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Fill this reusable 8 oz tube with high quality canned dog food, raw diet, cream cheese, goat cheese or cooked ground meat with gravy, etc. When it is time to deliver positive reinforcement, simply let the dog lick the opening of the tube. Each tube comes with a cap and clip for easy closure.

  • Food tubes are great for delivering positive reinforcement:
    • The tube enables you to deliver reinforcement faster.
    • Dogs on special diets can use the canned version of their diet.
    • No more sore or slimy fingers!
    • Because canned dog food is a complete and balance diet, they can subtract food given at training time from the dogs regular meal. This is especially helpful for dogs getting a lot of training, small dogs, puppies and dogs with sensitive tummies.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Complete instructions on how to use, clean and store the tube are furnished with each tube.

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I LOVE the Dog Training Food Tube! I've had so many people ask me about it in my training videos. I use pate for the pups and I'm even using it to train the vulture, because I definitely don't want what she eats on my fingers!
This device is handy but I wish it had a flip top instead of a twist off cap!! I need to use it on walks and having to twist of the cap means delaving the treat, which will not work for training. I have to keep the opening in a plastic baggy.

I suggest redesigning the cap.
Can fill with the smelliest, most appealing food; no more cutting treats into proper size, no more fumbling for individual treats; no accidental bites on fingertips, no accidental dropping of treats....excellent.
The food training tube is WONDERFUL. Blitz, my eternally distracted puppy, was a model student last night in obedience class, thanks to the combination of a day spent in daycare (to tire him out a little) and a can of dog food in the food tube. We were able to get his attention and keep it just by waving the tube under his nose. I admit to being a little skeptical about using this but I am now a convert.
My dog loves the food tube that his trainer, Dawn Prentiss, recommended. I had no idea he found his canned food so exciting!
My dogs love the food tube. It is a great tool to use in heeling exercise; especially for something who can't juggle small pieces of treats and the leash at the same time.
I'm a dog trainer, so I'm always looking for great products to tell my clients about. I ordered a food tube to use with my extremely timid German Shepherd during group class. It really helps keep her focused on me, and since we received the food tube, we've actually graduated from our first clicker class.
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