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Foobler, Auto Re-Loading Puzzle Feeder Toy for Dogs

Foobler Puzzle Feeder Dog Toy
List price: $39.75

The Foobler automatic self-reloading puzzle feeder is not only lots of fun, it's a great solution to a bored, lonely or trouble-making pooch.

  • Not just a toy!: The Foobler is not simply a treat-dispensing toy, but is a smart feeder for your dog. Dogs love to hunt and forage for their food and the Foobler reinforces this natural instinct.
  • Keeps dogs happy and out of trouble for long periods: This is the first puzzle toy that automatically reloads to keep your dog entertained the whole day if needed. Interactive toys like the Foobler are especially useful for high-energy dogs, dogs suffering from mild separation anxiety or dogs that are getting into mischief like chewing shoes.
  • Six toys in one!: Foobler is self-reloading with six timer-activated food chambers. It's like having six puzzle toys in one that can deliver a full day's worth of regular kibble or treats for your dog to enjoy. Fill the Foobler with up to two cups of kibble or treats and set it to release at 15, 30 ,60 or 90 minute intervals, for a total of up to nine hours a day. A bell rings to let your dog know it's time to play again.
  • Easy: The Foobler is easy to use and easy to clean. Simply add your favorite dog treats or food and press the button! The Foolber accepts treats that are smaller than 3/4". Clean it by hand or in the dish washer after removing the portion that contains the batteries.
  • Details: 5.5" in diameter. The openings for the treats are 7/8". Uses two AA batteries that are not included. Food-grade (no BPA), durable hard plastic. Comes with a manual.

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Pet Expertise notes: We LOVE the Foobler. It is one of the best things since the Treat & Train! Please be aware that this item is not a chew toy. If your dog is quite a large and a strong chewer, he or she might be able to break the toy or get the top off. To help prevent this, teach your dog how to use the Foobler by putting it on the 15 minute setting and then picking it up after your dog gets the first bunch of treats out. Wait until the bell rings again to give the toy back. Repeat this a few times. This should help your dog understand that the food is only available after the bell rings. After this initial training, supervise your dog and interrupt if your dog starts to chew the Foobler. If your dog is getting the top off, let us know as we have a replacement top available. Also note that the ball is hard so it can be noisy when your dog is using it and if your dog "fling" things, you may want to keep them away from breakables.

Click the play button below to view a great video:

When I heard about this toy from Dr. Sophia Yin's blog, I knew I had to get one as soon as they were available. I love the Foobler! My dog gets a little upset when I go out for more than an hour, but when I give him the Foobler he doesn't seem to care if I leave or stay! (I know, sometimes I feel a little jealous that he loves the Foobler more than me). The only caveat I can see is that it's a little loud bouncing around the house so I make sure to only give it to him when I go out so I don't drive myself crazy. When I get home I trade him a treat for letting me take the ball even if it's not empty. I like that it fits his regular kibble so I don't have to worry about him getting too many treats.
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