Feeding Urban Wolf Dog Food

by Joseph Granitz


  • 2 cups Urban Wolf Premix
  • 2 lb or 4 cups raw ground lean meat or poultry (precook and chill if you do not feed raw).
  • Sunflower oil, safflower, chicken or beef fat (or up to 1/2 coconut oil)
  • 1 cooked Egg (optional)
  • 4-5 cups cold water or unsalted broth
  • Wild Fish Oil Softgels or 1 small can fish (optional)
  • Liver Powder
  • (Puppies under 12 months and Lactating Bitches use "Urban Wolf Balancer')
  • 2 cups Urban Wolf Premix (for Puppies under 12 months & pregnant lactating females add 4 tbsp Urban Wolf Balancer)
  • 4-5 cups cold water or unsalted broth (less if using cooked meat & include the cooking juices)
  • SOAK 15-20 mins. (will be consistency of pureed vegetables)
  • 2 lb. (4 cups) raw or cooked chilled lean ground meat (any kind of meat) - If using cooked meat, chill before combining.
  • 3/4 cup sunflower (or other) oil (1/4 cup for inactive dogs; 1/2-3/4 cup moderately active dogs; 1 cup active dogs)
  • 1 cooked egg (optional)
  • Up to 10 Wild Fish Oil SoftGels or 1/4 lb canned or cooked optional salmon or mackerel
  • 2 tbsp Liver Powder
Feed, refrigerates for 1-2 days, freeze extra in serving portions. Makes 10+ cups ready-to-serve food
Feeding Guidelines:
DOG WEIGHT 10-30 lb 40-50 lb. 60-80 lb. 90+ lb.
ADULT 1/4 - 1 1/2 cups 1 1/2 - 2 cups 2 - 3 cups 3+ cups
PUPPY 1/2 - 3 cups 3 - 4 cups 4 - 6 cups 6+ cups
Adult Dogs: Feed 2 - 3 meals per day
Puppies 6-8 wks : Feed 4 meals per day (Weaning see below)
Puppies 8-16 wks : Feed 3 meals per day
Puppies 16+ wks : Feed 2 meals per day
Change to Urban Wolf Adult Formula at 12 months old.

Starting Urban Wolf:

  1. Changing to Urban Wolf depends on you & your dog. Here are 4 successful methods we recommend:
  2. Feed 1/2 the daily portion on an empty stomach in the am, don't feed any other food. Feed the second 1/2 in the pm (don't mix with any other food). If your dog gets a soft stool, reduce portions slightly.
  3. Mix Urban Wolf raw diet 1/2 - 1/2 with your dog's current diet. Feed 2 smaller meals a day. Gradually increase the Urban Wolf portion over the next few days until you have eliminated the kibble food.
  4. Lightly cook the raw meat before mixing. Feed 1/2 daily portion in am & 1/2 in pm. After 1 week, reduce the amount of cooked meat until your dog has changed over to the completely raw diet.
  5. Lightly cook the raw meat before mixing. Feed 2 smaller meals per day.

Feeding Puppies:

  1. Never feed the puppies free choice, feed scheduled meals outlined below.
  2. Do not let your puppy get fat & allow for plenty of fresh air & exercise. (do not over exercise your large breed puppy - follow your breeder's guidelines closely)
  3. 6 weeks - 16 weeks old feed 3 times a day.
  4. After 4 months old: feed 2-3 times a day (this will depend on your puppy, some will eat 3 meals, others will only want 2) After your puppy goes through most of his teething, his appetite will naturally slow down, if he leaves some food, it's an indication you have overfed. Cut back a little until he is predictably eating 3 regular meals.
  5. 12 months old: Change to Urban Wolf Adult Formula.

Pregnant Bitches:

  1. Feed Urban Wolf Adult until she is 4 weeks along, then change to Urban Wolf Puppy Formula.
  2. Feed her 4-5 small meals a day & increase until she is eating approx. 25-30% more food than her normal daily ration.
  3. As the unborn whelps grow, her stomach will feel crowded & she may do better on smaller more frequent meals.
  4. Don't let her get fat & keep her wel exercised
  5. After she whelps, allow her small frequent meals when she wants them. make sure she eats regular small meals within the first 48 hrs. post-partum to ensure she has enough calcium to feed her puppies. Do not overfeed her at this point, too much food can lead to an over production of milk & can lead to mastitis if the babies can't keep up.

Weaning Puppies:

  1. Puppies should be ready for weaning by 3 - 3 1/2 weeks old. they will tell you when they are ready to try Mom's food when they start taking an interest in her food.
  2. Puree a 75:25% goat milk & prepared Urban wolf Puppy Food. Feed the eager babies 4-5 times a day to start. Gradually reduced the goat milk:Urban Wolf Puppy Food ratio over the next 3-4 weeks until the puppies are completely weaned off of both the goat milk & bitch's milk. You can start to introduce them to some fresh yogurt once a day.
  5. 5-8 weeks old: feed 4 small meals per day, then reduce to 3 meals.


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