Double-Ended Leash, 3.5 - 6' Long with Floating Handle

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Double ended nylon leash is made specifically for the Freedom Harness. It also works great with the Halti Harness, Front Range Harness and 3 in 1 Harness.

  • The leash is available in 5/8" and 1" widths.
  • It is 3.5 feet long when you use the dual connection, or 5 feet long when you use the single connection and connect the other end to the handle.
  • 100% Made in the USA! Washable.

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This leash is great. When you need more control, hook both the front and top halter and you have about a 2-1/2 foot leash. when you need less control, just hook in front or top.
Received the doubled ended leash (1") to match our no pull harness. It was perfect and we received it in a timely manner. Great service. Will order from Petexpertise again.
I recently adopted a 2 year old lab/pointer mix named Nia. Although she's a pretty good walker, both the Freedom Harness and it's leash were terrific. The leash is very strong and I like the option of either fastening it on her chest and back or simply in one long lead. Very happy with all products ordered through Pet Expertise and the prompt shipping. Will definitely be a repeat customer!
Received the freedom no-pull harness today and used it for the first time with a 4 year old black lab mix we adopted one week ago. What a difference! Such a pleasant experience for both the Wykus and us! Wykus came to us fully housebroken, with excellent house manners, and even a few tricks up his sleeve. His leash manners needed some fine tuning and it appears the freedom no-pull harness will be the answer. Thanks for carrying such a great product with a great price and great delivery,
We have received our order. It arrived quicker than expected.

The harness is great
I am so pleased with the Freedom Harnesses I ordered for my dogs. They are excellent quality, ordering was easy, and they were shipped fast.

I would definitely order from you again!
I wasted my money. This harness is worthless! PetExpertise Note: Hi Elinor, please contact us. We have many customers that rave about this harness and we would like to find out what the issue you are having with it and/or take it back for you. We know not every product will work for every dog and their owner so we will be happy to have you send this back to us and refund you for it.
I totally enjoy my Freedom Harness. I rescued a very large German Shepherd/Husky mix that is incredibly strong, and pulled on the leash like crazy. I tried all of the "training" collars out there with no success. The first day she walked with her harness on was amazing. She stayed by my side the entire walk!!!! One catch though, since she is a bit on the chubby side, I may have to order another harness 1 size smaller, and I will definitely order it from you. Thank you for the quick process and delivery of my order. :-)
We've been through enough collar choking/harness that didn't hold him that we weren't about to take him for a long walk until we found something that was really secure and comfortable for him. He was going nuts having not been walked for awhile and this size harness seemed sturdy enough so we gave it a try. I've now had plenty of opportunity to really test it and see how it restrains him and I'm very impressed. At first I was worried it would loosen or the clasps would break when an over-the-max dog pulled but it's held very well and been so much easier on him than another brand harness we had tried. Also with the old harness I could feel the pulling stop when he slipped out of it and we had to catch him but with this one the pulling stops when the chest end of the leash connection kind of guides him back and reminds him that I'm the one controlling it now. I'm still getting used to not panicking if I don't feel him pulling but he seems to respond better to me and we have a better bond when we go out with this harness.

I have noticed that using this style harness with two points of attaching the leash makes me work a bit harder when we go out because I now have to sort of steer him and make sure the chest part of the leash is on the nearest side of him and doesn't get tangled while he's trailing/digging but it is SO worth it to know that he's secure and I won't have to chase down an escaped hound. Also the Rust/Brown is a fun Autumn look.
So very happy with your service and this strong harness. Our dog has learrned to love it too. We both enjoy walking now!
My Doberman loves her antler chew and I will be getting another one when this one is gone, we are working with her with the new harness even though she still pulls a little bit I am MUCH happier controlling her with this harness than previous method. Thanks again!
I rate the Freedom harness as excellent. I found this harness on the Internet several months ago. I have two cairn terrers, one who should be nicknamed Houdinia because he has wiggled out of several harnesses I have purchased for him before I found the Freedom harness. Both cairns are prone to dart when they see a squirel or rabbit, despite months of obedience training. I am at an age where a sudden dart could throw me off balance and cause a hip to break. NOT ACCEPTIBLE. Our trainer urged use of a harness that hooks in the front, to stop the pulling. I tried several, including the EasyWalker, but either they didn't fit Houdini properly and he would fight and bite to keep me from putting the harness on him, or he would easily escape from them. Thank goodness, the Freedom Harness fixed the problem. It is ultra-adjustible, the front strap sits high on his breast and the velvet fabric on the chest side keeps it comfortable. Houdini has never been able to escape from this one, and doesn't mind when I put it on him. Hooking the leash to the front hook works like a charm to stop pulling. The back hook is good for attaching a tab handle when he runs loose in the back yard, so if he starts obcessing on digging for chipmonks and won't come, I can still retrieve him. Te back hook is also handy for hooking the dog to a seatbelt attacment when he rides in the car. I haven't tried using the leash that comes with the Freedom harness that is designed to attach both to the front and back for extra control, because I don't need it for a 22 pound dog. I get sufficient control with a standard leash hooked to the front hook. However, if I hook the leash only to the back hook, the dog returns to sled dog mode and the martindale-type connection doesn't stop the pulling. Hooking to the front hook is essential if you walk a strong puller.
Love this harness from the first time we tried it out. Harness walking is new to me and my dog. He took right to it and loves it as well. Only dislike is the leash that came with it. It is much too short even with it hooked on the back only. We were just in each other's way...quickly switched to my own leash and we were happily on our way :-)
We've had the Freedom No Pull Harness for almost a week now and so far it has been so much help. To begin with, it's very easy to put on and take off, once you have it properly adjusted to fit your dog. We have a very excited 60lbs Catahoula/Lab mix who also happens to be deaf. She feels the need to want to meet every person or dog that crosses her path. This harness definitely gives you a lot of control over your dog. Highly recommended.
The Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness + Leash: Multi Function Velvet Cushioning works fantastic with our newest canine addition. We are quite pleased with the harness and with your service. We've mentioned your name and web site to other friends of ours that have dogs, telling them of your fast service, competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Your in our favorites list for canine products! Thanks again. Mike and Pam
I love these harnesses. They make walking my determined, stubborn beagles much more of a pleasure. I control them, without hurting them or them even knowing it.
The dogs seem to feel comfortable. Service with the company was excellent. I would definitely recommend this product.
Thank you! The harness is incredible! As a human special needs teacher, I see sensory integration issues in dogs too. The harness helps provide the proprioceptive feedback that is calming for over aroused dogs. Also loved the grain free salmon bites for our "newly" grain free diet pup. Will definitely order again.
Thanks for your " expertise" in dog products!
Love, love, love this harness! I have the easy walk harness but if it is not just so, the chest slips down and my boxer can walk right out of it. This harness sits higher on the chest and with the leash attached to the top and the front there is no chance of the dog walking out of it. Also because of the design and the higher placement of the chest strap, it is much more comfortable for the dog and does not impede or rub on her shoulders. This is well worth the price!!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Freedom Harness!! I am so happy that when I was ordering the Easy Walk I looked around and found the Freedom Harness. It is The Best by Far!!

As for your company, I have been very happy with the selection, cost and service that I received. Thank you very much!!
We did receive the order and all items were in perfect condition. My two dogs (80 lb male Siberian Husky and 40 lb Sheltie mix), who are not pullers but I ordered the Freedom No Pull Harnesses anyway because I liked the fit/design, LOVE the harnesses. I think they find them much more comfortable than collars and seem more relaxed. My parent's German Shepherd, who is a HUGE puller, also does so much better with the harness than with any other products we've tried. She was a rescue and never taught how to walk on a leash, and because she is so big it's difficult for my Mom to control her. With the harness my Mom has been able to walk her daily without hurting her back and Nika got the idea almost immediately that she can't pull her way through it. Thanks so much for designing such a great product! Take care!

We tried many, many things for our mutt's pulling and this is the only thing that works. This product is simply brillant. I highly recommend it!
The double lead is great. With the leash attached only in the front on the other no-pull harness I had my 20 pound dog flipped over when he tried to chase a squirrel. With the freedom I can slow him down first and then stop him. We are both happier!
I received my order and love the harness. It is the best one I have found and works like a charm!
It's a good, strong harness-- the strongest I've ever seen. I really like that you can't get it on wrong and it goes much easier than a normal harness. I think the double leashes, though, are just a tad too short because you can find yourself tripping over the dog. That being said, I definitely recommend it.
I received my Freedom no pull harness within 5 days and I love it. I have had my dog for 5 years (bearded collie) and she is a sweetheart but loves to pull. with this new harness I can walk her with one finger holding the leash, I love it and highly recommend it to anyone with a dog that pulls.
As a trainer and wholesale re-seller, I find that this is virtually the only harness I am recommending anymore. It is easy to use and fit, it works on dogs of all sizes and has various configurations that it can be used in. If you don't have one, give it a try!!
I LOVE mine! In my experience, they tend to fit MUCH better than the easy-walks do.
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