Being a Good Leader for Your Dog

by Jess Rollins

By Jess Rollins
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Being a good leader for your dog means teaching your dog that his or her behaviors have clear. fair, and gentle consequences.

Leadership tips:

  • Have your dog practice obedience (tricks) to get his food, treats and favorite toys.
  • Give your dog attention according to YOUR schedule. If your dog begs to play or be petted, ignore him, but remember to offer play or attention later when your dog is behaving in a way you like.
  • Prevent your dog from marking all over the neighborhood on walks. Only allow your dog to mark or sniff when you've stopped walking and given a cue like "go sniff".
  • Do not allow your dog to pull you on walks. Walk in the opposite direction to which the dog is pulling or "be a tree" until he relaxes the pulling. Reward your dog for walking by your side.
  • Implement Door Manners (Do not allow him to go out of main doors without waiting for permission)
  • Assert your right to you own space. Do not scoot over for your dog or walk around him.
  • Protect your dog from dangerous situations or ones that he will be fearful of.


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