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The GoughNuts dog chew toy is a thick and bouncy rubber ring, stick or ball with two layers. The inner patented safety indicator layer is red. If your dog chews through the outside green or black layer to the red layer, you should take the toy away from your dog and return it to GoughNuts for your free replacement toy (minus shipping costs).

  • A virtually Indestructible (and guaranteed) chew toy! GoughNuts toys have been designed by mechanical and polymer engineers. If your pet can chew through the outer layer to expose the inner red layer, GoughNuts will replace your toy.
  • All GoughNut dog toys float and make excellent fetching toys.
  • Three varieties of GoughNuts!:
    • The GoughNut Ring and Stick fit together to make an interactive toy! (Use a little olive oil to get them to fit together).
    • The GoughNuts Ball is the only GoughNuts toy that is not as designed as a chew toy but only for interactive play. The Ball is thoughtfully designed with a multi-axis groove system that may help your dog breathe in an emergency situation of throat blockage.
  • The GoughNuts Ring and Stick are the perfect toys for teething puppies!
  • GoughNuts dog toys are made in the USA!
  • GoughNuts Guarantee: If your dog chews through the outside layer to expose the red layer, GoughNuts will replace your toy! Please do not allow your dog to continue chewing the GoughNut if any red is indicated. Return Procedure: Include a check for $6.45 to cover shipping a new GoughNut and send to:
    GoughNuts LLC
    217 Lois Ave
    Modesto, CA 95350


Correct sizing is important for safety. Make sure you do not choose a toy that is too small for your dog.


Small Green Ring: 3.75" in diameter. Best for moderate chewers 10 to 40 lbs.
Med / Large Green Ring: 5" in diameter. Best for moderate chewers, 40 lbs and up, or strong chewers 10 to 40 lbs.
Med / Large Black Ring: 5" in diameter. Best for strong chewers, 40 lbs and up.

Sticks (Note that for power chewers, the Rings are the most durable):

Green Stick: 9.25" long and 1.75" in diameter. Best for moderate chewers 40 lbs and up.
Black Stick: 9.25" long and 1.75" in diameter. Best for strong chewers 40 lbs and up.

Balls (Note that for power chewers, the Rings are the most durable):

Green Ball: 3" in diameter. This item is designed as an interactive toy and not a chew toy. Best for moderate chewers 25 lbs and up.
Black Ball: 3" in diameter. This item is designed as an interactive toy and not a chew toy. Best for strong chewers 25 lbs and up.

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I bought the black one for my aggressive chewer because she completely shreds other "virtually indestructible" dog toys in hours. It is well built and very heavy. Only problem is...she doesn't like it. I've tried playing with her with it, but she loses interest quickly and will not lay and chew. She tried it for about 10 minutes when I first got it and decided then and there she didn't like it. If your dog is picky you might want to consider the ball, so at least you can play fetch with it.
Purchased the M/L black ring for our Lab/Rottie mix. Large rope toys purchased locally did not last for 2 days, but he's had this ring for about a month, and hasn't even made a dent in it. Pay the money....worth it.
We got it for our seven-month old Chessie pup. She's destroyed every other chew toy we've gotten for her. Except for this one. It's amazing. She works on it like there's no tomorrow, and the thing is wearing like iron. It's quite amazing actually.
I am LOVING this Goughnuts toy - it's the only thing my chewy lab hasn't managed to snap in half or rip to bits. It's...frankly, it's slightly obscene looking, but I can take the jokes of friends on dog hikes...a long-lasting dog toy is worth the ribbing.

The food tube is fine. I replaced the clip on the end with a smaller one since the arms were always in the way. Ideally, it would be narrower since it doesn't pocket well (or fit in any of my standard training bags), but...I can't really complain. It does the job and my dog loves it.

Also, love the quietness of the clickers. They're much softer in tone than the ones I was using, which is a relief if/when I accidentally click near my dog's head.

Thanks a bunch! Overall, a super quick turnaround. I'll definitely pop back now and then. I've already recommended you to a few friends.
My American Bulldog/Banter Bulldogge/Boston Terrier mix female that is basically nothing but 50 lbs of muscle and love really enjoys the Goughnut ring I purchased. So far she has not yet been able to destroy it, which is saying something. Any other toy would have been in pieces by now.

I will most likely be ordering one of the Goughnut balls in the not too distant future as she prefers catching a ball shape more than anything.

Great product !!!
I absolutely am thrilled with the goughnut that we ordered for our Maizy. She is a 25 lb dog that chews through every dog toy we have given her until now.
My German Shepherd destroys every toy, but, is old enough to know only tennis balls belong to her. (Of course, they only last seconds and we try to keep her from eating the pieces.) I bought all 3 of the black GoughNuts. Because only tennis balls are hers, I think the ball helped her understand that was hers and helped her understand that the stick and GoughNuts were hers, too. She likes all 3, although we do not give her the ball as much because it isn't meant as a chew toy. She is so much happier, and now she has something we can throw in her crate to keep her busy without worrying about pieces, and, she no longer chews her bedding. So far, not even teeth marks after a few days. REALLY pleased. Would recommend all 3 be purchased together. No reply needed. Thanks for letting me comment, and, for excellent service.
Thank you so much for the great service and toys for my bulldog. His goal in life is to see how fast he can destroy a toy, it has not been easy to find a toy that he can't...until now. He has had the two goughnut toys I bought from you for a few weeks and they don't even have teeth marks in them. He loves them and I love that they are still in one piece!! I will definitely be purchasing more soon!
Our dog loves this toy
I have a 6 month old lab who loves this toy. He destroys most of his toys but he doesn't destroy the Gonut.
I have 5 dogs (including a big-timer chewer and an 11 week old puppy who chews EVERYTHING). None of them are remotely interested in this toy. However, since it floats it would probably be great for those with pools. Pet Expertise Comment: We are sorry that your dogs did not enjoy the Goughnut. I hope you contacted us to return it as we would be happy to do that for you. We understand that not every dog will love any toy but we offer them because they are often great for dogs and puppies that are rough on their toys and need something durable and safe. They are also perfect for interactive play like fetch.
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