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Antler chews are natural, healthy, odor-free and long-lasting chew toys that will help keep your dog busy and out of trouble and keep his teeth clean. Quantity discount is now available while supplies last to help our shelters, trainers and heavy chewers.

  • Long-Lasting!: Antler chews last much longer than bully sticks or chews made of compacted starch or rawhide.
  • Safe chewing!: Whole deer antlers for dogs are much less likely to chip or splinter than processed bones as the chewing grinds the antler chew down slowly. Please use caution with aggressive chewers. (See safety hint below).
  • Healthy!: Chew antlers contain many beneficial nutrients and nothing artificial.
  • Odor and stain-free!: Antlers have virtually no odor or residue to get on your carpet or furniture.
  • Variety!: Antler chews vary in shape, thickness and color. No two are alike and your dog will enjoy the variety in his chews.
  • Antlers from Pet Expertise are the best quality: As antlers for dog chews get more popular, some sellers are offering low quality, small, old, chalky, antler that is likely to splinter. Antlers split down the center can cause it to dry out quickly and become brittle. Pet Expertise antler is grade A, fresh whole antler from the USA only!
  • Antlers from Pet Expertise are economical: We were the first online retailer to offer high-quality, large antler chews and we have been offering them since 2005. Our antler chews are fresher, more economical and much larger than most you will find! Check out our comparison.
  • Safe Chewing Hints: When giving your dog an antler or any hard dog chew, we recommend the following: Supervise your dog. Be very careful giving hard chews (such as antlers) to aggressive chewers as it is possible they could break a tooth. Do not allow your dog to attempt to break the chew in half with his back teeth. Do not allow your dog to consume more than 1/2" to 1" per day. If you need to get the antler away from your dog and he doesn't know "drop it", you can trade him for a tasty treat such as a piece of cheese.
  • Scroll down after the sizing info for more information on Antler Chews!

Please note: Antlers vary in size, shape and color. Not available for shipping outside the USA.

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Antler Chew Size Chart:

Dogs weighing:Recommended
Antler Size:

Weight of Antler:

Approx. Length of Antler:

0 to 20 lbsSmall

1.5 to 2.5 oz

4" to 6"

15 to 45 lbsMedium

2.5 to 4 oz

5" to 7"

30 to 80 lbsLarge

4 to 6 oz

7" to 9"

45 lbs & up X-Large

7 to 10 oz

9" to 11"

60 lbs & upXX-Large

11 oz - 14 oz

11" to 12"

80 lbs & upGigantic

14 oz - 1+ lb

12" to 15"

Want to know more about Antler Chews, read on!:

Dogs have been chewing on antlers probably as long as they have both existed, but only recently can city dogs get their teeth on them. Pet Expertise was one of the first companies to offer antler dog chews, and they remain one of our biggest sellers. We get tons of wonderful feedback from happy dog owners. Here is a bit of what we have learned about them. Below we will explain about antler biology, where we get our antlers, why antlers make great chews, how to keep your dog safe with his antler chew and how to get the most out of your antler dog chew.

Keep Your Dog Safe with His Antler Chew

Like any dog chew, you do need to be careful when allowing your dog to chew on an antler. The main concerns are breaking a tooth or choking on the antler chew. To prevent these things from happening, be sure to supervise your dog's antler chewing. Do not allow him to bear down forcefully with his molars on the antler chew and do not allow him to chew on a piece that is of a size he could choke on. Dogs do need to chew and, since every chew has its dangers, it is important to be as careful as you can while still allowing your dog to chew. What you want to see is that the dog chews the antler and wears it down very slowly. Most antlers will last your dog weeks or months. (More notes in tips below.)

Tips for Using Your Antler Dog Chews

Antlers chews make wonderful chews for dogs, but just like any dog chew it is important to be careful and to supervise your dog. Here are a few tips to help your dog to enjoy the antler chew and keep him or her safe.

  • Make sure your antler dog chew is large enough so that there is no possibility that your dog could choke on it. If you find that the antler chews that you have purchased are not large enough for your dog, you can return it to us for a refund.
  • Check your antler chew over for any possible sharp edges. If there are any, it is easy to remove them by rubbing the sharp edge against concrete or sandpaper.
  • Wash the antler chew in warm, soapy water and rinse well.
  • Give the antler chew to your dog watch him while he chews it for at least the first few times.
  • Make sure your dog is gnawing on the antler instead of trying to break the antler chew in half. If he is bearing down hard on the antler, it is best to take it away (don't forget to give him a treat for giving it up!), since chewing any hard chew this way could damage his teeth.
  • Do not allow your dog to chew more than an inch of the antler per day.
  • Take the the antler chew away from your dog once it gets worn down to a small enough size that your dog could swallow / choke on it.
  • If your dog likes the antler so much that he guards it from you, you can teach him to drop the antler for a treat. Click here for an article on teaching your dog to "drop it". If your dogs fight over their antler chews, make sure to give the chews to them when the dogs are separated.
  • If your dog isn't interested in the chewing the antler, try rubbing it with sandpaper or a nail file. If your dog still isn't interested in the antler, you could try rubbing it with a small amount of peanut butter or soaking it overnight in water in the refrigerator

Why Purchase Antler Chews from Pet Expertise?

You can feel good about giving your dog an antler chew from Pet Expertise. These come from healthy, USA free-ranging deer that live full, natural lives. Our Antlers are free of packaging and processing. Pet Expertise guarantees that your dog will love the antler or you can send it back to us for a refund (unchewed antlers only, please!). We have the best selection of antlers, lowest prices and low shipping charges.

Recently, as antler dog chews become more popular, antler is getting more scarce. Antler chew sellers are popping up all over and they are looking to sell the cheaper, low grade antler to make more profit. Beware of these antlers which are old, brittle and can crack and splinter when chewed. I was even told by one of these sellers "It doesn't matter, dogs are indestructible!". Of course, we disagree and continue to strive to find the highest quality antler because it makes much safer and enjoyable chew. We purchase fresh, grade A antler from USA sources only and that is then carefully cleaned and cut for your precious dogs to enjoy.

The problem with split antlers: We have considered selling split antlers for dogs that prefer to have easy access to the inner marrow. The problem with this is that it makes the antler unstable and more prone to cracking and splitting. Therefore we are uncomfortable selling them as a safe chew and you will not find split antlers from Pet Expertise for this reason.

Antlers vary in color from a grayish beige to almost white. The shape can be straight to branched, thick or thin. In the center of the antler is a softer portion that is tastier to dogs and is similar to marrow. Some antlers are softer than others as well and you may notice that your dog chews one antler faster than another one. This variation in antler chews makes it ideal to give your dog several, as they will all be like different chews to your dog.

Why Give Your Dog Antler Chews?

Antlers make excellent dog chews because they are made of a bony material and so are hard, long-lasting, interesting to the dog and not smelly or staining. They are similar in hardness to a Nylabone, but tastier and healthier. Not all dogs will love chewing every antler. Older and picky dogs are generally not as interested in chewing antlers unless it happens to be a really "good" one (humans can not tell the difference!). The dogs that appreciate chewing antlers the most are young dogs and dogs that just love to chew. Chewing antlers is very good for dogs in many ways. It helps keep their teeth clean, and it expends energy and keeps the dog out of trouble and out from under foot. Antler chews are also full of nutrients such as calcium.

Biology of the Antler Chew

Antlers are unique to the deer family and are composed of a bone-like material which regenerates each year and branches out. They grow on the heads of more than sixty kinds of deer, including moose, reindeer, caribou, and elk. Antlers grow only on males (except for caribou females which also grow antlers), who use them as weapons to fight other males for leadership of the herd or for possession of a mate. Antlers used as dog chews generally come from deer and elk. Moose antler is also available but because it is so flat it does not make an ideal dog chew.

Deer grow a new pair of antlers each year from the time they are a year old. Antlers begin as layers of cartilage that slowly mineralize into bone. They are soft and easily damaged until they completely mineralize in late summer. Antlers grow very quickly - faster than any other kind of bone - up to one inch per day during the summer! As they get larger they begin to branch out and are covered with a thin skin of fine fur called velvet. At this time the blood that flows to the antlers stops, and then they begin to harden. When the antlers have reached their full growth, the protective velvet covering dries and the deer will rub the velvet off on trees. Finally in the winter, the antlers fall off, but with each successive year's growth, the antlers branch into more points until the deer has reached his prime.

The hardened antlers are composed of calcium, phosphorous and as much as 50 percent water. Antlers are truly amazing structures. Biologists are studying antlers in hopes of learning the secrets of fast cell growth, which may unlock cures to various forms of cancer.

I like the antlers, and have been recommending them, too. Timber is a real power chewer--of the last pair I ordered, one is gone and the other is less than half its original length, but they last much longer than anything else I can give him except those Hercules Nylabones, and he likes them better than the Nylabones. I like it that he has something to keep him entertained in his crate when I'm at work. The extra thick one you sent with this last order should last even longer. Another thing I like about them is that they seem so safe--they don't break or splinter cow hooves, they're not so hard like those sterilized bones, he can't chew off huge chunks like rawhide so I can leave him alone with it in his crate without worrying that he'll choke. They seem to just sort of compress and wear away as he gnaws on them. They don't get slimy, they don't stink. The one thing that does worry me is when they get to a certain length I'm afraid he might swallow it long ways and get it stuck in his throat, so I take them away at that stage, or only let him have the shorter ones when I'm home. And of course they're not allowed to play with them--someone might get an eye poked out! But all things considered, I think they're one of the best chewy things for dogs available.
Everything went smoothly and I had the order within 2 days of my placing it! My dogs (my own and my visitor) went crazy for them and in fact, even though I had given them each one, my visitor decided that he wanted to help himself to another and opened up the box sitting in the kitchen and took another out! I wanted to thank you for your prompt handling of my order and for all your help! I will definitely recommend your company to all my friends.
Put me down as a fan of the antlers! Being a city girl, it seemed an odd "treat," but they both love them. I gave one to the neighbor's older dog and while he can't chew it, he licks it, naps with it, carries it around and protects it from their cats. FUN! -
My boys just love their antlers. What I love best about them, is THEY DON'T STINK! I have gotten away from Greenies completely... too many questions about safety, and it was hard to find ANYTHING that they liked nearly as much.. They also love the Yams chews, and I don't have to worry...Nothing is too good for my babies! Thanks again for your great service and items... I tell people all the time about you guys. In my opinion, One purchase and you are hooked!
I gave one to our dog, a 3 y/o Lab. Retriever with a power bite, and while at first he wasn't sure what to do with it, he quickly discovered it was a delight to chew on. Within a week he gnawed half of the antler away, and his teeth definitely benefited from that (with no bleeding gums, I might add)!!
My dog and I are very pleased with items we ordered - thank you! Everything arrived very quickly. Hazel, the dog, loves the two Antler Chews she received. They are bigger and better than the "Antlerz" brand variety I ordered from another site. And I am pretty impressed that she's the first dog in the park to don a stylish - and practical
I gave my dogs the Antlers when I got home, and let me just say, they think they've died and gone to heaven. They both love bully sticks and it looks like they will love these just as much. The bonus is that these will last a lot longer!
Jax is a 3 year old black Labrador Retriever. He is a power chewer, and finished off half an antler in one sitting (an hour and a half of straight chewing, with no bleeding gums!!). His teeth look GORGEOUS because of chewing on antlers, which he prefers to bones. If a dog really goes all out chewing on antlers, they could get constipated, so a little pumpkin or a raw whole egg about the same time as their chewing session should help with that. While growing up Jax chewed quite a bit (and had sparkling teeth) but as he matured, he pretty much lost interest in chewing. When I got the antlers, though, it totally revived his pleasure of chewing. I am so glad to find something that will help keep his teeth and gums healthy. The antlers are definitely a good investment!
Everything went perfectly with my recent order. So much so, that I recommended you to a website I administrate about Puggles. Your antlers are a big hit with little chewers! Thanks so much!
I received my order when expected which was terrific because I was able to bring a friend's dogs a few antlers when I made my recent out of town visit. The antlers are a big hit with all the dogs we've given them to, not just our own; several of our friends' and relatives' dogs have gotten antlers as gifts from us.
My dogs *loved* the antlers. They played musical chews. I ordered some from a different company and they were much smaller, but I think the girls preferred the kind you offer.
My French Bulldogs LOVE the antlers. love the fact that this product has no scent and no mess.
I have been searching for years for a durable chew like rawhide, but without the rawhide dangers. Finally I found it...your deer antlers. My dogs LOVE them, and they last 100x longer than rawhide. GREAT product.
We just ordered some more deer antlers today! They were definitely a hit, and provided a terrific chew for our dog with megaesophagus.
I just purchased the antlers from you again. My dogs love them, and they do not leave a stain on the carpet. I wanted to say thanks. You carry the best quality products, have great training suggestions, reasonable shipping and always ship fast. Thanks
I absolutely love these for our German Shepherd - they are the only chews he doesn't destroy in 2 days or less!
I am very excited to find the antlers on your website and there was absolutely no problems with my order! My dog is a big chewer and when I opened the package she instantly sat at attention waiting for her favorite chew toy! I cannot be happier about finding you! I am definitely a new/regular customer!
My American Bulldogs are 80lbs and 120lbs. It's great to finally find a chew that lasts more then a few days! The antlers last about a month per antler!
Many thanks from the "person whisperers
My dogs love the deer antlers and I am so pleased that you carry such a quality product at a reasonable price. It is the only treat/toy my bullmastiff has not destroyed in less than a week. Thank you also for charging such a reasonable shipping rate and for offering so many different types of products to help with positive dog training.
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