DERMagic Natural Flea Shampoo Bar for Dogs with Diatomaceous Earth

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DERMagic's proprietary insect-repelling essential oil blend is combined with the natural flea killing power of Diatomaceous Earth in these all-natural, Flea Shampoo Bars for dogs.

  • Fleas!? If you have seen fleas or flea specks on your dog, get rid of them the natural, organic, non-toxic way. Diatomaceous Earth is a fine white powder made by microscopic shells. These tiny shells are razor sharp and deadly to insects but completely harmless to all animals, fish, birds, both externally and internally. DERMagic has combined Diatomaceous Earth with a proprietary blend of essential oils. Bathing your dog with the DERMagic Flea Bar kills fleas and provides an anti-microbial, calming and therapeutic effect for dogs with both dry and oily skin. It is completely safe for dogs of all ages, using no toxins, preservatives, chemical insecticides, sulfates or other irritants that can aggravate sensitive skin. DERMagics Flea Shampoo Bar will kill any fleas on your dog and deter them from hopping on your dog for 2-3 days. Best when used with a comprehensive flea plan.
  • These wonderful, organic shampoo bars from DERMagic are handmade in the Pacific Northwest of biodegradable ingredients. Smells great too!
  • Long lasting and convenient: One 3.75 oz bar will outlast a 16-ounce bottle of liquid shampoo! When you have a wriggly pup in the sink, one hand does double duty with a shampoo bar. DERMagic dog shampoo bars lather beautifully with no sulfates, rinse easily and cleanly and they’re portable (with no leaks to worry about!).
  • It's easy! To use, just wet your dog and lather up, then rinse immediately. Do not leave your dog standing with suds on him and please don't bathe your dog too often! We recommend bathing no more than twice a month, or whenever they get dirty, whichever is longest between baths. Keep their coat fresh between baths by brushing and combing daily.
  • Great for the earth!: No plastic and made in the USA of organic ingredients, plus a tree is planted for every 10 bars sold!

Each bar is 3.75 oz and 3.25" x 2"x 1.25" and is great for dogs and puppies of all ages and sizes.

Please take a look at this video to see how to use DERMagic Shampoo Bars:

I use this shampoo in addition to flea combing and keeping my dog's area clean by washing vaccuming often. Works for us, but I don't think it would work without keeping on top of keeping his bedding clean. I love how it lathers up and lasts a lot longer than bottles. I use diatomaceous earth outside in his area as well to deter fleas. Oh and I love the smell and lather. :-)
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