Chillybuddy Dog Cooling Vest for Summer

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The coolest dogs wear Chillybuddy! Chillybuddy is a light-weight mesh dog-cooling coat designed to help keep your dog comfortable in hot weather and reduce harmful exposure to the sun.

  • Keep your dog up to 40% cooler!: The Chillybuddy provides a shield from direct sunlight which will help to keep your dog cool and comfortable. On a 90 degree day, wearing a dry Chillybuddy has been found to lower coat temperature from 145 degrees to 103 degrees. A wetted Chillybuddy was found to lower coat temperature from 145 degrees all the way down to 83 degrees. That’s over 40% cooler!
  • How it works: The jacket’s outer layer is made of woven light-weight plastic with an aluminized finish. The fabric functions like thousands of tiny mirrors, reflecting all wavelengths of light away from the surface.The Chillybuddy is lined with a light cotton mesh that breathes and is soak-able for evaporative cooling. Both layers allow air to pass through. Cotton has been repeatedly shown to be the best fiber to hold water for evaporative cooling. Soft stretch fabric covers the torso of your dog and can also be wetted down for additional cooling.
  • Great fit and features: The Chillybuddy vest features hook and loop closures for an adjustable fit. A slot is included so that you can attach your leash to your dog’s collar. A collar attachment strap further helps keep the jacket in place on your dog. The petite and small sizes also include a leash attachment ring which allows the Chillybuddy to be used as a walking harness.
  • It’s durable! The Chillybuddy was field-tested in mountain terrain and open-field hunting. It is tear, snag and run-resistant under repeated use in rugged outdoor conditions.
  • Perfect for: Protecting light-haired dogs from sunburn. Protecting show dog coats from bleaching by the sun. Training, walks and sports!
  • Fun and fashionable look. Machine washable. Edging is bold yellow, very close to the yellow shown here. We are awaiting new pictures. Other edging colors have been discontinued to streamline production.
  • Available in two styles: Chillybuddy Sport is designed for the dog that plays, runs or works in the woods or any other rough terrain. Its innovative design allows the jacket to stay securely on your dog throughout the most active conditions. Chillybuddy Casual, the everyday cooling jacket, is designed for the dog who enjoys playing, walking or even running outside in basic city and suburban conditions. Easy to put on; easy to take off. View Chillybuddy styles
  • Common sense warning: The Chillybuddy jacket is designed to make your dog more comfortable when out in the sun. Lack of water, overwork, poor health, or weather conditions may still cause a dog to become overheated. The dog’s handler is responsible for monitoring the dog’s condition and protecting the pet from heat exhaustion or other effects of overheating. Please be sure to give your dog plenty of water and avoid overworking him in hot conditions.

Shipping: This item ships directly from our supplier. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Flat rate shipping of only $5 for continental US orders!

Sizing: (If you are concerned that your dog will not fit in the standard sizes, you can choose a custom made Chillybuddy for an extra $20 contact us for details on how to do that. Please allow an additional week for delivery of a custom Chillybuddy jacket).


Back Length

Base of NeckCircumference


Example Breeds (Avg. sized adults)

Super Petite




Tiny Toy breeds: Chihuahua, Yorkie





Toy breeds: Chihuahua, Yorkie, Toy Poodle





Bischon Frise, Miniature poodles, Shih Tzu





Beagles, Miniature Poodles





Spaniels, Border Collies





Labs, Golden Retrievers, Australian Shepherds, Border Collies





Labs, Golden Retrievers





Large German Shepherd Dog





Great Dane, Small Wolfhounds, Newfoundland

I have one of these for my black dog. He does much better on hikes when he wears it. And it turns heads! :-)
i got one last spring for my mini-poodle who doesnt like the summer sun, and it is wonderful! he wears it to training classes at the park may-sept, and he can pay attention for the whole hour, instead of running for shade after only 10 minutes when he didn't wear it. i wet it thoroughly prior to leaving hte house, and then pour a little more water on it when we take drink breaks. Highly recommended!
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