About Pet Expertise, Positive Dog Training Website

Pet Expertise was created in 2003 by dog trainer, Jess Rollins with an inspiration to bring positive dog training products to her customers. The idea was to create a website that was full of helpful training information and products that were trainer-tested and carefully chosen to be the safest and best quality. Since then our wonderful customers (and their dogs!), have helped us to expand our business and have great success. We continue to search for (and create) health, safe and effective dog products to "Maximize Your Dog's Potential"!

Pet Expertise brag list!:

  • We Have True "Pet Expertise": Our founder, Jess Rollins, is a certified positive dog trainer through the SF-SPCA with a bachelor's degree in biology. She personally tests each item to create our unique and extensive product descriptions. She also writes numerous helpful dog training and care articles.
  • We Exist for the Love of Dogs:
  • We Are Environmentally Focused:
    • We reduce packaging by buying in bulk and asking our manufacturers to send us items without packaging (except where necessary, of course!).
    • We re-use shipping boxes and packaging and purchase recycled content shipping materials and do not use plastics or Styrofoam in our packaging (unless it is reused!).
    • We make an effort to purchase USA made products and ecologically friendly products whenever possible.
    • We only offer dog treats and dog foods that contain free-range or organic animal products.
    • We offset 100% of our carbon emissions for our shipments as well as our office functions by donating to carbonfund.org.
  • We Are Not Fat Cat Corporate Types:
    • Pet Expertise is a small, family business, run from our homes in the company of our dogs. We don't worry about selling the most products to make the most profits to please share holders. We are simply grateful to have the opportunity to make a modest living while helping dogs and their people. Thank you for making this possible!
  • We Give Back:
    • We offer 10% off of our already low prices for pet non-profits. To sign your organization up, simply contact us with your proof of non-profit status.
    • We donate many products that are surplus or returns, close outs, etc.

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