clumsy, so it may not have been the harness' fault, but he has not fallen over at all with this harness.
the halti harness was not a great fit - it would keep slipping and turning - would need to stitch here and there - going to look for something else - tested it for week. Pet Expertise Comment: This is a noted draw back to this harness but we feel it is so good otherwise that it is worth the effort to secure it with a couple of stitches. We would love the manufacturer to improve this though!
I am a trainer for Bark Busters Home Dog Training in Henderson, NV. I did try the Gentle Leader "no pull" harness for a while and it really helped my owners with training their dogs to heel. However, a few "smart" dogs started to figure out that if they bowed their heads and front legs down low they could "back out" of the gentle leader harness easily. I also found that harness to hard to fit without pinching the dog behind the front legs. The HALTI-NO-PULL-HARNESS corrects both of these problems. They secure the harness to the collar, and they added padding and a wider strap for comfort behind the front legs. It also feels stronger all around. I would put this one on a Rottie or a Pit, but never would have done so with the gentle leader harness. Try it - definitely worth the money.
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