Custom Made, Jingle-Free Dog ID Tag Collar. Velvet, Ribbon or Reflective!

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From the maker of the super-popular, Freedom Harness comes the Jingle-Free, custom-made, ID collars for your dog.

  • Peace of mind and peace and quiet! Enjoy your peace and quiet as well as your peace of mind knowing that your dog is silently protected with this Jingle-Free tag collar!
  • Jingle-free slide-on metal tag: The jingle-free slide-on tag is made from Stainless Steel and it is deeply engraved and color-filled to make it easy to read. The tag is attached onto the front part of the adjustment loop so the metal does not irritate your dog's neck. It will not come off unless taken off by you.
  • Custom made of your choice of fabric in lots of colors!: Grosgrain is a smooth ribbon with slight ridges.Velvet and Reflective are also available. All are satin-lined for your dog's maximum comfort. All sizes are 5/8" width.
  • Leave it on all day: These Jingle-Free tag collars, when properly adjusted (not too loose or too tight), are safe to leave on your pet 24 hours a day. Many dog owners use these for "every day" wear and then put on a walking harness or collar in addition to the tag collar.
  • To use: Simply adjust the collar so that it is big enough to slide over your dog's head and then adjust again so it is comfortably snug (2 fingers can fit under it). If you prefer you can order it with an optional black quick-clip buckle.
  • Please note, do NOT attach a leash!: This is not a regular collar. It is not meant to be used with a leash or as a means of restraint. Its purpose is to hold your dog's identification without any extra doo-dads!
  • Care: Your Jingle-Free collar will last the longest if you handwash it and let it airdry.
  • Made in the USA!
  • About the engraving: We recommend that you include your street name/number in case your dog is found locally, but unless you have unusual circumstances your state/zip isn't needed. It is important to pay attention to how many characters you are trying to put on each line. If you exceed the maximum number of characters, we will slightly change your information to make it fit in the space allowed or contact you and ask you to make changes which will delay your order. Your information will be engraved in all capital letters.

Shipping: Ships directly from our supplier to US addresses only for $6.75. Allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Sizing: Measure your dog's head and neck. The collar has to be big enough to slide over your dog's head, but small enough to be able to be adjusted down to the neck size. So, for example, if your dog has an 18" neck, but a 20" head, you would want to purchase a Large that measures 16" - 20". (If you opt for the black quick-clip buckle you don't have to worry about getting it over your dog's head).

XS: 7 - 11" neck and head
Small: 10 - 14" neck and head
Medium: 13 - 18" neck and head
Large: 16 - 20" neck and head
XL: 19 - 26" neck and head
XXL: 25 - 34" neck and head

I love keeping this collar on my dog all the time and feel that he is safe and comfortable without the noise of tags. I just slip my dog's walking harness over it when we go out for a walk. It is low profile so I feel comfortable that it wont' get caught on anything. Thanks for this awesome product, I love the great colors and the soft velvet! - Shawna and Pepper
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