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Kurgo’s Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Smart Harness has all the features of the standard Kurgo car harness, with the added benefit of Kurgo’s awesome new Nesting Metal Buckles. If you are looking for a multi-function,strong, comfortable and easy to use car harness for your dog, this is the one!

  • Protects Dogs & Drivers! Having your dog buckled up helps to keep your dog safe and helps to prevent accidents.
  • Multi-Functional with No Pull Front Ring! Use the Kurgo Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Smart Harness as a car or walking harness. By attaching your leash to the front ring on the harness, you can reduce your dog's pulling. (This is so cool!)
  • Comfy for Your Dog: Featuring a broad, padded chest plate for extra protection and comfort.
  • Easy to Use: The Kurgo Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Smart Harness is quick and easy to put on. Simply slip it over your dog’s head and then clip it around the midsection. Can be safely used with any vehicle seat belt using the included seat-belt loop.
  • Highly Adjustable: Five Adjustment points for a perfect fit on all dog dogs of all shapes and sizes.
  • Innovative All-Steel Buckles! The Kurgo all-steel Nesting Buckle system is based on the time-tested harnesses of rock climbers and linesmen. The Nesting Buckles take a minute to learn, but are very easy to use.
  • Chew Warranty! Kurgo will repair or replace your harness for $6 plus shipping. Contact us for details.
  • Available in black with orange trim or red with blue trim.


Size Girth (G) Approx.
Dog Weight
XS 12" - 18" 5-10 lbs
S 16" - 22" 10-25 lbs
M 18" - 28" 25-50 lbs
L 24" - 34" 50-80 lbs
XL 28" - 36" 80-110 lbs
While this is a great car harness, the no-pull front ring could be improved. The ring is not completely closed and can actually pull open with enough force. I also agree with the Pet Expertise people that if your dog is a heavy puller, this isn't the harness for you. Other than the front ring though, it does seem well made.
Very pleased, excellent harness!
Fantastic product!
The State of New Jersey has been trying to enact a seat belt law for dogs. With that in mind I purchased this Kurgo Tru-fit Harness. It fits my Border Collie mix very well and I like that it has all metal buckles. It's super easy to put the two buckles together. The only negative is when my dog is sleeping on the car seat and gets up, she sometimes circles around twisting the seat belt loop. A sturdy metal swivel at the carabiner on the seat belt loop would keep the loop from becoming twisted. Other than that I highly recommend this harness.
I received my order sooner than expected & like everything I ordered. The Kurgo harness is the first harness my border collie has liked. It doesn't rub behind her front legs at all. She voluntarily pushes her head thru the collar part instead of trying to avoid it like the other harnesses we've tried. I recently saw the very kind "together harness" on another website. It appears to be similar to the one I bought from you only without the front ring & seatbelt safety properties. My border collie not only likes your harness, she looks quite "stylin" in it!
This is my second Kurgo harness! I loved the first one so much I decided to replace an existing harness with another Kurgo because it's easier to put on my thirteen and a half year old doberman. This time I decided on the model with the steel Nesting Buckles and I love it even more! I am actually contemplating replacing the Kurgo with the plastic snap-on system with this one!
My dog was traveling on a volunteer transport from south Florida to central Wisconsin. Due to the fact there were two big dogs on this transport, they asked if both dogs could be harnessed. I had never harnessed my dogs before, so I looked for recommendations from experience transporters. The Kurgo harness was, by far, the most popular. Now I know why. Even after a full day -- over 12 hours -- in the harness, my large dog acted like he was wearing nothing at all. It went on and came off easily when intended but was extremely secure in vehicles.
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