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Train 'n Praise Dog Potty Training / House Training Remote System - CLOSE OUT!

Train n' Praise
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The Train ‘n Praise Potty Training System pairs an absorbent pee pad with a automatic treat dispenser for easy house training. When your dog pees on the pee pad, the moisture signals the dispenser to release treats to reward your dog for using the pee pad! How cool is that?!

  • Convenient, consistent!: Use positive reinforcement to train your dog or puppy to pee on a puppy pad using the Train n Praise. Your dog will be rewarded automatically even while you're away!
  • Got a pup or a gray muzzle or a tight space? Perfect for puppies or senior dogs and apartments or condos without yards.
  • Versatile, not just for potty training!: The remote controlled treat dispenser can be used to teach all sorts of good behaviors and tricks and the handheld remote works from up to 25 feet away. You could train your dog to lie calmly on his or her mat when visitors come, to stop begging, stay, and more!
  • The pads: Pee pads are 23" x 24" and made of 6 absorbent layers with a leak-proof bottom to keep your floor clean and dry. Each pad can hold up to 3 cups of liquid. An attractant in the pad encourages your pet to use the pad for easy training. The water-resistant sensor easily attaches and reattaches to new pee pads. You cannot use regular pee pads with the system.
  • Details, details: The Train 'n Praise works with dry kibble or treats up to 1/2 inch in size (slightly smaller than a dime) and dispenses several small treats at a time. The sytem includes: free-standing or wall-mounted treat dispenser, remote transmitter, 10 moisture detection pee pads, pee pad clip, 4 AA batteries, 2 3-volt lithium battery (CR2032), mounting hardware, product manual which includes detailed instructions on how to house train your dog using the Train 'n Praise.
  • It's a Winner! Dr. Marty Becker’s “Becker’s Best Award” at Global Pet Expo.

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Pet Expertise Note: If you want your dog to be strictly to pottying outside when he or she is an adult, we do not recommend using pee pads but instead take your dog outside. You can however, teach a dog who has been pee pad trained to potty outside by placing the pads by the door for awhile and then outside (do not leave the Train n Praise outside though).

Click the play button below for a video about the Train 'n Praise:

First of all, this is NOT a replacement for good training. It is meant to be an aid in the process, but nothing can replace careful potty training. You can't expect to just set this up and expect your pup to get trained. It's also better for indoor training or young puppies and not for dogs who will ultimately be going outside to do their business. But as an aid, I found this to be an absolute lifesaver!

In the box is: the treat dispenser, remote (with batteries) and pee pads with sensor clip. When the clips sense wetness, a treat is dispensed, giving your dog an instant reward for good behavior. What's nice about that is there are times when you don't notice your puppy peeing or when you have to leave the house, but now, even when you are not watching, your dog gets rewarded for pottying in the right place. It's amazing!

The process for using this includes three steps - train the puppy to pee on the pads, introduce the dispenser and then use the dispenser/pads together. I think it is good that you are introducing each item one step at a time, since the whirring noise that the dispenser makes might startle puppies at first. But as with any potential source of nerves, puppies should be introduced and become accustomed to the things that scare them, so I don't think the sound is a problem.

What I like even more is that my adult dog can get in on the fun, too. I have used this as a reward that isn't associated with me. Meaning that if my dog does what I am asking, like if I leave the room and she doesn't jump on the sofa, I can reward her remotely so she gets a sense that good behavior is rewarded whether I am there or not. I would love to rig this up so that I can trip it remotely when I am out of the house, like with an app or somehow rigging the remote. It would be the perfect way to train your dog even when you aren't at home.

As far as functionality goes, I found the sensor to be very accurate. Even small piddles tripped the sensor. The pads themselves are meant to stay down all day so you aren't replacing them after every pee, which helps encourage your pup to return to the same area time and again. The dispenser isn't made to hold perishable treats and it doesn't dispense just one treat at a time. It just opens up and let's a small bit fall out, so if I have kibble in the machine, out tumbles a small palmful of kibble. If I have small treats, one, two or even three can come out.

Overall this is a great training aid for pups and older dogs alike. I'd love to see remote functionality someday, but even without it, well worth it!
I am so excited to get to use this system. This training system works as its supposed to and for me the best part is that I can continue to use this to train my puppy in good behavior.
The directions are easy to understand and this takes just a few minutes to set up. My puppy picked up this up immediately.
Also, the pads that come with this system are of great quality as the urine does NOT leak through like most other pads that I have used. I think the pad control unit is very clever!
These pads are also large enough so that she can use it more than once (my puppy is about 11 pounds).
I like using the remote to activate dispensing the treat which has a range of about 25 feet.
Currently I am using this unit while sitting on the floor but I like the idea of wall mounting it but I haven't decided where yet.
The only drawback so far that I noticed was that the dispenser isn't soundless and this may bother some dogs. Thye do recommend hand feeding your do until he becomes used to the dispenser.
Overall a great product that I am really glad I have; makes all this imperative training much easier.
The PetSafe potty training system for dogs is a very clever concept and well designed. However, it is not for everyone. I would stay away if you have large dogs. Be sure to note that the system does not come with any treats or kibble, and that if you choose to use treats, they need to be dry (to prevent spoilage and/or sticking together) and smaller than a dime. For this reason, you may not have much success if your dog is so spoiled that it doesn't like kibble or dry treats (trust me, it can happen). Also note that the system does come with a wall mount kit, but that it is also designed to operate free standing on the floor if desired. One of the best things to me is that the replacement 'moisture detecting' pads that are critical for the system are actually reasonably priced, so this is not a problem at all. Another cool feature is that the treat dispenser can also be controlled via remote, so in theory, you could give your dog a treat after good behavior even without one of the special pads present.
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