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Have a dog with lots of energy? Try exercising your dog with the Flirt Pole! A ten minute workout with The Flirt Pole is comparable exercise to a one hour walk for your dog!

  • A great way to exercise your dog: The Flirt Pole works by converting the natural prey drive instinct in your dogs into exercise as they attempt to catch the lure by sprinting, changing direction, and jumping. It can really get your dog moving and having a great time in even small spaces.
  • Durable yet lightweight! The Flirt-Pole's flexible, durable shaft will never snap or splinter like other fiberglass pole toys and DIY versions, yet the Flirt Pole with lure weighs in at less than one pound!
  • Comfortable and safe: The Flirt Pole chase toy has a foam rubber, non-slip grip for easy handling plus a safety wrist strap to prevent accidentally losing hold of the Pole. The super-strong, "marine grade" bungee cord prevents "whiplash" when the toy is caught by your dog.
  • Toy is held securely & is replaceable: The Flirt Pole's special (new and improved!) attachment mechanism holds the toy securely without the use of fasteners that can injure your dog's mouth. The toys are replaceable and machine washable as well.
  • The Flirt Pole toy is perfect for:
    • Dogs and owners of any size!
    • People with limited mobility that need to exercise their dogs.
    • Dogs with lots of energy / hyperactive dogs.
    • Training. For example: Ask your dog to sit, down or stay and then release him or her to get the toy. Using the Flirt Pole is also a great way to practice drop it and leave it.
  • Safety tips: The Flirt Pole is best used on a cushioned surface such as grass. Use caution any time you allow your dog to do a lot of jumping because jumping can be dangerous, especially for dogs under one year of age as their bodies are still growing. Do not use the Flirt Pole as a tug toy or chew toy. Click for more safety and use tips.
  • Details: The Jr. is 1" diameter. The Jr. is best for playing in smaller areas. Both Standard and Junior sizes are appropriate for dogs of all sizes.
  • Made in the USA and includes a one year warranty!

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Video: Click the play button below to view a video demo of the Flirt Pole. We also have a couple of additional videos in the video tab above.

I have a rescue herding mix puppy with high energy & prey drive. This toy has been unbelievable in keeping him engaged & satisfying his chase instinct. I highly recommend!
My puppy LOVES this pole and so do I! What a wonderful way to exercise an energetic dog and a very useful for training too!
My GSD Gracie is really enjoying her new toy. She has a high prey drive, so the squeaky lure and fast action helps satisfy her energy level and desire to stalk and catch stuff. Much more humane than stalking squirrels!
Just recieved today the 2 long stick BowWows & the dogs (all 9) love them so I am back for 2 of the shorter stick for in the house this winter. Right now if I am careful I can use the long ones away from the ceiling fans. But the one I was hoping would really like did because need to excerise a few pounds off him. Thanks for a Great Product.
OMG! It's awesome! I had bought this toy for my little dog, but she was in doggy daycare when it arrived, so I tested it out on the bigger dog at the house. He has fear aggression, so it is hard to get him out of the house for a good walk. Even after 4 miles he still has tons of energy. Played in the backyard for 20 mins and he's completely tired, yet still eyeing the flirt pole! Thank you sooo much!
My recently adopted dog, an American Pit Bull Terrier, LOVES his new toy! And it's so great to work on training with him while playing, especially since he's not treat motivated when he's excited about something, but he is definitely toy motivated for his new flirt pole game! In just the last 2 days he is now dropping into a down (instead of needing to be coaxed & trying to offer a paw instead) and holding a stay until I release him, even when I slowly lower the toy from my hand to the ground, just a few feet in front of him. His "drop" request will take some more work, but this toy is great for teaching that too! I'm so excited to have a toy motivated dog (my girl is all about the treats) and to have this flirt pole that he can't get enough of!
So I have a super hyper foster dog, who has making me crazy. I bought the flirt pole and the whole pack loves it! I have never seen him that tired before! I wish I had one before! I was also surprised by how great the quality was. I will definitely suggest this to adopters and other rescuers. Even my husband commented on how good Tyson (our super hyperactive pit bull foster) was. He usual annoys all the other dogs --and us-- with his incessant playing. And last night after using it 2 times, for about 10 minutes each, he actually sat and even just laid down nicely- that almost never happens. I should add, we haven't used it yet today (I try to wait until after 9 to make noise) and Tyson is still much calmer. He is just sitting politely next to me on the couch and not being obnoxious like usual.
Hey! Just wanted to let you know that my boy and I have had some fun with your flirt pole. We will be lending it out to colleagues and friends as well as recommending it to clients. :) In addition to working at Dioji ( as an assistant manager and dog trainer, where 6 other managers and employees own pit-bull breeds btw, I also volunteer with a no-kill shelter where the Bow-Wow will help exercise lots of dogs. It's light-weight and easy to hold onto with the grip handle. The bungee cord allows for movement without actual tugging or jerking. My dog, Horace, is almost 8 years old now, he got kind of lazy after the first time with the Bow-Wow and started to grab the string if he could - but playtime stopped for a moment each time he did and he quickly realized what was more fun. I also liked how bouncy the cord is because I could fling the toy up into the air and my dog would jump for it too, whereas another type of string wouldn't have exactly the same effect.
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