CyberDog Online Dog Training Class for Manners Training

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CyberDog is an 8-week, interactive, online dog training course created by Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners.

The CyberDog Online Dog Training Course is designed for:

  • Dog owners wanting to train their dogs.
  • Dog owners who are unable to attend a local group training class.
  • Dog owners who are unable to find a positive dog training class in their area.
  • Dog owners with a busy schedule.
  • Dogs who are unable to participate in a group class setting.

Dog training online? Yes! Using CyberDog, you can:

  • Attend dog training class from the comfort of your own home.
  • Interact with our CyberDog teachers online.
  • Learn ten behaviors that will make your life with your dog rewarding and fun.
  • Watch our well-structured dog training videos and use our simple training steps.

CyberDog utilizes state of the art meeting technology, including video conferencing, synchronous video review, chat feature, your choice of audio systems (VoIP, Phone, etc). You will be right there with your CyberDog teacher and classmates - and from the comfort of your own home or on a mobile device!

Click to preview a sample video and learn lots more!

I really enjoyed the lessons the videos were excellent! The content was clear and easy to follow. I did watch them through once without practicing or having Cooper perform. The second time I watched them I practiced the parts that did not involve Cooper. The third time through I put all the pieces together and then filmed the final product. Love the fact that I could go back and watch the videos more than once and found it very helpful and reinforcing.
My dog Cola and I were complete novices when it came to dog training. Cola was my foster dog (we
I love how clearly everything is organized. I love the detailed feedback from the instructors. Every step of the way I knew what I was doing right, what I could improve on, and what to move onto next and this made it easy (not intimidating). I received lots of positive reinforcement and this was great! I also learned how to break behaviors down into small steps and stick with ONE CRITERIA at a time.The course instructions (Tag Points and Click Points) make this super clear! I liked the flexibility with class times (being able to pick and choose from week to week) because my work schedule changes from week to week.
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