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At Pet Expertise, we believe that all dogs need to chew! Chewing provides mental and physical exercise for a calmer and happier dog. A great way to teach your dog not to chew furniture is to teach him how great it is to chew and play with his own toys. Chew toys or stuff-able toys are also ideal for quiet time or time in the crate. Always supervise your dog with new toys to make sure that he cannot break them and potentially choke.

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What's a Dog to Chew? Dog Chew Toy Tips for Different Types of Dogs

$9.50 - $43.75 & Bulk sale!

Antler bones are long-lasting, low-odor, unique dog chew full of vitamins and minerals. Healthy and natural antler chews make a perfect dog gift.

$64.99 - $344.99

All-natural bullies at a low price. Curly and X-Thick too. Starting at just $1.31 per stick plus free shipping for orders over $49!

$2.99 - $9.99

Made from chemical and hormone free USDA free-range beef.

$5.75 Sale: $4.75 - $17.75

The classic rubber stuff-able dog toy. No doggy-home is complete without at least one! We now offer the strongest and safest version - BLUE!

$8.75 - $101.50

A wonderfully unique dog chew made of extra hard, all natural cheese.

$21.75 - $30.75, save on 2+!

Antler Rope Chews are natural, healthy, odor-free and long-lasting chew toy that will help keep your dog busy keep his teeth clean.

This customizable dog toy is four dog toys in one, which can be mixed and matched to build different interactive dog toys. Keeps your dog happily...
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