Single Bully Sticks for Dogs, Free-Range. X-Thick & Low Odor Options!

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The highest quality bully stick on the market. Hormone-free, antibiotic-free and chemical-free USDA inspected free-ranging beef. Dogs love these long lasting chews; they are generally preferred over rawhide.

  • Chewing a bully stick keeps dogs busy and out of trouble! Great for when you need your dog to settle down for awhile.
  • Cleans teeth and freshens breath. Will not stain carpet.
  • Great for teething puppies.
  • Bully sticks are not rawhide, they are dried bull penises. It might not sound appealing to us, but dogs generally prefer these chews over rawhide!
  • Bully sticks are from free-ranging, Brazilian cattle. Bullies are inspected upon arrival into the US. Free-range, chemical-free bullies are simply not available from US beef.
  • Our Bully Stick Chews are not smoked or flavored in any way.
  • Our Bully Sticks are tested for Salmonella and E.Coli and are USDA and FDA approved.
  • Bully Sticks are high in protein, and low in fat: Crude Protein: not less than 80%, Crude Fat: not less than 1%, Crude Fiber: not more than 1%, Moisture: not more than 15%, Ash: not more than 2%. 15 Calories per inch.
  • For bulk bully sticks, click here.
  • Make your dog's chew session last longer with the Qwizl!

Caution: Remove pieces that are small enough to be swallowed and choked on. Always supervise your pet.

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6" Bully Sticks are best for dogs up to 25 lbs.
12" Bully Sticks are best for dogs 20 lbs and up.
Regular Bully Sticks are approximately 1/2" thick.
X-Thick Bully Sticks are approximately 3/4" thick

We recommend choosing longer or thicker sticks for a strong chewer. Because these are a natural product, the thickness may not be consistent.

Please note: It should take at least 30 minutes for your dog to consume this chew. If your dog is eating it faster, it is probably not the best chew for your dog.

New low odor option! Our new low odor bullies have been dried extra thoroughly and are nearly odor-free, but you may detect some odor once the bully has been slobbered a bit. Picky dogs prefer the original.

First shipping was very fast we bought plenty to get the free shipping. We ordered a variety of sizes and styles of the Bully Sticks. Our small dog loves them and we will order again.
My dogs LOVE these. I have to cut (saw) them in half though because they tend to give my dog the runs. =( I'm not sure if it's because he's young (only about a year old) or if these are too rich for him. The first time I gave him a full bully stick I was up all night taking him out (almost literally... I took him out 4 times through the night) and fortunately it was the weekend so I was able to keep taking him out the following day. They do love them though, I just give them sparingly.
My dog absolutely loves these! We ordered 4 of the 12" low odor ones (based on other reviews here), and we are very happy with the lack of odor and how long they last and keep the dog entertained. MUCH better than rawhides!!
Our Black Lab/German Shepard loved his Bully Sticks! Each stick last a few days.
Our 6 month old lab loves these so much that I just bought them in bulk. The price is great. Our puppy has endless energy so they are a lifesaver when we're finally ready to relax for the day. I highly recommend the low odor though if your dog isn't that picky. I purchased the regular and low odor ones to find out the difference, and the regular ones really do stink! We have a large living room with high ceilings, and with the fans on and windows open, the room still had a strong odor.
The order was received and our dogs, Betty and June Bug, think they are better than sliced bread. They LOVE them!
Definitely 5 paws!

FYI, my pup is also a lab/shepherd/catahoula mix!

I purchased two of these for my Lab/Shepard/Catahoula mix Minx and she loved them! She would chew for a bout 20 minuets at a time then rest then return to it an hour or so later. It also kept her nosey butt out of trouble. My kitten Rezi also seemed pretty interested in them and would nibble on the opposite end Minx was working on at the time. One stick lasted about a week for Minx. They are low odor, left little if no mess, and are a good price. Will buy again soon!
Good quality sticks, pleased with the purchase. The low-oder stick is definitely worth it!
I heard about these on a website that I frequent. I bought only one for dog, for Christmas. It is gone already. He absolutely loved it. I will be buying more.
These are very well priced and my dogs loved them. They lasted a long time. Be warned, they stink! Next time I will purchase the low odor ones because I can't stand to be in the same room when the dogs are chewing them.
These are great bully sticks - nice and thick. And the price is by far the best I've found for this quality. I'll be ordering these again!
Bully sticks are a staple around our house. My dogs love them and they last a good long time.
The stick did not last longer than 40 minutes for my Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Definitely wouldn't say it is "long lasting". It didn't get on anything like advertised. Pet Expertise Response - 40 minutes is pretty good for a bully stick actually. Some dogs will eat them faster and some dogs will take days on them. Antlers are the longest lasting of our chews.
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