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The Approach Pack from Ruffwear is ideal for day hikes or overnight adventures. It's a great every day dog pack with excellent performance, fit, and functionality.

  • Give your dog a job and exercise by letting him carry some gear and water!
  • Ergonomic comfort for your dog: The attached saddlebags on the Approach Pack feature an efficient, weight-forward design. The Web Master Harness frame provides a snug fit for great stabilization. Strategic padding will help to keep your dog comfy for miles. Five points of adjustment for a custom fit.
  • Features humans appreciate!: The Approach Pack features an added assistance handle to make it easy to help dogs up and over obstacles. It also includes stash pockets, coated zippers, and external gear loops. The single-piece, anodized aluminum V-ring leash-attachment is just one great example of the high-quality construction of these dog packs.
  • Stay visible: The Approach Pack's reflective trim is visible in low light. Optional Beacon Light is available.
  • Superior quality! Pet Expertise's owner, Jess Rollins, researched and tested several dog backpacks before settling on the Ruffwear. She found that the lower-priced products didn't stay on the dog properly and many times did not offer leash connection.

Shipping: This special order item ships free directly from our supplier to US addresses only.

Please note: It's recommended that your dog carry no more than 25 - 30% of their body weight in their dog pack. If your dog is new to dog packs, start with a light load and work up to a heavier load as your dog gets accustomed to wearing the pack.

I love everything by Ruffwear! I bought a size L/XL for my 90 pound pit/mix, but think a size M would have been a better fit. These packs are sized very generously. Pros: This is a great, sturdy pack that gives my dog a job. When he walks, he walks with a purpose. This pack is very roomy. We usually load the pack with 3 20 oz. water bottles on each side, a collapsible bowl, treats, extra leash/collar, and whatever else we may need for that day. This pack is crucial on our walks. Without the Approach Pack, my dog pulls like crazy, but when he is wearing the pack he will often walk by my side. He is also less focused on other dogs/people/squirrels and concentrates on the walk, which is a huge plus! The Approach pack also withstands quite a beating from my dog - it has gone through all kinds of brush, rubbed against brick walls (he doesn't realize how wide he is with it on), rolls around on dirt, grass, concrete, and looks as good as new with a wipe down. The fit of the Ruffwear Packs is better than any other I have tried. The chest strap and 2 belly straps keep the pack firmly in place and does not seem to chafe my dog. Even when the load is slightly unbalanced, the pack doesn't slide to the side. I also appreciate the extra stash pocket in the new style pack. It makes it easy to quickly grab a poop bag.
Love this product! It is a great way how to get tired your dog. Great for hiking and what also surprised me - it can be used as a pulling harness! So my dog works twice. The material is very good and it fits very well. I really like it and definitely recommend!
I've been using this pack for about a year now -- Summer & Winter, on some pretty rugged trails & overnight camping trips/hikes. It fits Hailey like a glove, and stands up quite well to the abuse she gives it (rocks, under-brush, rolling around in whatever she thinks smells good, water). I've even used the handle on top a couple of times to lift her out of some challenging spots she got herself into & couldn't get out of (she can usually get herself into & out of just about anything). The leash harness hold up quite well to her strong, muscular athletic pulling. My ONLY complaint about the pack is that it's not waterproof.
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