Reflective Freedom Harness & Leash, No-Pull Harness with Padding

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The Freedom Harness is "The Ferrari of Dog Walking Harnesses" - Grisha Stewart, Ahimsa Dog Training.

  • Be safe at night!: The Freedom No Pull Harness with reflective detail comfortably and easily reduces pulling, neck strain and escaping. Recommended by dog trainers as the ultimate in flexibility, control, and no-pull training.
  • Stop pulling!: Attaching your leash to the martingale loop on the back will allow your dog to walk in a straight line without twisting or straining, while discouraging pulling by gently tightening around the chest. The Freedom Harness also features a ring on the front of the chest which lets you “steer” your dog. Using the double-ended leash allows you to connect to both the front and back of the harness, which gives you maximum control.
  • Multi-functional: The harness can be used for discouraging pulling when attached to the front or for exercise when attached to the back.
  • Comfortable and durable: The Freedom reflective no-pull harness has a soft velvet lining on the strap that goes behind the legs to prevent sores that sometimes occur with harnesses. This well-made harness will stand up to daily use by even the strongest dogs!
  • Lifetime chew warranty: The manufacturer will replace a chewed harness for a small replacement cost. Contact us if your harness needs to be repaired/replaced for instructions. Please note, that it is best to not leave the harness on your dog while unattended as chewing can happen FAST!
  • Perfect for all dogs: Great control, four points of adjustability and maximum comfort and safety make the Freedom harness perfect for puppies as well as adult and senior dogs of all breeds. It is also great for dogs with amputations, arthritis or other injuries.
  • Double-ended reflective leash included: The leash is 5/8" wide for smaller sizes and 1" wide for the larger sizes. It is 3.5 feet long when you use the dual connection, or 5 feet long when you use the single connection and connect the other end to the handle. (Other websites, refer to the harness and leash together as the Training Package).

100% Made in the USA! Easy to put on and take off. Washable. Training instructions are included. Recommended by Whole Dog Journal!
View fitting and training instructions.


Use a soft tape measure around the widest part of your dog's chest (rib cage), behind the front legs. The tape measure should be flat to the dog, not pulled tight, but not loose. Use the girth and not the dog's weight, as the weight is only approximate. If your dog is between sizes, choose the smaller size unless you expect your dog to get bigger.

Girth (G) Approx.
Dog Weight
Harness Width
XS 14" - 20" 13-21 lbs 5/8"
S 18" - 24" 19-36 lbs 5/8"
M 5/8'' width 23" - 28" 30-50 lbs 5/8"
M 1'' width 23" - 28" 35-50 lbs 1''
L 27" - 32" 50-80 lbs 1"
XL 31" - 37" 75-135 lbs 1"
2XL 36" - 44" 125-200 lbs 1"

Click the play button below for a video of the Freedom Harness in action (and view more videos in the video tab):

I have been using the Freedom harness for years with my chocolate lab, Charlie. I walk him after dark so I love the new reflective option. It is really bright when the car headlight hit it and I feel safer using it.
I just took our 100-lb German Shepherd for a walk, and the difference between using the harness versus a standard collar and leash is night and day. He still wants to charge at everything, but it takes a fraction of the usual effort to bring him under control. I think my wife will be able to walk him now, whereas before we didn’t feel she could stop him if he ran after another dog or out into traffic.
I just got back from our first walk with this harness and I am absolutley thrilled. Paisley has been a puller since she was a puppy and alternates between being excited to see other people and dogs and being completely skittish. Today was the first time we have had a great walk from start to finish. The new sensation of being leashed from the front took her just a bit of getting used to but once she was - she really seemed to grasp the idea of being corrected when pulling and even seemed to settle into th walk easier. It fit great and I appreciate the soft velvet strap underneath. So happy to have this and so sorry I waited this long!
I wanted you to know that the quality of this harness is over-the-top wonderful. You see, my father invented the nylon dog collars, harness, leads, horse halters, as well as nylon race horse harness/other horse "stuff".. He actually invented the X in the sewing and heat sealing it. He passed away at the age of nearly 93 a couple years ago. So, when I say that the Freedom Harness is of great quality, I know what I am talking about.
So, I have a wanna-be sled dog. Strongest dog I have ever had (and I have always had BIG dogs) AND the most stubborn. I got one of these taking a chance on it because they are not cheap. So unbelievably incredibly worth it! I work in the pet dept of a store but when people look at our harnesses and I talk to them about their needs if they have a big time issue or they are older folks I send them here to get one of your harnesses!
My freedom harness works better than any that I have tried. The material was easy to clean with gentle soap and water which was plus if he got it muddy. The front ring did its job for my 105 lb big, tall, strong lab/pit breed. It lasted nearly 2 years. I liked the handle on the back 4 lifting my dog if needed in squirmish; however from pictures that feature was changed with back ring on handle instead of each separate. One complaint, around the metal adjustments over time it just raveled bit by bit until it finally broke. Called Freedom Harness & the rep insisted that my dog at the harness, which he never did & that's fact! Everywhere the harness metal adjustment was located frazzled from the edges of where the metal cut into the frabic & frazzled; it started to look raggedy bad, also. Called Freedom, had me send in close pictures however, their rep insisted that my dog ate the frazzled even in areas that the dog could not reach whever the metal adjustment were located & it was a total waste of time to ship it & be without the harness for them to replace only one area they agreed upon... total inconvenience! I want to order another but pictures show changes on the back ring (which does nothing for pulling, but I liked with training leash which was the best leash in the world & its features so practical); if the handle serves as the back ring leash then it might change the quality of the handle which I loved that it was easy to just reach and the way it was positioned worked great; I remember the 1st time I used it my dog responded immediately....crossing intersections & actually made it easy for me to hold securely particulary because we live in the city. I am senior, had 3 major orthopedic knee surgeries so control was major, for me with periods of disability! I have evaluated ratings on competitor products, have my concerns... metal adjustments do wear the product; also, if changes on back handle combined with leash ring what are advantages or disadvantages. Seems most reviews of competitor products reveal defects and this one is proven... guess, I will just have to buy Freedom Harness repeatedly and absorb cost due to metal adjustments constantly raveling the harness... but, even with that defect it worked (old design) better than the rest for a longer period of time (nearly 2 just turned 4... and still strong, rambunctious). He definitely could use his chest muscles when attached at back ring but when attached at front he would slide sideways when tried to exert his strength. Also, I like that it does not choke my dogs neck is dispersed across chest.
I love this harness!! I have a basset hound that loves to pull and this is the 1st harness I have found that fits and works!! I have tried 6 different harnesses, most didn't fit properly or didn't work for the pulling, even though that's what they were labeled for. I am thrilled to find a no pull harness to fit her. I previously used the easy walk harness and it was rubbing her elbow and caused her to limp so I stopped using that one... I highly recommend this harness!!
The freedom harness is the best harness on the market in my opinion. The soft velvet surface prevents my 60 lb Walrus from getting blisters on long walks. I bought 6 of these in different colors 6 years ago and all of them are still looking great! I put them in the washing machine and they are still going strong. Now I will buy one for my new Shih Tzu puppy for the same excellent experience. I highly recommend this harness which scores 10/10 for appearance, function, comfort and longevity. A great value!
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This harness has saved us. Our 60 lb pit bull mix is just an ADHD dog. She was constantly tugging to go sniff, chase squirrels, jump on people. After putting this on her, I can't believe what a different dog she is. The pulling is to a bare minimum, she stays right by our side and doesn't jump anymore. I highly recommend for training dogs who have a low attention span!
We recently took in a 2yo 85lb GSD/Rhodesian Ridgeback/Pitty mix. He was a terrible walker! He pulled, and choked, and stretched his collar and backed up and he gave me terrible anxiety. My husband had to hold the leash when we walked...he was too much for me. We just went for our first walk with the freedom harness and it was like we were walking a different dog! He stayed close by my side and really didn't pull at all! He also didn't seem uncomfortable in the least. I'm so happy I bought this harness, and so is our dog! I would recommend it to anyone with a rowdy walker! Customer service from Pet Expertise was excellent as well. Very happy with my purchase.
We love this! We previously had used an Easy Walk Harness, but it chafed and rubbed off the hair by Jasper's armpits and across his chest, and the velvet lining eliminates this problem. I also like the multiple places to clip on a lead line, and definitely appreciate that this harness does not pull his two front legs together in a weird way if he is pulling (the way the easy walk harness did). We love it, and are very glad to have purchased it!!
Awesome product!
My 5 1/2 yr old lab/pit X broke the last no-pull harness and so far the Freedom Harness has been a much better product.
Total control without being tossed around like a rag doll
I've had this harness for over two weeks now and am very pleased. I have a high energy lab mix who gets very excited and pulls when we take her on walks. I was concerned with choking her if we used her normal collar and the other harness we bought chaffed her chest. The Freedom harness remedies all our concerns. She pulls less, there is no stress or tension put on her neck, and she has had absolutely no chaffing. It's wonderful! The package also arrived quite soon after I ordered it, which was great because I was anxious to start using it. Thanks Pet Expertise!
I am very pleased with the Freedom Harness. It was originally recommended to me two years ago before I ordered my first one, after I had difficulty finding a harness that properly fit my dog without having to worry that he would slip out of it.. I have since recommended it to several people, so it was a no-brainer when my husband and I adopted our puppy a month ago. The best part is, it fits her now, but has a lot of room for her to grow!
We have a Great Pyrenees mix, so he pulls hard enough that it's hard to stay on your feet! The double hooks have - for the first time - given me a real sense of control; and it's a harness that he has felt comfortable in, as it seems to fit better than others we've tried. Highly recommend, particularly with the double leash...
Excellent improvement over various other no pull solutions. I love the easy convertibility from short to long with the leash so I don't have to hover over my dog while she does her business! And she appreciates no more rubbed raw areas underneath it. The dual attachments are helping her learn better then others I've tried for her 50lbs of stubborn.
Got this for my lab. It is very quick and easy to put on him, he still can pull, but it gives you more control, and I don't have to worry about hurting his sensitive neck area. I find putting the leash on in the front, contains him much better, because if he pulls, it turns him around to me. I like it!
The harness is great. I have two very large Malamutes and the harnesses fit perfect and help with training.
I have a 21 month old Yellow Lab who has more energy than she knows what to do with. Every time I tried walking her she would try to grab the leash and it was a constant battle to try and walk her. That all ended with this harness, she tried to grab the leash but was unable to and actually behaved during our walk.
Fits my difficult to fit dog (pitbull) better than other brands. She is comfortable in it and it really works to reduce pulling. Fast shipping, too.
Wow! Sasha is a high energy German Shepherd. She would pull us all over the place. Put the harness on, and she immediately stopped pulling and walked calmly by our side. I would not have believed it. Great product.
I have a Greater Swiss Mountain dog & this is the only place I could find a harness big enough. The company is great with their service.
I just purchased 2 of these for my dogs. I love them! They are easy to put on and take off. I like that I can use the leash in different ways. The dogs don't mind them and the harnesses seem to be comfortable on them. Would definitely recommend these!
Our dog is responding well to this harness. He is a very strong puller, and loves chasing after birds and squirrels. This harness effectively holds him, and is less abrasive than other harnesses that we used. We also really like the leash that matches. It's short enough to keep him by my side, and I like that it can attach to two places on the harness.
from being drug down the street - to feeling like I have control... had tried all kinds of products for my 8 month old mutt... this worked and I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO happy
We recently purchased this for my Boxer. He goes nuts when he sees other dogs when we walk and I had always been scared he was going to break out of what ever harness, leader etc we had him in.

With The Freedom Harness I have no such worries. He is locked in tight, and the reduction in pulling is icing on the cake. I love this harness and would suggest to anyone.
I love this harness! The quality of it is nothing you would find in a pet store and I have received lots of compliments from other pet parents on how nice it is. The nylon is soft and sturdy and it really is velvet under the legs so my boxer is super comfortable. I have gone through several harnesses to find the right one and I am sticking with this one as it is the best one out there. We are still training our boxer to not pull in new and exciting environments and this harness is a great tool!
The harness and muzzle was for my female pit bull who was a nightmare to walk before. Now it's a dream and I absolutely love the freedom harness!! Fit perfectly and she enjoys it! Haven't used my muzzle yet. Just bought it to have in case. Fits great. Love your company !!
Great harness, nicely made. Got a large for my Golden and it is perfect as it is easy to adjust
Both my dog Rhea and I are very happy with the harness purchased. It fits on her well and more importantly, makes her walking or jogging with me without pulling and hurting her neck.
This harness does wonders! My dog's pulling stopped instantly the moment I put it on. Occasionally when it need to make a correction, a light tug is enough to stop her. It's just amazing!
Definitely the best harness I have bought for my dogs and I've tried so many. This harness plus a one hour training session has finally helped me to know how to stop my dogs from pulling. It is still a work in progress but so much easier with this. The leash is the true magic with the double hooks. All my dogs are under 18 pounds.
Before I knew about Positive Reinforcement Training, I was using a prong collar on my husky mix. Both of us hated the prong collar, but it had been recommended by the first trainer we worked with. After I found a different trainer, I switched to the Freedom harness, he no longer pulled, and I threw the prong collar in the recycling bin.

We got a Catahoula puppy and have been using the Freedom harness with her, moving up three sizes as she grew. She's 81 lbs. now and wears the XL. I like it that the harnesses come in so many colors. For the Catahoula, we attach the leash in front. She still pulls when she becomes excited, but the front attachment works better for her than the top ring. Attaching the double-ended leash to both rings makes the leash too short. I'd like to have two 6' leashes for each dog, but that would be too many leashes to hold.

We've been very happy with the Freedom harnesses. One issue is that it sometimes chafes the skin on our husky mix. Our vet recommended washing the harness and putting him on antibiotics, and that cleared it up the first time. But the rash has reappeared even though I regularly wash the harness. I'm worried that his skin is sensitive to the material and not sure what to do about it.
Just purchased two of these XL size harnesses for my Great Pyranees brothers. They are BEAUTIFUL harnesses, I am so impressed with the quality! They fit very nicely and are easy to put on and take off. The colors are bright and rich.
The freedom harness no pull dog harness is great. I had been using the easy walker harness but this one is made and fits really well. I have one for my 4 year old Swiss shepherd and 6 months old swiss shepherd. I am very pleased with the product and service, received it in about 6 days from the USA to Australia. Cannot buy the product in Australia seen one similar at a dog training session was not made as well and design did not fit as well as your product
I could not believe how well this product works. My WGS isn't a big puller......until she spots a squirrel! This product gives me control over her pulling.
And, I love the colours they come in!
A great investment and super fast service.
Will shop here again.
This is the second Freedom No-pull harness we've purchased, our Dog de Bordeaux puppy outgrew his first. He's now in the XL size which should carry him through adulthood. Let me tell you, this harness is worth every dime when you have a puppy to train and he's as strong as a grown man at 4 months. It's made leash training so much better, and when he gets excited about meeting neighborhood kids/people/dogs, we have a lot more control over him than with a traditional harness. The warranty is fantastic, but we didn't need to use it on the first one since he outgrew it in 4 months. Should note, though, that even after 4 months of almost daily use it still looks like the day it came out of the box. Buy with confidence!
We have 2 rhodesian ridgebacks (female 39kg and baby boy 44kg) who have a different version of "loose leash walking" than I do. They were on a Blackdog chest harness and Gentle Leader. I suppose I'm always looking for something else to try, and if it helps while I continue the 'don't pull so much' training then even better. The dogs still pull while wearing this harness.... BUT.... it feels much more solid than the other two. I use the leash in 3 different configurations depending upon if they can "go sniff" or jog with me or walk nicely and TRY to stop pulling. When I got the harnesses, after fitting the dogs, I took both out by myself for the first time ever. They are still mad crazy dogs, but I don't feel that the harness will ever snap (the Blackdog did) or sip off the front (the Gentle Leader did). So, overall, although the pulling is still there, the sturdiness and fit of this new harness was worth it for me!
I can definitely see an improvement with my lunging, pulling doggy. At least now I feel more in control of him and he has been much better about heeling when we walk. Still needs a bit of work, but I am more confident and that makes training so much easier!
Great deal, and fast service. Well worth the money!
I got this for our foster dog Indie (we've since adopted him) as he would constantly pull on the lead, ever eager to get where he wanted to go faster! From day one the freedom harness has made such a difference and made our walks together a much more enjoyable experience. He now looks like the mannerly dog that he (usually!) is and we walk side by side like the best pals that we are!
Purchased two Freedom No Pull Harnesses for my 8 month old, 90 lb puppies. They still have a mind of their own and walking them was beginning to get too stressful for me. These harnesses are a god-send. We can walk them now with ease, no more dog coughs from pulling on the collars. Buy these!
I was initially dubious about using this harness on a recent adoptee with some issues because of the harness' weight. I am thrilled to tell you that this harness is fantastic! I had bought her another type of harness from which her head accidentally slipped out when she backed up one day, and then tried your harness. She doesn't mind it all, and loves the freedom of no pressure on her neck. It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to escape from.

My dog is not problem puller, but I can certainly see the value of the Martingale loop on the back each time she wants to run after a critter. I highly recommend this harness!
I purchased this harness w/ leash after a recommendation from HDR in Rhode Island for our rescue. He's a mix between Great Dane and Staffordshire and is a houdini when it comes to leash and harnesses. This is the 3rd haress we've tried and we absolutely love it! He hasn't been able to get out of this one and the pulling stopped immediately. I HIGHLY recommend this harness for any dog, any shape or size. It's nice to have peace of mind walking him now and not constantly worrying that he'll figure out how to slip out of it. With the leash, we hook one at the harness and the other on his collar. The velvet lining keeps his thin fur on his belly protected too. I accidentally ordered the wrong size and the exchange was handled quickly and effeciently! Many thanks!!
I bought 2 of these for my foster dogs when I saw them being used at the rescue's boarding facility, and got to see first hand how well they fit & worked! No chance of escape and can manage these professional pullers with ease in comparison to other products on the market, and believe me, I've tried them all! Better quality and absolutely worth every penny!
I absolutely love this harness! I have a ~110 pounds Newfoundland dog who gets very excited when seeing neighbors and other dogs. Considering she almost weights as much as me, I've always had a hard time being in control. This harness gives me great control and helps me to stop my dog from going where ever she wants! :) Totally worth the price and shipping costs!
I just ordered one of these for my Dachshund. Had recently bought one for my Puggle. Both of my sweet dogs are rescues and pullers when we walk. The Freedom Harness works so much better than anything else I have tried. The velvet underneath keeps the harness from rubbing which is problem with other brands. I like you have so many options for how to use. Mine are still new but materials look very sturdy.
We got the package yesterday and WOW! They really are the most amazing harnesses ever! And they fit with a lot of wiggle room. I wanted to tell you that the Medium had a lot of space so i had to make the harness tighter. If anyone has a dog with exactly a 28" chest, it is a great fit and he will still have room to grow in it :) Same thing with the Large. She can still grow a bit and it will fit great. Thank you.

I went to petsmart with my female wearing it and I swear I had about 5 people ask me if I like it and where I got it from. They saw how easy it was to walk her and she didn't jump on anyone for a change. I did give them your website and told them to absolutely get the leash as well. I am so impressed with your quick response to my question before and how fast I received them. I think it only took 3 days! And your prices for this harness were the best I saw so I did tell everyone that they probably would not find it anywhere else for cheaper right now. I am very happy with the harness and the entire transaction. I look forward to purchasing more things from you in the future.
Many thanks,
This harness fits great when no others do. I also don't pinch my dog when closing the "buckles" as I have with other harnesses. People notice that he feels comfortable in it and he does. the velvet strap under the body is great. Because it has wide straps, my extremely strong and pulling dog, is secure in it. As far as preventing pulling, it is the best harness, but, using his choke collar effectively is the only way to truly get his attention. I use this harness a lot when walking and recommend it, espcially for the fit and choice of strap widths.
I bought my first Freedom Harnesses for personal use. Then recently bought two from you to donate to the local shelter where I volunteer. It is simpler and quicker to put on dogs for people who are not used to harnesses and for excited dogs who are not standing still and waiting for you to put it on them. And the best thing is what a difference it makes in walking the dogs, all who are very pully. In the short time we've been using these at the shelter, we know that one excitable dog got adopted because we used the Freedom Harness on him for the first time that day!
We love this harness! I have two dogs, one large and one medium. This harness stays on better than other similar harnesses (doesn't stretch out while we're walking -- doesn't gradually become "too large" while we walk), and they seem comfortable when wearing them. I LOVE the dual hook option for the "puller" :) and I use just one hook for the dog who is better on a leash. PERFECT!
I am so happy with this harness. I have a 65lb doberman that is a year old. I have not been able to successfully walk her on leash until now. A certified dog trainer recommended this harness to me and this has changed my relationship with my dog, thanks!!
I got the new harness & am very happy! My dogs love the harness' much more then the pinch collars
I couldn't be happier with how the harness is working. My dog Bella is a husky, I rescued her and she loves to pull. She will still do so but I am able to stop her if I hold the leash end connected to her chest tighter. Walking her is not bad at all. Second, I love how snug and secure it fits. In the past month I went through 4 harnesses and the Freedom has a much superior construction and design. It's the first one I've used and not had to have a second point of connection in case it detaches. Last, I was delighted to see that the harness was built proudly in the USA. Everything else I have tried is put together in China and everything else has failed. I will be a repeat customer and you will have several other customers added to your clientele. The Freedom harness is an amazing product with great customer service and even better results. Thank you
The Freedom No-Pull Harness has proved very effective. It was very easy to accustom our dog to it. Thank you for making our twice-daily walks with our newly adopted rescue dog, Gypsy Rose, much more tranquil.
I have tried many different no pull devices. This is by far the best I have ever had. There are so many places to adjust that getting a good fit is easy. Love the harness. I just wish you could carry all the colors it comes in. I love the harness so much, that I wanted another one, but the orange was not available in my great dane's size
I am very impressed with this harness. I have tried multiple harnesses for my 108lb dog that loves to pull and nothing worked that well until I tried this one. It was like night and day with my dog. He still pulls slightly, but very very little compared to what he used to. It is amazing how good it has worked so far. The only thing I wasn't impressed with was the leash. I'm sure it is great for those who like a shorter leash and it does have a way to extend, but it just wasn't the most comfortable leash. Other than that GREAT!
I did recieve the 2 no-pull harnesses for my 2 dogs.

The blue harness is for Griz. He is the puller. The no-pull is the best I've found for him. It does not stop the pulling - he is very tough and strong and no discomfort influences his pulling BUT - I do have more control and this harness makes the walks better for ME - So I am happy. Griz is a 110 pound Husky, Golden retriever,Collie, Who-knows-what-else mix and he is very strong, bull-headed, impulsive, when outside but a sweetie in the house.
The pink harnes is for Gracie a Lab Wimerainer mix who does not pull anyway, but I like the 'look' of it on her. She also wans whatever Griz gets.
I am happy with the harnesses and, should Griz ever wear his our or chew it (he's not usually a chewer) I will buy another of the same.
Thank you!
This harness is fantastic. Greatly reduces pulling, dog is not choking herself, and it is very sturdy which makes us worry less about her getting loose. Our dog doesn't mind it at all, I'm sure the velvet lining helps!
This harness is UNBELIEVABLE! I have a four year old Golden. She has pulled since puppy training. I was encouraged at dog school to get a "mean" collar (pronged collar). I resisted and then had a shoulder injury because of her pulling and finally bought one. It helped, but she still pulled to the point of wheezing if she saw something she was interested in. From DAY ONE with the Freedom Harness she has been a loose leash walker!!! I couldn't and still cannot believe it. I hook the leash to the front ring only and if she pulls the slightest bit, her whole body turns toward me. She is a joy to walk and is happy to have her harness put on! I am one happy customer! Thank you!
For those of you who do not have the time to train your dog to heel and still want to be able to enjoy a walk with your canine pal.....this is the best way to go. Great tool for anyone from novice to experienced dog ownership.
We absolutely love the harness. It really helps us control our 3 yr old, 62 lb Chow/Lab mix. He was a rescue and we had a lot of trouble with him pulling us around on walks. We tried a pinch collar which helped a little but the harness makes him easily controllable, even by my 10 yr old daughter, and much better behaved.
LOVE this harness and LOVE this company! Both are a pleasure! My shepherd/lab isn't too much of a puller, but he still needs some improvement. Collars choke him easily, so I was looking for a harness that would help with his training. This is it! The first time we took him out, he walked like a pro! :-D Will and HAVE recommend this to anyone in need of such a product. I'll never be without a Freedom harness again!! :-)
This harness is wonderful! Not only is it helping me train my dog not to pull, but it also lessens he strain that is placed on me when my dog does begin to pull. With the double leash, there is no more tangling around the dogs legs and feet. The leash could be a little longer, but overall it is a great product and I use this on my husky and will use this on any large dog I may have in the future!
Our beautiful pup is getting to be stronger than I am. My husband can control her on leash but I have trouble. This harness is great. While in harness, she gives up pulling pretty quickly and stays pace with me (instead of going ahead). We measured her and came up with a 24" girth and ordered the medium. It's pretty roomy on her, though, even when fully tightened. I might size down if you're in between sizes.
Just ordered a Freedom No Pull harness for our rescue Sibe, Bandit. My other two have the same harnesses and I LOVE them! I'm so excited because I was borrowing my parents Freedom harness for him and now he'll have his own. He doesn't pull but the comfort and fit of these harnesses are amazing. Thumbs up for a great product!! :)
I ordered the x-small for my 18.3 lb Westie. It arrived in 3 days! It was a great fit and only needed a few adjustments. I'm glad I was able to get it for the sale price too. I wish I was able to get the rose pink but the x-small was only available in 2 colors. Thank you for the great product! Pet Expertise Note: We do offer the XS in lots of colors for those who don't mind waiting. Here's the link:
First its made in the USA. Great! Quality is very good. We have a shitsu bechon mix and its a pleasure to walk him now. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Delivery was very quick. Great job!
I am enjoying this item. Our dog trainer recommended it for the easy handling of an excited dog
I'm very happy with the harnesses I ordered. I can buy them locally but I have to get the leash with them and, even then, they are much more expensive. These are great harnesses and it's wonderful to be able to order online, get exactly what I need, at a great price.
I did get my order in a very timely fashion. I love the Harnesses! I am actually a trainer at a dog rescue, and they are perfect for what I am doing. Thank you for your service, and if I am in need, I will return!
This worked great for our soft coated wheaten, the only bad part is the velvet seems to matt her fur under her arms/across the chest. As long as we give her a good brushing after each use we can keep them under control. Otherwise, love it!
We are so pleased with this harness. We had purchased the freedom harness (from another supplier) and even though we had read reviews about it chafing dogs' legs, we thought our dog had enough hair (corgi) and it would not affect him. We were wrong. We had to stop using it not long after we purchased it. We looked around online and my husband said, "This is the one we need to get." We are so pleased with it. Our dog now walks pretty well (although we still have to use the clicker) and there is no chafing. When this wears out, we will be purchasing another just like it.
The Freedom Harness No Pull Dog Harness: Multi-Use Velvet Lining is a miracle worker. My dog still tries to pull but we are much more in control when she wears the harness. We are hoping that with more training she will stop pulling altogether. Thank you for a wonderful product, it has been a God send.
I have a 2 year old pit bull mix who pulls me constantly. But this harness worked like magic. Even my children can take her for a walk now. Excellent product for major leash pullers. I like the shorter leash because it gives me more control and I can finally start teaching her to walk beside me instead of dragging me down the street.
Hi, thanks very much for this great harness. I've been looking for a harness that will not hurt my dog's throat and this seems to be a really good one. And your service was wonderful.
This harness did not help my dog at all. I have an Australian Shepherd who loves to pull. This did nothing to "harness" in that behavior. Seriously consider the strength of your dog and how determined they are to pull before purchasing this product. For us, it was a huge waste of money. Pet Expertise Response: We agree that this harness does not work for every dog (although it does for most)which is why we have a generous return policy.
We did receive the order and all items were in perfect condition. My two dogs (80 lb male Siberian Husky and 40 lb Sheltie mix), who are not pullers but I ordered the Freedom No Pull Harnesses anyway because I liked the fit/design, LOVE the harnesses. I think they find them much more comfortable than collars and seem more relaxed. My parent's German Shepherd, who is a HUGE puller, also does so much better with the harness than with any other products we've tried. She was a rescue and never taught how to walk on a leash, and because she is so big it's difficult for my Mom to control her. With the harness my Mom has been able to walk her daily without hurting her back and Nika got the idea almost immediately that she can't pull her way through it. Thanks so much for designing such a product!

I rate the Freedom harness as excellent. I found this harness on the Internet several months ago. I have two cairn terrers, one who should be nicknamed Houdinia because he has wiggled out of several harnesses I have purchased for him before I found the Freedom harness. Both cairns are prone to dart when they see a squirel or rabbit, despite months of obedience training. I am at an age where a sudden dart could throw me off balance and cause a hip to break. NOT ACCEPTIBLE. Our trainer urged use of a harness that hooks in the front, to stop the pulling. I tried several, including the EasyWalker, but either they didn't fit Houdini properly and he would fight and bite to keep me from putting the harness on him, or he would easily escape from them. Thank goodness, the Freedom Harness fixed the problem. It is ultra-adjustible, the front strap sits high on his breast and the velvet fabric on the chest side keeps it comfortable. Houdini has never been able to escape from this one, and doesn't mind when I put it on him. Hooking the leash to the front hook works like a charm to stop pulling. The back hook is good for attaching a tab handle when he runs loose in the back yard, so if he starts obcessing on digging for chipmonks and won't come, I can still retrieve him. Te back hook is also handy for hooking the dog to a seatbelt attacment when he rides in the car. I haven't tried using the leash that comes with the Freedom harness that is designed to attach both to the front and back for extra control, because I don't need it for a 22 pound dog. I get sufficient control with a standard leash hooked to the front hook. However, if I hook the leash only to the back hook, the dog returns to sled dog mode and the martindale-type connection doesn't stop the pulling. Hooking to the front hook is essential if you walk a strong puller.
The harness is incredible! As a human special needs teacher, I see sensory integration issues in dogs too. The harness helps provide the proprioceptive feedback that is calming for over aroused dogs. Also loved the grain free salmon bites for our "newly" grain free diet pup. Will definitely order again. Thanks for your " expertise" in dog products!
As a trainer and wholesale re-seller, I find that this is virtually the only harness I am recommending anymore. It is easy to use and fit, it works on dogs of all sizes and has various configurations that it can be used in. If you don't have one, give it a try!!
I received my Freedom no pull harness within 5 days and I love it. I have had my dog for 5 years (bearded collie) and she is a sweetheart but loves to pull. with this new harness I can walk her with one finger holding the leash, I love it and highly recommend it to anyone with a dog that pulls.
We tried many, many things for our mutt's pulling and this is the only thing that works. This product is simply brillant. I highly recommend it!
Love, love, love this harness! I have the easy walk harness but if it is not just so, the chest slips down and my boxer can walk right out of it. This harness sits higher on the chest and with the leash attached to the top and the front there is no chance of the dog walking out of it. Also because of the design and the higher placement of the chest strap, it is much more comfortable for the dog and does not impede or rub on her shoulders. This is well worth the price!!
I totally enjoy my Freedom Harness. I rescued a very large German Shepherd/Husky mix that is incredibly strong, and pulled on the leash like crazy. I tried all of the "training" collars out there with no success. The first day she walked with her harness on was amazing. She stayed by my side the entire walk!!!! One catch though, since she is a bit on the chubby side, I may have to order another harness 1 size smaller, and I will definitely order it from you. Thank you for the quick process and delivery of my order. :-)
I love the harness. It is the best one I have found and works like a charm!
We've been through enough collar choking/harness that didn't hold him that we weren't about to take him for a long walk until we found something that was really secure and comfortable for him. He was going nuts having not been walked for awhile and this size harness seemed sturdy enough so we gave it a try. I've now had plenty of opportunity to really test it and see how it restrains him and I'm very impressed. At first I was worried it would loosen or the clasps would break when an over-the-max dog pulled but it's held very well and been so much easier on him than another brand harness we had tried. Also with the old harness I could feel the pulling stop when he slipped out of it and we had to catch him but with this one the pulling stops when the chest end of the leash connection kind of guides him back and reminds him that I'm the one controlling it now. I'm still getting used to not panicking if I don't feel him pulling but he seems to respond better to me and we have a better bond when we go out with this harness.

I have noticed that using this style harness with two points of attaching the leash makes me work a bit harder when we go out because I now have to sort of steer him and make sure the chest part of the leash is on the nearest side of him and doesn't get tangled while he's trailing/digging but it is SO worth it to know that he's secure and I won't have to chase down an escaped hound. Also the Rust/Brown is a fun Autumn look.
The double lead is great. With the leash attached only in the front on the other no-pull harness I had my 20 pound dog flipped over when he tried to chase a squirrel. With the freedom I can slow him down first and then stop him. We are both happier!
I love these harnesses. They make walking my determined, stubborn beagles much more of a pleasure. I control them, without hurting them or them even knowing it.
The dogs seem to feel comfortable. Service with the company was excellent. I would definitely recommend this product.
Love this harness from the first time we tried it out. Harness walking is new to me and my dog. He took right to it and loves it as well. Only dislike is the leash that came with it. It is much too short even with it hooked on the back only. We were just in each other's way...quickly switched to my own leash and we were happily on our way :-)
It's a good, strong harness-- the strongest I've ever seen. I really like that you can't get it on wrong and it goes much easier than a normal harness. I think the double leashes, though, are just a tad too short because you can find yourself tripping over the dog. That being said, I definitely recommend it.
So very happy with your service and this strong harness. Our dog has learrned to love it too. We both enjoy walking now!
We've had the Freedom No Pull Harness for almost a week now and so far it has been so much help. To begin with, it's very easy to put on and take off, once you have it properly adjusted to fit your dog. We have a very excited 60lbs Catahoula/Lab mix who also happens to be deaf. She feels the need to want to meet every person or dog that crosses her path. This harness definitely gives you a lot of control over your dog. Highly recommended.
The Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness + Leash: Multi Function Velvet Cushioning works fantastic with our newest canine addition. We are quite pleased with the harness and with your service. We've mentioned your name and web site to other friends of ours that have dogs, telling them of your fast service, competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Your in our favorites list for canine products! Thanks again. Mike and Pam
I wasted my money. This harness is worthless! PetExpertise Note: Hi Elinor, please contact us. We have many customers that rave about this harness and we would like to find out what the issue you are having with it and/or take it back for you. We know not every product will work for every dog and their owner so we will be happy to have you send this back to us and refund you for it.
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