Balance No-Pull Harness: 6-Way Adjustable & Non-Restrictive. Special Order

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The ultimate in adjustability and freedom of movement! The Balance harness won the highest rating in the Whole Dog Journal's review of no-pull harnesses.

  • Every strap is adjustable for the best fit. Better fit means a more effective and comfortable harness for your dog with no slippage or gapping.
  • Neck quick-snap buckle: No need to worry about readjusting to fit the Balance Harness over your dog's head or ears.
  • Freedom of movement: Non-restrictive design means healthy freedom of movement for your dog.
  • Multiple leash attachment points: Attach your leash to the chest ring to help discourage pulling, or to the back ring for exercise. Or to both for complete control!
  • Whole Dog Journal gave it their top rating!: They said this: "Easy to put on over the head – colored strap goes on the top. Six adjustment points, no shoulder restriction. Works very well to reduce pulling, with almost no slippage or gapping."
  • Made in the USA.
  • Color note: All the webbing on the harness is black except for the top strap.
  • Fitting instructions.

Sizing: Use a soft tape measure around the widest part of your dog's chest (rib cage), behind the front legs.

Shipping: This items ships directly from our manufacturer to US addresses. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Girth (G) Neck Measurement Harness Width
XS 13.5" - 18" 11.5" - 15.5" 5/8"
S 17.5" - 25.5" 13" - 18" 5/8"
M 21" - 32" 16" - 24" 3/4"
M/L 24" - 35.5" 16" - 24" 1"
L 29" - 43.5" 19.5" - 30" 1"

Click the play button below for a video of the Balance No-Pull Harness in action:

I have been looking for a non-restrictive harness that could be modified to fit any dog of any size or shape and am delighted that I have found it in the Balance Harness. This harness can be adjusted along every axis (6 different ways) and has rings to clip a leash at the chest or back. This is the ultimate harness, fully adjustable, and well made by a company with excellent customer service.
The Balance Harness is my favorite way to attach a leash to a dog. Over 20 years of training dogs and coaching clients, my preference has evolved from head halters to front-attachment harnesses to near universal use of the Balance Harness. It’s not only super-comfortable for all shapes and sizes of dogs, it’s ideal for helping people walk comfortably and safely with their four-legged friends. When I first saw the Balance Harness, I was skeptical that it would give me enough leverage and control. But after extensive trials using it with my own dogs, I now can’t imagine not having a Balance Harness on the hook next to my dog Smudge’s leash and many more Balance Harnesses in my gear bag, ready to fit onto my clients’ dogs.
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