Comfort Trainer Head Halter, Stop Dog Pulling!

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The Comfort Trainer Head Halter will help you to gently control and train a dog that pulls, lunges or is aggressive.

  • The Comfort Trainer’s soft, rounded nose band will fit any dog from a Boston Terrier to German Shepherd to Mastiff, and will gently guide your dog’s head and help you to quickly train your dog. The head halter conforms to your dog’s head shape without irritating the eyes, constricting the jaw or hurting your dog’s nose. Because he or she is comfortable, your dog will acclimate faster and be ready to learn.
  • Why choose the Comfort Trainer Head Halter:
    • Powerful yet gentle control to deter pulling, biting and barking or for walking multiple dogs.
    • Very comfortable for dogs.
    • The adjustment will not loosen.
    • Dogs acclimate to it more quickly than some other brands.
    • There is less chance of abrasion.
    • Easy to put on and take off using the EZ-clip.
    • Will not irritate your dog’s eyes (if sized/fitted properly).
    • Will not come off of your dog (if sized/fitted properly).
  • The Comfort Trainer comes complete with instructions for use.
  • Please note: It takes time to teach your dog to be comfortable wearing any head halter. You will receive instructions on how to do this. If you have only minor problems with pulling, you may consider a No-Pull Harness, which most dogs accept more easily.
  • Not for use with a leash longer than 6 feet. Works best with a lightweight leash (like our bungee leash in size small).
  • Customer Comment: "I have to say I find the Comfort Trainer highly superior to the Gentle Leader. It is perfect for us, I am most happy with it." - Judy

Sizing: Note: If your dog’s head is smaller than his neck (such as Dobermans, Collies and Greyhounds), choose one size smaller.


Dog's Weight

Example Dog Breeds (averaged size adults of breed)


5 to 10 lbs

Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier


11 to 25 lbs

Shih Tzu, Miniature Dachshund


26 to 55 lbs

Border Collie, Cocker Spaniel, Boxers, Small Bulldogs


56 to 80 lbs

Dalmatian, Medium sized Golden or Labrador


81 to 110 lbs

Large retriever, Large German Shepherd

#6110 lbs and upGreat Dane, Mastiff

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This is far and away the best head halter I've ever used. It's comfortable, fits well, and is quite sturdy. I've used other brands and can say with confidence this is the best one. Our dog is very strong and this stops her pulling, and on her occasional bouts of leash aggression, we can maintain complete control. The first one I used lasted a year. The second one only 3 months, which surprised me, but there may have been a flaw. Now I keep an extra on hand at all times just in case. I don't want to use inferior harnesses to this one.
The comfort trainer is fantastic. It stopped my dogs awful pulling immediately. Our walks are so much more enjoyable now. Thank you for including very thorough instructions on acclimating the dog to the new trainer.
received the harness and size 4 was just perfect
Much better than the "old standard" head halter!! The Comfort Trainer is a big improvement in head halters. It is easier to fit and requires less adjusting. It is harder for the dog to pull and the dog does not try to pull off as much. Best I've found on the market!
My Golden service dog was trained with the Comfort Trainer and I love how the beige band blends in with her coloring. I always have people asking about it and now I know where to send them to buy one!
My Golden has responded great to the Comfort Trainer Head Halter. When wearing the halter she does not pull and she is much better behaved when going for a walk. Great Product!!
I have to say I find the Comfort Trainer highly superior to the Gentle Leader. It is perfect for us, I am most happy with it.
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