Bungee Leash Coupler

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Enjoy your walk with two dogs! Cushion the connections between you all with our bungee coupler!

  • The bungee coupler has an elastic core that stretches and recoils absorbing shock and keeping the slack from tangling under paws.
  • Bungee Coupler measures 28" end-to-end when fully extended and 14" end-to-end when relaxed. The maximum distance between your two dogs when attached to the Bungee Leash Coupler is 28 inches.
  • Note, the bungee in this leash has a light-tension.For a stronger bungee coupler leash that cushions against pulling more, click here.

Small: 1/2" wide, best for dogs under 10- 25 lbs each
Large: 1" wide, best for dogs 25+ lbs

Well, I was so excited to order my bungee coupler, but was so disappointed when I did receive it. It's REALLY short. The dogs don't have much room to go potty at all. They basically are almost glued together... only a few inches to spare. It's unfortunate that it doesn't come in a longer length. I will be returning it.
I have two cairn terriers that I like to walk together. If I walk them with two separate leashes, they tend to go in different directions and circle around me, tying me up like a Maypole. I initially solved this problem with an adjustible length coupler purchased from PetExpertise. This forces the two dogs to stay together, but gives them enough room to take care of their business. However, when the dogs walk close together, the coupler drags on the ground and the cement sidewalks abrade it. After just six months of use, it is beginning to look like an old battle flag. I didn't expect to like the bungee coupler, because I have read tha bungee leashes can encourage dogs to pull. However, I bought one as a trial since I was purchasing some other products and its addition brought me to the free shipping level. It is great! The dogs still have room to move, but when they are close together it doesn't drag. I use it hooked to the front hook of the Freedom harness, and the result is that I can easily walk two dogs on one 4 or 6 foot leash with no pulling. My other hand remains free to hold a pooper scooper, flashlight or umbrella. I purchased the small size, because my dogs are cairn terriers. There is also a large size for big dog.
Very happy with the purchase! Shipping was fast and quality of product
is awesome!! I will definitely keep both the company that makes this
coupler and your company in mind for future orders!

Thanks for the follow up and have a fantastic day!
Thank you great service fast delivery love the item great for walking two dogs i am trying to off the leash train my dog with one that is already trained the leash coupler is great the two can walk together without getting tangled.
I bought this since I had 2 dogs at time... currently I have 4 dogs. I will be purchasing another shortly! This bungee coupler is amazingly helpful for multiple dogs since it never tangles. I would recommend this to anyone for any dog! Great buy.
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