Easy Walk Harness Dog Harness: Stops Dog Pulling!

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The Easy Walk Harness from Petsafe will instantly, painlessly and effectively make leash walking more pleasant and safe for you and your dog!

  • The Easy Walk Dog Harness deters your dog from pulling on the leash! This no-pull harness works because the leash connection ring is ingeniously located on the center of the chest strap. When your dog pulls on the leash, he will be guided back towards you, which will gently discourage him from pulling on the leash. (For extreme pullers, or aggressive dogs, you may prefer a head halter)
  • The Easy Walk Harness protects your dog's neck by preventing pressure over your dog’s throat and neck, which is especially important for toy breeds that can be susceptible to tracheal damage.
  • Petsafe Easy Walk front-attachment harness features:Chest loop closure to help prevent gaping and shifting and improve effectiveness. The complementary color of the belly strap to make it easier to put on.A quick-snap buckle is provided on both the shoulder and belly straps to make for easy on and off.Hand washable.
  • View the PDF guide.
  • Pet Expertise offers lots of sizes and colors at a great price!
    • Standard: Harness only (no leash).
    • Reflective is perfect for night time dog walks. It is visible up to 1000 feet when light shines on it to help keep your dog safe. Reflective Easy Walk includes a matching reflective 6 foot leash.(only in select sizes)
  • Pet Expertise hint to prevent chafing: Short-haired dogs can be susceptible to chafing when wearing any harness. To prevent this, make sure that you use the Easy Walk Harness as instructed and be careful to fit the harness so that the girth strap does not lie in the dog's "armpits". The Pet Expertise exclusive Strap Wrap fleece harness and collar padding is a perfect companion to the harness that can maximize comfort and help prevent chafing (Order our S/M Strap Wrap for Easy Walk harnesses sizes Petite, Petite/Small, or Small; for all other sizes, order Strap Wrap in size L/XL.) or you can choose the Deluxe Easy Walk which has neoprene padding.


Size Chest Width Girth
Petite 6-7 inches 12-16 inches
Petite/Small 8-9 inches 13-18 inches
Small 8.5-11 inches 15-21 inches
Small/Medium 11-13 inches 19-26 inches
Medium 12-15 inches 23-33 inches
Medium/Large 14-18 inches 24.5-34 inches
Large 16-21 inches 27-40 inches
Extra Large 17.5-23.5 inches 32-50 inches

Pet Expertise Note: For added safety, check the fit of your dog’s harness regularly and consider using your harness with a collar as pictured:

Video on fitting & using the Easy Walk Harness:

I would like this harness if it didn't loosen as we walk the dog. She does behave better and pull less with the front lead, but the straps loosen as we walk so it needs readjustment every time we go for a walk.
I was amazed at the difference in my Great Pyrenees/St. Bernard mix on the first walk. For the first time in the year and a half that we have had him, he walked with a loose lead. It appeared magical, particularly after little success with obedience school and a head collar. Thank you also for letting me return the first one, which was too big.
i have 4 pit bull look for a home and they love to pull on the leash and we got a no pull haruness and it work if you look for a pit bull adet pleass email me at annamperantoni@gmail.com
Both of our dogs are pullers, but we have one more active dog than the other. After ordering the harness for both dogs, our 85 pound dog who usually pulls me down the steps and tires me out walked so nicely. She is the calmer of our dogs, and on a traditional leash usually tires out after the first half of the walk. Our 70 pound dog who is an active puller, did not seem phased by the harness; the pulling continued. The one good thing for him is that the harness did seem to redistribute his weight so it wasn't as hard to control his pulling as it normally is.
This harness has helped our very strong lab. It is not as effective as the gentle leader, but the leader was rubbing on our dog's snout and caused a rash on her face. This one seems to do the trick and is very easy to get on and off!
This was very helpful for my very active, sometimes aggressive terrier. The facts that you had so many sizes and that th one I purchased was made from recylcled material made it all the better.
We have this and it really works on our dog!!
I have indeed received my order, and am thrilled with the product and your service. Normally when you purchase something that's advertised to be a "100% sure cure" to something, like my harnesses for discouraging pulling, you expect to get a product that's partially effective if at all. I experienced an immediate change with my dogs, one of which is a half husky half german shepherd mix who simply doesn't understand her own strength. She tried to pull once, and then didn't even bother after that. I would very much like to thank you for selling the product as advertised, it has made walks much more enjoyable for both me and my dogs.
Our seven year old pup was never really leash trained as we live in rural Mexico. Recently we needed to take her to the bigger town and it was a horrible experience for all of us as she would not stop pulling so hard she was gagging and coughing constantly. We felt like animal abusers. We got this harness and tried it out in the big town last week. Boy are we surprised how much this harness improved the whole walking experience for us and our doggy. No more pulling gagging coughing.
The Easy Walk harness makes a big difference in walking our little pup. He is only 19.5 lbs, so the 'tweener' size (not available in stores, only found it here online at PetExpertise) is perfect for him. One would think that a small dog would be easy to walk... but this guy is ALL muscle and very strong! I can't say our pup likes to get dressed for his walk (getting any harness or collar on him is a challenge) but we are working on it together (along with some treats!). More impressive than the product selection here is the customer service! :)
I really recommend!
I couldn't walk with my Golden Retriever, she is so energetic and liked to run. I saw couple people using the easy walk and I thought it could work on her too.
I decided to buy and I am extremely happy with it.
Great harness. I like the fact that they make a size M-L which fits dogs between a medium and large. Works perfect for my dog as I am able to control him better than a regular collar or harness that attaches from the back. First time ordering from Pet Expertise; fast shipping and great purchasing experience. I would definitely recommend and purchase from again.
After constantly fighting my 50 lb golden retriever mix on walks, I was extremely frustrated and hurting in my neck and back after walking her. Within 2 minutes of putting on the Easy Walk, she figured out that she HAD to walk with me. It is so much easier now to walk her and some of my neighbors have even commented how much better behaved she is. I gave one neighbor my invoice so she could order one for her dog. Only drawback is that the strap on either side of the D ring seems to loosen on every walk.
I'm a very happy user of the easy walk no pull harness. I'm a 73-year-old who has had shoulder surgery, so managing my enthusiastic Portuguese Water Dog is difficult without it. Wearing this harness, he no longer pulls, but responds quickly and easily to my commands to stop, sit, down, or "go easy" (my words to calm him). Yours was the only source of the blue harness which looks really nice against his all black coat. Thank you
The harness works for the most part. I use the collar and harness for safety.. It works fine when walking normally. Stops most pulling. I also have a problem with the front adjustments coming loose. I have to keep adjusting them back.
WOW! What a difference this harness made when walking our 1 1/2 year old Jack-Chi GiGi. Before using this harness, she would pull and pull and pull. Not anymore! Love it! It actually works really well by hooking her regular collar along with the martingale D ring in the front. Thanks for a great product. Definitely would recommend.
Thank for taking the time to follow up,the order was as expected and is currently holding up as expected with a cheweverything 8 month old Weimaraner
I am very pleased with my purchase. This item was hard to find in size and color and I found it on your site with a discount! Shipping was very fast and the harness works great!
The harness arrived in record time . . . great packaging
I received my order and I truly do thank you for your service
I ordered the Easy Walk No-Pull Dog Harness for my daughters dog as a gift. She informed me that the harness works great and she is very pleased with it. Thank you.
I love this harness. I have two... one for everyday, and one for the days we do our Therapy Dog work.
The prompt shipping was also appreciated.
first want to say this company is one of the best I ever dealt with. Awesome customer service and friendly helpful service.
The harness works pretty well. I will preface by saying I have a very high strong, hyper shepherd so this is a good test. I would say it cuts back the pulling about 80 percent. It makes the walks more enjoyable. It helps if the dog has some basic training and results would be even better. My dog does have obedience training but is still very hyper and active at 1 year of age. I believe as he gets older and out of the high strung puppy stage i will have ben better results.
I rate Pet Expertise a 5 out of 5 and the harness a 4 out of 5.
First of all, the price was amazing compared to other sites. Secondly, it really does work. Love it!
We are very happy with the no pull harness for our 10 month old Lab. He is much easier to walk. He looks forward to us putting on his harnness now. He knows he is going for a long walk. service is excellent from you. thanks!
This is our fourth No-Pull Harness. We would not walk a pup in the city without one. No more worry about being pulled around by the dog. Our new min pin rescue is just skin and bones and the harness tends to chafe a bit. Need to look for some chamois padding if you have such a thing.
am very happy with my purchase!! I have a 4 year-old pit bull rescue dog and walks were a challenge as she pulled me all over the place. We now have enjoyable walks together without my arm feeling like it is being pulled out of its socket! Thank you very much.
We bought the Easy Walk No Pull Harness for our Staffordshire Terrier, and it has made a huge difference! He tends to pull like..well..a staffy, and a head harness didn't work for him because it bothered his eyes. The Easy Walk harness fits him beautifully and he's much more pleasant to walk. Thank you for this great product!
I love this harness! Now I enjoy dog walks without the constant pulling and choking and he seems much happier too!
This is a great harness! I highly recommend it to anyone who has a dog that pulls. My dog adapted to its use with great ease.
Thank you..I did receive the Easy walk no-pull harness as ordered and it works very well. Makes walking our 9 month puppy much more enjoyable for both walker and dog.
Yes, I received the harnesses and I love them!

I have 5 Australian Shepherds and this has made walking with them significantly easier. I must say, my big male, Sammy, extended his opinion by promptly chewing through one of them as soon as I turned my back, but its been repaired, properly fitted and he's now walking calmly like a champ.

Thanks again!
This is a wonderful harness that i use with my weimaraner puppy when hiking. It keeps her from pulling me down and up hills : ) - this is the second harness i got for her since she grew out of the first one quickly - I would recommend this to anyone for casual use when walking or hiking - i do not use it when training though and use a head halter instead for more control.
Who knew that a simple harness would make all the difference in our walks! Sasha is a rescued 85 lb golden retriever who likes to pull towards anything! The Easy Walk No Pull Harness is a breeze to put on and makes every walk an easy walk. We highly recommend this product to anyone with "pulling" problems!
Absolutely amazing!!! We have a very very very large Rottweiler and we recently adopted a blind Doberman who is blind and also had NEVER walked on a lead. We had tried him on the usual collar and lead and it was hard on all of us. The harness is brilliant. We all had a lovely stress free walk!!!

Thank you so much
We have 2 labradoodles and had this harness for our first girl. We puchased the second so that either of us could walk the girls..and ...we can!!! No dragging anyone around any longer. Love it!
We have an 81 lb mixed breed dog that we have used a Gentle Leader on for five years. It was a battle every time we walked with him. THIS harness is a God-Send!! Once we got it fitted and tried it out, he no longer fought us. No longer tried feverishly to get it off. This harness is fabulous! I wish I had found it years ago.
Received the harness and it works great!. We had a little trouble at first with the dog slipping out when jumping. We hooked her collar along with harness and it solved the problem. We can now walk our Golden retriever without getting our arms pulled off
This works incredibly well! We put it on our dog and he stopped pulling right away. He is not crazy about wearing it (moves his head around when we try to put it on him), but once we leave for our walk he doesn't seem to mind anymore. Shipping from Pet Expertise was really fast too - they seem to have great products at this site so I'll definitely be back!
Our puppy trainer recommended this and it was the first harness we put on our 3 month old pup. He was fine with it and it has helped so much. It easily and effortlessly keeps him in line and also helps keep him from pouncing on our little dog. I got the reflective one for him. It is so easy to get on and off. I am very pleased and would recommend this to everyone.
I am very happy with it, it has helped alot. my little dog can't wear a regular collar because he coughs and chokes. this harness has made a big difference, he still coughs a little but minor compared to what was going on previously. I am very pleased with the product, thank you.
This harness has made a huge difference in both of my large breed dogs. Both used to pull the entire time we walked before getting this harness. On our most recent walk they were complemented for being such nice dogs!
I am a big user of the Easy Walker no pull Harness system, and I just love it! I foster dogs for my rescue organization, and the dogs all adapt so easily to it. It makes walking 3-4 dogs at a time manageable. A must have in my book!

New Hampshire
The Easy Walk harness has two major drawbacks:
It easy for a determined dog to slip out of, and therefore not very safe. One good lunge with a twist and the dog is free or mostly free of the harness.
Broadchested breeds, regardless of size, can throw their chest into it and pull like a sled dog. With a dog pulling, gentle correction is ineffective and a walk winds up being a battle.
It works fine for small dogs and ones that already have fairly good leash manners. Pet Expertise Comment: We always recommend that the leash be attached to both the harness and a collar ring for safety.
I can give a five star review to the No-Pull Easy Harness. My Miniature Schnauzer was terrible at pulling on the leash. It made walks wholly unpleasant, constantly trying to teach her not to pull. I bought the No-Pull Easy Harness and it was like magic! This sturdy, well-made harness has made all the difference in her not pulling. Literally from the first step out the door, it worked! I can't say enough about how awesome this product is!
I have seen with some of my clients that this harness really prevents dogs from pulling
Love the harness! Looking foward to taking Lennie for a walk again now. Since we adopted him 5 months ago, his pulling had been getting worse by the day and it got to the point where I was dreading having to take him out. But it's all good now with the harness. Thank you! Extremely speedy delivery too! :)
I bought the esay walk harness because a traditional harness caused cuts under his arms from his pulling. However, he is oddly shaped and has a really deep chest, so it does fit him oddly. If I pull even gently on the leash to correst him it causes him to cough. Overall I am very happy with this product, as he now walks nicely next to me.
I foster lots of dogs and this harness works consistently well with most of those dogs. I have a Brittany of my own who pulls badly and so have tried almost every other option. This one eliminates almost all his pulling. The only modification that I might make is to put some padding on the harness for the underside of the dog. My dog had some bad chafing under his front legs. I bought some sheepskin designed for horse bridles and the problem cleared up. It would be nice if there was something designed specifically for this halter.
Love this, my dog now obeys me when I am training her using the harness. Thank you
This is the harness I recommend for my students. It allows the dog to be exercised while controlling pulling. It is simple to fit and use. As a professional trainer, I include a handout from Premier on this harness.
WOW! How could something so simple work so instantly. I have had my new 50 plus pound 7 month old large puppy for a month now. After the first two days of feeling like Cesar Millan, he woke up from shelter shock and started acting like a real dog. I was being yanked and pulled everywhere. Walking was not fun. Step 1. I bought the Easy Walk Nose Harness. Not good. He hated it. Was trying to rub it off at every turn. Fans told me to stick with it but he developed a bad habit of dropping down during our walks and refusing to move. Step 2. After watching the entire season 1 of the Dog Whisperer I dig out the old choke chain I bought years ago and never used for my past dog. It did what I expected it to do. Choked him. He was still pulling. Still lunging. Arrgh! Now he was also choking and gagging.
Step 3. I pay big bucks for the dog whisperer Illusion collar.Which is basically- choke on a rope. It didn't stay up at the highest part of his head no matter how tight I had that crazy dominatrics-looking thing secured around his neck. Plus putting it required patience. Doggy wanted to eat it and would plop down on the floor and on his back which made adjusting very difficult. Step 3. I take the doggie to his first obedience class. The trainer is recommending the easy walk harness. I think- how could something so simple work out? I don't think so. But, I am desperate. I go online. I buy it. BINGO!!!! The only drawback is my puppy loves to chew and it took seconds for him to start tearing it up. I have already sewn 1/4 inch of it. Don't leave it on your dog when you are not watching! Love the fawn color...blendsin perfectly with my dog. BRAVO PEOPLE!
Amazing. I have two 50lb+ mixed breed dogs (one akita mix and one possibly a R. Ridgeback mix). One of them is a 6 months old puppy and still very frisky on walks. The akita mix tries to be dominant and also has fear aggression. My arms would be really sore by the time I got home but now I can walk both the dogs comfortably, and was able to keep Bailey under control when he saw two dogs on the beach and tried to be aggressive. I would highly recommend the harness, along with regular training of course!
This harness works miracles! I have a 50+ pound mixed breed dog -- low to the ground and big in the chest. The M/L size fit perfectly and did everything the description promised to do. My pup, who was a HUGE puller, walked beautifully beside me from the first walk with this halter. I'm going to order it in other colors! I'd also like to say that my order came even quicker than I expected. Great service!
Very effective harness, does its job. After lots of research I purchased the Easy Walker harness. My dog is much more focused on me on walks now, anticipating my actions, and not so distracted and all over the place. Still pulls in a collar though.
WOW. i wish we had bought this sooner. our very determined and hyper pitbull is always pulling and lunging on walks and we used to worry that he would choke himself with a regular collar on. so, we got this harness. he's only been on one walk with it, but the difference was astounding!!!!! i would like to say that he was easier to control, but really--i didn't need to control or pull or make him stop while he had this harness on! i think i doubled his walk time just because it was such a pleasant experience. a far cry from the frustrating walks we've had recently. THANK YOU for this product!!!!!
I am very happy with this harness. I have a 75 lb boxer who always tugged on his lease. Plus he had chaffing from his collar. I've had this 2 weeks now and the chafing is going away and he no longer tries to pull me when we walk. Easy to fit.
It arrived so fast - Exactly on the day I needed it. I was dog sitting a puller and the Easy Walk harness worked perfectly. It worked so well that the owner bought it from me so I will probably order another one soon. Oh and my Aussies loved the antlers.
I LOVE the harnesses. Sure makes it easier to walk 4 of them (Huskies) at the same time! Thanks again.
I just ordered the Easy Walk Harness, and I wanted to write and tell you how happy I am with this product. My dog is a dedicated puller, and this is the first product designed for a dog who pulls through her chest as opposed to arching her neck. Thanks for the quick shipping.
I had ordered the Easy Walk Harness to try on my Boxer. It is WONDERFUL. I am also an obedience trainer and volunteer at the local shelter. I brought it with me to try out on a very rambunctious Rottweiller. It worked so well that I didn't have the heart to take it back and donated it so they can use it on large dogs that need help walking nicely on leash. I'll be ordering more now from you for my boxer and my mastiff. Thanks for an excellent product!!! I will spread the word!
Djinn (my Berner) has NO objections to the harness (and she was definitely negative about the Gentle Leader!) and her pulling has diminished dramatically (which it certainly didn't with a pinch collar). When she REALLY wants to go play with another dog, she'll still pull -- but not as hard, not as uncontrollably, and my hand/arm/shoulder remain undamaged. I am absolutely happy on all counts!
Our Minpin seems to be quite happy with her new Easy Walk Gentle Leader. Prior to this halter she was sporting a standard halter and as a result thought she was a sled dog. All ten pounds of her would be pulling me along on our walks. Since she's been wearing the new halter she's been much less "pully". It also is easier on her trachea if she does get excited and pulls. I'd say we are both happy to have an alternative to the usual choices. Thanks for offering the front wheel drive harness...-
The Easy Walk is excellent! I actually enjoy walking my dog now:) She likes it soo much better than her Gentle Leader/Halti (she hated it and I sometimes had to corner her to get it on). I got it in the mail so quickly and am really happy with your site, so I have recommended it as much as I have recommended the Easy Walk.
We love our harness that we ordered from you guys! The easy walk harness is a life saver- or an arm saver at least!! Allie (our 1 year old boxer) adjusted well, and the color is awesome! Thanks so much for a great product and AMAZINGLY fast shipping!
Your company rocks! The Easy Walkers are a godsend for my two labs. When I get the Easy Walkers off the hook, they both sit down anxiously waiting for me to put them on so we can go out! I'll definitely shop from you again and have already recommended you to my lab rescue group.
Thank you so so so so so much!! My life has been transformed! I have two puppies, total weight 110lbs. They pulled so hard my shoulders ached every day and one of them vomited on every walk, twice a day, from gagging and pulling on her collar. She still pulls a little, but the improvement is 98%!!! I have recommended this harness to total strangers with pulling dogs!
What a difference it has made when I walk Rocky, especially since I have arthritis in both of my hands and it's so much easier now. Sincerely
I couldn't be more pleased! The harnesses work wonderfully. My two Goldens are 90+ pounds each and very strong. One of them has done me a lot of harm in the past (broken ribs, sprained wrist, stitches in my face). I put the harness on him and we went for a walk and I felt as if I had complete control. I can't thank you enough. And I know he's pleased because now he gets to go out walking with his mom again!
I just received my Gentle Leader Easy Walk harness. I took my dog out for a walk today, and the difference in her behavior was astounding! Instantaneous progress... It is so pleasant to walk her now that I don't fear being yanked into the street at any moment.
The Easy-Walk harnesses are great! I've been recommending them to people. It's been especially effective with Taenzer, my pulls-like-a-train girl. Timber still pulls a bit, but not as much or so hard, and I can walk them together without killing my knees or feeling like my back's been twisted into a corkscrew. It's wonderful! Of course, eventually (I hope), we'll get to the point where they can walk politely with a leash and collar, but this will be a big help until we reach that stage. At noon today I found another use for the harness. A friend came over to visit, and Timber about turned himself inside out in his delight to see her. He's a little over a year old, I've had him about 6 months, and self-control isn't exactly in his vocabulary yet. So I put his harness on him and stood on the leash. It didn't dampen his enthusiasm any, but it did keep all four of those big fat German Shepherd feet on the floor. When he found out he couldn't jump up, he sat down, and we both praised him for it. It meant about nothing to him, but hey, it's a start, and I'm sure he'll get the idea in a couple of years
We've had dramatic results. For the first time in the year since we adopted our golden retriever, she no longer pulls on our walks. I first spotted the harness in PetSmart, but yours sell for about $5.00 cheaper, even with the shipping.
The dog and I both love the Easy Walk Harness I purchased. He walks great and taking him out is so much more enjoyable. Shipping was really quick - received the product 3-4 days after purchase. The experience with your website has be outstanding and I will come to you first for any of my future dog product needs!
We are very happy with the easy walk harnesses. We have tried 4 or so different products (even Halti and Gentle leader) and the pups were more determined than ever to keep pulling. Well, the harnesses have them beat.
I am very, very happy with the harnesses that I bought from you. I have two dogs that constantly pull, I've tried many options such as the pinch collar (which I believe to be very cruel), the half choker/nylon collar, the Halti (which worked fine except that my dog never liked having it on & some people would think that it was a muzzle), I've tried a regular body harness but it was allowing him to pull (he looked like a greyhound sleigh dog!! LOL!!) & since Tiny is a short haired dog so most harnesses would chafe the inside of his bald front legs, but so far this past week there is no sign of any redness at all, where most harnesses would cause extensive chaffing within a 2 hour walk (he has very sensitive skin)!!
It was on sale when I bought it, it came much faster than I expected, and it worked! It worked the first time I put it on my dog. I have a 20 lb beagle and even though that seams small, he could pull me like a sled dog. When I took him for a quick first walk around the block he didn't pull at all. It even helped keep him from pulling when he saw a squirrel. Thanks so much! My arm didn't feel like it was being pulled out of socket from trying to hold him back.
The Easy Walk was received in record time and is perfect. KoKo prefers it to any other harness she has ever worn. I like it too since it does keep her from pulling. Thanks.

We are delighted with the harness. Tasha is learning how to walk along instead of drag the person. The harness is easy to put on and certainly more comfortable for the dog! Good product, good price and good service!

I cannot tell you how amazing this product is. I bought one for my min.pin. and saw some great results. We have been thru' obedience, but he still wants to pull. Once I put this on -- it was like a miracle! I was skeptical, because so many other products claim to work and don't. The head collar is not accepted by my dog (who was a rescue and freaked out by "confinement") and many others that I know give up easily when their dog fights the head collar. The following week, I tried it out on one of my obedience students who has a very strong Rottweiler and another couple with 2 German Shepherds. They were immediately hooked as well. This harness is GREAT! Thanks for the quick shipment. I just ordered another one for my parents' dog.
Just wanted to say THANKS! We have spent nearly $100 for a "no pull" harness, a Circle T collar, (as recommended by a trainer), and a Larz custom made collar that was supposed to stop the pulling and gagging all for our recently adopted Siberian and all for nothing. The Easy Walker lives up to it's name! First time in the 8 months we've had her that we can actually walk her without a death grip on the leash and frustration in our minds. We also live in a forested community with lots of deer, squirrels, raccoons etc. all designed to incite riot. This is a great product and really works for us!
Speedy service - exactly what we ordered - and worked like a charm. It's the first one of this sort that has worked right out of the box. You would think the dogs had been trained to heel from birth.
WOW!! What a fantastic product. I got it for my mother's puppy - who gets no discipline in life (Ha!!), and was a terror on the leash. She's a Pug/Bichon mix who thought that she was a sled dog. I have been recommending it to my friends with 'enthusiastic' dogs. I sent them your website too as you have the largest selection of colors and sizes.
The Easy Walk no Pull harness is the best! And it's pink- which no one else has. She looks
so cute!! Finally walks are relaxing!
The previous owner of our new furkid, had him bark softened. Where she lives, there is a noise ordinance
These harnesses are just terrific! It has been so wonderful to be able to walk our two monsters without having our neighbors kidding us as to who's walking who? We had tried a different type of harness on our golden that went over his nose, and he totally objected to wearing it. He, nor our catahoula, have had any objections to wearing the Easy Walk Harness.
It works! What more can I say
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