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This harness is great! The construction is very heavy duty & will easily last the lifetime of my fury friend. The fit is excellent and very easy to adjust. The ID pocket is perfect for keeping all those pesky tags out of the way. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who does a lot of outdoor adventures with their pup.
I really like the way all the hardwear is protected so it doesn't make sensitive areas on the dog, especially behind the arm or at the shoulder. REALLY nice product for use in sage and low brush, good belly protection! I like this harness a lot. Easy to put on and take off, easy to adjust too.
I did receive the harness and I really like it! I have a golden retriever and though he typically walks nice on the leash, I love having the front hook as well. We are also a certified animal assisted team so I often walk with children where we both have a leash so having both a hook on top and front is working wonderfully. It's a nice looking solid harness and very happy with it and I received it pretty quickly too.
My dog is a 40 kg but still skinny dog, his girth is around 31 ", I chose L/XL because of his large body and it's a perfect size for him, the very first walk with this harness was a dream come true, it's easy to control him while meeting other dogs and he's not walking so fast anymore, he actually slows down in this harness.
He has somewhat long hair but the reflexes on this harness will always be visible thanks to it's great design, the ID pocket is somewhat hidden and isn't as visible as a tag on the collar, the ID pockets would serve a lot better purpose for short haired dogs.
It's soft towards his body and the harness isn't bothering his armpits but if I had chosen M, then I'm pretty sure it would have.
We absolutely love the harness. RuffWear is a good product, and we will buy from you again next time.

Thank you!
Got the L/XL harness in orange and I love it! The color is nice the fit is perfect. Like that both sides unsnap so that I don't have to pull the leg through one side. I like the option on the front for the leash as well as the back. The hidden ID tag is awesome. I can use it for hiking, out at the beach, and much more. I also like that it is quick to dry and easy to clean. Would definitely recommend to someone.
Tyson is a 45lb, 11-month pitbull mix. He is full of energy and strength so it has been a challenge to teach him leash manners. This harness has been awesome because when I use the front clip, he can no longer pull me as hard and I don't feel like I'm being yanked around whenever something catches his attention. Definitely feel like I have more control. I love it! As for the fit, Tyson has the Webmaster Harness in Small and it fits him perfectly. For the Front Range Harness, we had to move up to the medium because the small was a little too close to the armpit.
We love this harness! An outstanding piece of craftsmanship that carries on the tradition we have come to love from Ruffwear. We've been testing this harness for a solid six months in field conditions and it remains in excellent shape. The dogs and handlers love the easy on off with the two buckle release. The ID pocket doubles as a great place to keep a data logger to track your dog's adventures. It is also great to finally get an orange safety harness! Excellent harness.
As soon as you pick it up, you realize what you paid $40 for. Most harnesses have pieces that the maker cheaped out on to save money, often the adjustable straps and buckles, always the D-ring. Not this harness. It's make of a thick, smooth nylon with cushioning for comfort. Everything is attached at multiple points with thick stitching so it all stays put. The D-ring is a single, solid piece of metal with punched out holes, instead of a cheap, welded together metal ring. The buckles are solid and take some effort to open. It also takes effort to adjust the straps, which means they won't be sliding out of place in a month. The back of the harness is a little pouch lined entirely with velcro, for holding tags. Nothing is falling out of this pouch, trust me. The trim is reflective and it sits high enough that even a long haired dog gets the benefit of this safety feature. The four points of adjustment (2 in front, 2 in back) makes this the first harness to ever sit in place on Kabota during a walk. Step in harnesses slide to either side, H-harnesses end up falling forward and bunched up under his armpits. The Front Range Harness didn't budge. I now completely understand why people who use Ruffwear products constantly recommend them. This is a really well made harness for a not outrageous price.
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