Adaptil Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP), Plug-In Diffuser

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The Adaptil D.A.P. Dog Appeasing Pheromone mimics the pheromone that a mother dog produces to calm and reassure her puppies. Dogs recognize these pheromones throughout life as these pheromones appear to have a relaxing effect for both the young and adults. The Adaptil DAP Plug in Diffuser is an effective natural way to help your dog cope with new and fearful situations.

    • The efficacy of ADAPTIL has been proven by numerous clinical studies published in scientific journals or presented at international conferences.
    • The Adaptil DAP Diffuser Plug-In is helpful for anxious dog of all ages and sizes.
    • The Adaptil D.A.P Collar can help your dog stay calm in the following situations:
      • Introduction of new puppy
      • Puppy socialization
      • Boarding and grooming
      • Thunderstorms
      • Fireworks and gunshots
      • Traveling
      • Spending time alone
      • Training class
      • Holiday stress
    • Plug the Adaptil Diffuser in the room most used by the dog.
    • The Diffuser is odorless and non-toxic and does not affect humans.
    • The Adaptil DAP is not a drug or tranquilizer. It can be used safely together with the Adaptil DAP Collar and with other medications.
    • Area coverage: 500-650 sq. ft.
    • One bottle lasts approximately four weeks.

    Click to view a video of how Adaptil can help your fearful or anxious dog:

I have tried it on my pups (one is highly stressed by loud's thunderstorm season here, not to mention the 4th of July, and the other has developed quite a serious fear of the vet). It calms the vet-phobic one down quite a bit, and it seems to help the noise-phobic one too, though the results are not as dramatic in him. It's definitely a product I (we) would recommend, and your site is worthy of a recommendation, too.
My doggies are *so* much calmer now & I will be back for more! You are much less expensive than my vet, even with shipping.
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