Calming Cap / ThunderCap from ThunderShirt, Dog Calming Aid

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The Calming Cap / ThunderCap from ThunderShirt is a wonderful tool for easing your dog’s anxiety in high-stress situations.

  • The Calming Cap is not a blindfold! The Calming Cap / Thunder Cap is a soft fabric mask that reduces agitating visual stimulation. The see-through fabric window makes your dog’s vision less distinct, while still allowing your dog to easily navigate his or her surroundings (and even play ball!)
  • Invented by dog trainers: The Calming Cap was designed by Trish King, CPDT CDBC, in collaboration with Lisa Moore, CPDT. The Cap was developed originally to ease hyperactivity in a dog that became agitated while traveling in a car. Since then, pet owners and professionals across the pet industry have used the Cap to quiet and calm anxious or excitable dogs.
  • Features:
    • See-through fabric window offers enough vision to confidently navigate surroundings while reducing the visual stimulation.
    • Soft fabric and elastic fit provides maximum comfort.
    • Easy on/off.
    • Neutral gray fabric.
  • The Calming Cap can help to calm your dog so you can do more effective training for:
    • Barking in the car and carsickness.
    • Barking at other dogs or animals on a walk.
    • Grooming / nail trimming and veterinary procedures.
    • Thunderstorm phobia (if your dog is frightened by the lightning flashes). Great for use with the ThunderShirt.
    • Whenever something your dog sees is making him nervous and you would like to help him stay calm while you teach him it’s okay.

The Calming Cap comes with instructions. It is important to teach your dog to love wearing the Thunder Cap first using lots of tasty treats, before using it to treat anxiety. Do not use the Calming Cap when your dog is unattended.

Note: The Calming Cap by ThunderShirt will not be effective on all dogs. If it does not help your dog or you don’t like it for any reason, you can return it to us for a refund of your purchase price within 30 days.

X-Small Snout Circumference 3-6": Most toy breeds such as Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers
Small Snout Circumference 5-8": Small dogs such as Terriers, and Cocker Spaniels and Shelties
Medium Snout Circumference 7-10": Cattle dogs, Retrievers, small German Shepherd Dogs, Border Collies
Large Snout Circumference 9-12": Giant breeds, Mountain Dogs, Large Shepherd Dogs, Rottweilers

I have used the Calming Cap for dogs coming to my dog reactive class who have a hard time getting in the door. It's held at a time when there aren't many dogs around, but there is a groomer below our facility and sometimes dogs are walking on the street. I also think they are great for our medical department at the shelter where I work.
I LOVE the Calming Cap. My puppy is reactive and sight is his trigger - he can listen to talking/barking all day long and be fine, bit a glimpse of a stranger will set him off. He wears the cap while entering/exiting the vet's office, and if I must potty him while strangers are around. For example, my neighbors had a huge birthday party for their child, an all-day affair, and at some point I knew I would have to potty the little guy. I put the cap on and he did his business without getting upset, since he couldn't see the people.

I could also see it being useful if I had to have workers coming and going from the house, or some other situation where it might be tough to ensure he couldn't see anyone.

It's certainly not the perfect product for all dogs, as I have been told it makes some dogs more upset as they feel more vulnerable. But for Finch, it's been a godsend.
I wanted to let you know that we bought a calming cap for our 4 month old rough collie for car sickness and the results are nothing short of miraculous. This poor pup went from drenching himself with saliva and vomiting, to curling up and sleeping once the cap is on. I think it is a wonderful product.
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