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Storm Defender Cape for Dogs Afraid of Thunderstorms

Storm Defender Dog Coat
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The Storm Defender cape will help your dog to overcome his or her fear of thunderstorms - guaranteed! It is safe, simple and effective and recommended by behaviorist Dr. Nicolas Dodman who found that it helped 2/3 of dogs with storm phobias.

  • When properly used, the Storm Defender cape will help your dog stay calm during thunderstorms. The cape has a special metallic lining that discharges a dog's fur and shields him from static electricity buildup. The dog feels relief, and after a few storms begins to learn that the things like rain, wind, thunder, barometric pressure and smells are no longer to be feared. With the Storm Defender cape on, the dog feels as though he has found a safe place.
  • You might have noticed that your dog can sense that a storm is coming even before you can. This is because dogs can sense the static electricity that builds before a thunderstorm. This static charge, if it gets big enough, is what produces destructive lightning. Dogs instinctively sense that impending lightning, feel fear and wish to seek shelter. It is their "early warning" system for lightning and a built in safety mechanism. However, in our homes, the poor dog's fear (sometimes more like a phobia) is no help during thunderstorms. Some dogs are extremely excited or even panicked during storms and are impossible to console.
  • Dogs will naturally try to escape the static charge by finding areas that are electrically grounded. Many thunderstorm-phobic dogs find shelter in the basement, around bathroom fixtures or near pipes. Favorite spots are often the bathtub (if made of porcelain coated cast iron) or the car.
  • Note that the electrical activity is not always associated with rain. There can be static buildup without rain such as "heat lightning" or rain without charge such as "April showers." Since we are largely insensitive to this charge, we must take our cues from our dog. It is very difficult to calm a dog once they have reached full panic, so putting the cape on early is essential.
  • How to use the Storm Defender thunder anxiety wrap:
    • The Storm Defender cape gives relief to dogs who are excessively afraid of thunderstorms. It must be put on when the dog first begins to get anxious due to an oncoming electrical thunderstorm. The Storm Defender will reduce the dog's sensitivity to the static buildup that precedes and accompanies a thunderstorm. It may be removed when the electrical activity has passed. The cape is for indoor use only.
    • Some learning is involved. The maximum efficiency is reached after the dog has experienced two or three thunderstorms with the cape on. Timing is crucial! The cape must be put on before the dog has reached high agitation, which may or may not coincide with rain.
    • Complete instructions are included with the cape. Follow these simple guidelines: 1. Put the cape on when the dog first notices that a storm is coming and becomes somewhat agitated. 2. Please note that learning is involved and the Storm Defender cape may not work instantly. If you usually give your dog drugs during storms, consult your vet. Certain drugs may make the learning process more difficult. 3. If your dog has separation anxiety, do not put the cape on and leave as your dog may destroy the cape in his highly anxious state.
  • American Pet Association approved! Read review.

Made in the USA!

Care: Gently hand wash and hang dry. Avoid heat and any abrasive soaps.

Shipping: $8 shipping for Priority Mail within the US and $17 for international shipping.

Guarantee / Returns: The patented Storm Defender cape is guaranteed to give your dog relief from thunderstorm phobia or return the cape within one year for a full refund. We ask that you follow the instructions for three thunderstorms before deciding whether to return the product.

Sizing: See chart below and choose the correct size for your dog from our drop down Size list:

Storm Defender Cape Sizing:

Size Length Girth
Tiny 7-10” 13”-16”
X-Small 10-13” 14”-20”
Small 13-16” 15”-22”
Regular 16-20” 23”-29”
Large 20-25” 22”-34”
X-Large (currently unavailable) 25-30” 24”-36”
Giant (currently unavailable) 30+” 30”-41”
Thanks a million!!- the Storm defender and CD work well with our 1st storm of the 2012 season. I would highly recommend Storm Defender and CD. Used other method (Thunder Shirt) and it did not work. Our German Shepard did $15,000.00 worth of damage to our house in August 2011 during a thunder storm. So we were pleased that the CD- Through a Dogs Ear and Storm Defender worked the 1st time we used it!!!
Got a cape for my storm frightened pup on the recommendation of the doggie shrink at FVS in Tampa. Imagine my surprise when it actaully worked. Although it isn't a perfect fix, it does appear to calm him when the thunder begins. Would definitely recommend.
My dog is terrified of thunder, lightening and heavy rain. The first time she wore her storm defender cape, she just cocked her head at the thunder, then once more, gave me a smug look, and calmly proceeded to go to the couch, jump up, and go to sleep! This is a dog who used to have a terrible reaction to storms - she would shake so hard her teeth chattereed, she would have accidents, and she would have to hide in the basement.

Wonderful MUST TRY product.
I recently purchased a "cape" for my 10 year old chocolate lab. What we went through for the past 10 years was terrible. "Tanqueray" would shake, her teeth would chatter and she was destructive during thunder storms.

I would never put her on medication or try anything until I came upon your "Cape". I tried it the first time and couldn't believe it. It calmed her down to where she laid down as soon as I put it on.

We love it and couldn't be without it now. Thank You

After my old Norwich Terrier died, my 3-year old Norwich became very afraid of thunder. Over time it escalated, Ladybug became afraid of wind and rain. My vet recommended Dr. Elise Christensen, a behavioral vet specialist. One of the things Dr. Christensen recommended was your Storm Defender Cape. I was willing to try anything.

It really works! I now put the cape on her whenever rain is forecast. Ladybug is no longer afraid of rain or wind. She still has problems with thunder, but figures out how to calm herself.

One day when I was leaving my apartment, I forgot to take the cape off of her. My neighbors in the apartment across the hall asked what she was wearing. An apron? I explained what it was. They told me their very old dog, Diablo, was terrified of thunder. He kept trying to get into the bathtub, but with his old arthritic legs couldn't. I told them they had nothing to lose. They too are amazed. Diablo had developed so much anxiety. Now 5 minutes after they put it on him, he's calm.

Thank you from two families on the 11th floor!
A godsend invention recommended to me by Dr Terry Marie Curtis DVM. Bella is no longer trying to crawl into my clothes or dig her way under the bed. No more trembling and panting. She wears it outside and chases squirrels when before she would not go out. I've referred several people to your website.
Even after only 3 storms it is clear to me that the cape is 100% successful for George. It has totally exceeded my expectations and made life a lot less stressful for both George and I. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Even after only 3 storms it is clear to me that the cape is 100% successful for George. It has totally exceeded my expectations and made life a lot less stressful for both George and I. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Before the coat Belle would have been wild with panic, wedged into the back of a closet. Look at her now. She is out in the open and totally free of stress.

Belle was re-homed with us as a "special needs" dog due to severe anxiety problems. We didn't have any success with thunderstorm phobia until we got a StormDefender coat.

The coat did not work as quickly for Belle as most of the testimonials on your web site. Belle had to wear it about 10 times before we started seeing any change in her behavior during storms. Then one day it all clicked into place. Belle does not care about thunder and lightening if she is wearing the coat.

Thanks so Much!!

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